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All about us!

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  • Wishes!

    Making ordinary moments extraordinary!

  • What we are: Wishes! is an award winning, full service event planning, coordination and design firm specializing in

    distinctive weddings. We will capture each detail and ensure that none are overlooked.

    We are based in Washington statebut we love to travel. Our bags are always packed with ideas and ready for anywhere your fabulous event will take us!

    Whether you have 4 or 400 guests, our planners and coordinators will provide you with peace of mind

    through the planning process and on your special day. We combine your vision with reality to create

    an event that fits your style, personality, and budget. Our creative and extraordinary team has a can-

    do attitude that has garnered both recognition and respect from the finest vendors and brides in the


    Who we are: A friendly, fun and flexible group of wedding professionals - what more could you wish for in a

    planner or coordinator? Our stellar team of planners and coordinators are ready to help you plan,

    coordinate and design your event. We wear many hats: planner, coordinator, designer, mediator,

    and often counselor.

    We create events that match your taste, budget, and personality. Our team strives to work WITH you

    and your vision to orchestrate a wonderful day for you and your guests. Whether you need us to plan

    the whole event or just give pointers during the planning, we're here to help you maintain sanity while

    planning a memorable event.

    Why you need us: Just because you have a ring on your finger, or want to celebrate a special occasion, doesn't mean

    you know how to organize and execute an event. And who wants to tackle such a daunting task on

    their own? Isn't the point of a celebration to enjoy and not stress over the details? We will sort

    through the endless number of tasks while catering to your unique taste and budget. Our industry

    relationships also pay off. Our calls always get a quick response and our clients take priority. After

    seven years in the wedding and event industry, Wishes! has also earned percentage discounts with

    many vendors from florists to rentals.

    Where you can find us:

  • Weddings

    Congratulations on your engagement! Let loose and enjoy the planning and this romantic day!

    Being engaged is a special time and goes by so quickly. The day itself is a blur. Don't miss it by

    managing your wedding and endless details yourself. Family members or friends are a traditional

    option, but do you really want these special people to work on your wedding?

    With Wishes! by your side you will enjoy your wedding day as a guest, without all the stresses of setting

    up decorations, confirming vendors, or even taking care of minor emergencies throughout the day.

    We allow peace of mind so you can focus on what's really important: your family, friends, and the

    love of your life.

    Packages After many years in the industry, we believe that we have created two packages that represent the

    most commonly requested (and needed) services. We do believe that each wedding is unique and

    deserves nothing less than personalized attention. If your needs do not fit within these two packages

    we can evaluate the scope of your wedding vision...along with your style, personality, and ideas and

    create a completely customized package tailored to your individual needs.

    Remember.. We collaborate! We're used to many cooks in the kitchen; weddings, especially, are a family

    affair. We are more than happy to collaborate with all who want to be part of the planning.

    You define our role! We will work with you to handle as much or as little of your wedding as you wish. It's your day, your money. We're there to help you make your vision a reality. We will

    partner with you in creating a wedding that will really "wow" and "touch" your family and


    Coordination Package - You want to be stress free on your wedding day!

    This package is ideal if you have done all of the planning and now need someone to review your

    logistics and completely manage your wedding day so you, your family and friends can be guests!

    This package will ensure you have a stress free wedding day and your wedding vision is executed the

    way you have planned!

    Planning Package - You want a partner to help with the planning, design process and provide

    wedding day relief!

    This package is perfectly designed for you if you are busy during the day and do not have the

    necessary extra time to plan your dream wedding. Or, you need a planning partner during the

    planning process. Our Certified Bridal Consultant and coordination team can research and call

    vendors, visit sites and suggest creative options; all you have to do is make the final decisions. This

    package provides a personalized approach to helping you plan the logistics and design of your

    wedding day.

  • Wedding Coordination Package $795.00 - $895.00

    Have you enjoyed planning your wedding, but you want to

    step back while a professional brings all of your details

    together? Do you want someone to manage your wedding

    day, so your friends and family aren't stuck working on your

    wedding day? This package is perfect for the Bride & Groom

    who thoroughly enjoy the planning, but want to be stress-free

    on their wedding day!

    Before your wedding day:

    Unlimited correspondence via email from the date you hire Wishes!

    Consultation One (typically held right after you've hired Wishes!): We will discuss what has been

    completed and what is still left to do. You will receive our planning packet to guide you through your

    planning process

    Consultation Two (typically held one month before your wedding day): We will meet with you at your

    venue(s) to finalize set-up, design your tailored floorplan and begin creating your wedding day itinerary

    Consultation Three (typically held two weeks before your wedding day): We will discuss your final

    wedding day details and finalize your personalized wedding day itinerary

    Direct your ceremony rehearsal and take anything off your hands you want transferred to your venue(s)

    Vendor management:

    Refer vendors (if desired)

    Confirm arrival & departure times and ensure they know your venues delivery and tear down


    Review all your contracts

    Confirm ceremony and reception song selections with your musicians / DJ

    Distribute the wedding day itinerary to vendors approximately one week before your wedding

    On your wedding day:

    Unlimited hours on your wedding day (we are first to arrive and last to leave)

    Greet & direct your vendors upon arrival

    Ceremony & reception set-up, including DIY projects/decor, programs/menus, escort/place cards,

    signage, favors, guest book/sign-in table, gift table and more Accept any deliveries on your behalf

    Ensure all your important photographs are captured

    Provide a wedding day "Emergency Kit"

    Troubleshoot any issues that may arise before and on your wedding day

    Ceremony management:

    Instruct Ushers on appropriate seating arrangements and program delivery

    Cue the music

    Direct your procession and ensure the wedding rings make it down the aisle

    Guarantee a smooth transition from your ceremony to your cocktail hour and/or reception

    Reception Management:

    Coordinate the timing of your Grand Entrance, any special dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet

    toss/garter throw and Grand Exit

    Guarantee your photographer and videographer are there for all the important moments/events


    Ensure all your personal items are packed and given to the designated person

  • Did you Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

    YES - Some of the best wedding money we spent, hands down! Our venue offered an on-site person

    as well, but they weren't going to do nearly everything we wanted (especially in regards to helping

    to stage some items the way we wanted or getting things into our car after the reception, directing

    the bridal party, helping store bridal party belongings, etc...). It's a lot of little things you may not

    even be thinking about. I didn't have to worry about a thing the week or day of the wedding. We

    also had a destination wedding so it was helpful to have a local resource to use as well for vendor

    recommendations, etc...

    YES - Our Wedding Coordinator provided vendor recommendations, built a VERY comprehensive

    timeline and worked with each of the vendors on it. Confirmed vendor arrivals the day before the

    wedding (trust me, this isn't something you want to be doing) and oversaw the rehearsal. She and

    her 2 assistants worked on setting up some of the decor items we wanted at the reception (this was in

    addition to the rental companies, she was on hand to make sure everything was set-up how we

    envisioned w/ the rentals, flowers, etc...) We had our ceremony in another location than the

    reception so they oversaw the rental companies delivery and set-up of the chairs there, did decor

    set-up, etc... Oversaw the drinks/snacks we had for the wedding party since we were taking

    additional pictures after the ceremony. She had her own "emergency kit" for dress repairs (my bustle

    broke), band-aids (someone got cut. It was simply nice that there was someone there that