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Transcript of WJEC EcL25 wjec exam topics

  • Entrance ActivityYOU MUST select and recall at least ONE similarity between the texts in relation to an area of their choice for example Conflict, Narrative, Characters, Authority Figures.

    Extension YOU COULD refer to more than ONE similarity 3 Thats the Magic Number!

    Play whole song and then get feedback at the end of the song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0irL1M15DH8 *

  • Title:WJEC Exam Topics - Expectations and application of Case Study example scenesFriday 13th March 2015FM2 British and American Film (60%) of AS Level) Section B British Film topics Identity Study In the Name of the Father and Hunger

  • Why?

    Aims & ObjectivesYOU WILL re-cap prior learning.YOU WILL learn about HOW the texts conform to the expectations of certain key themes/areas you need to be prepared for for the FM2 Section B Exam.YOU WILL collaborate with another member of the class to investigate which key scenes to refer to in demonstrating your understanding.Review the learning.


    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of film as an audio-visual form of creative expression together and

    AO2 Apply knowledge and understanding, including some of the common critical approaches that characterise the subject, when exploring and analysing films.


    Excellent Knowledge Institutional information, Character (Actor names), Key Scenes that are accurate (relevant) to the Question.

    Specialist language = Micro Features, Terminology associated to the Texts being studied for example The Troubles.

    Narrative and Representation Narrative Theory Hallam & Marshment (2000);

    Syd Field; Vladimir Propp; Todorov; Stereotypes/Anti-stereotypes.

  • OutsidersBorders

  • OutsidersBorders

  • Summer 2014 Paper YOU MUST use the images provided and go onto the Public Drive to establish HOW Outsiders and Borders are represented in the texts you have studied.

    Images YOU SHOULD annotate the shot type/camera angle (Cinematography) employed by the Director, as well as any mise-en-scene factors.

    MAIN TASK15 Minutes

  • OutsidersBorders

  • OutsidersBorders

  • Extension TASKBorder Presence Prison acts as a barrier to salvation and freedom.Border of the Prison cell and the metaphors/meanings this represent to the spectator.Belonging Do the Conlons/IRA men belong in jail?

    10 MinutesYOU SHOULD answer the Questions/address the areas above in relation to BOTH texts.

    Refer to your A3 Analysis sheetsRefer to previous lesson resourcesRefer to the texts, in particular the key scenes we have studied

    No more than x4 scenes


  • What have you learnt?Choosing ONE scene and area of focus from todays lesson, summarise (x3 points) HOW they convey similar and/or different views.


  • HomeworkRevise for the upcoming Mock ExamDue: 5 Lessons time Friday 20th March

    Change for other lessons*

    Play whole song and then get feedback at the end of the song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0irL1M15DH8 *No more than x4 scenes


    *Change for other lessons*