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  • COMENIUS 2012-13

    A branch of Olive A Gift of Life

  • 7th High School of Corfu / Greece



    Can olive tree function as a link and common fate between four Mediterranean schools ?

    Can children from different origins meet each other by creating a common work of Art ?

    Is Art able to project the wishes and the dreams of tens of children ?

    How do children perceive their present and future?


    From ancient oil lamps to the modern ones and from the breakthrough of fire to the worship of Sun as a god, light has always played a prominent role in everyday life worldwide, as well as in art, philosophy and religion. In Greece clay and stone oil lamps have been known since Minoan Crete but also since the Mycenaean era. It is believed that oil lamps were imported in Greece from Egypt.

    Oil lamp was an essential source of artificial lighting in ancient times, not only to cover everyday needs but also an object strongly related to religious ceremonies and burial customs.

  • The term oil lamp refers to a lighting appliance, for the function of which oil and candlewick were necessary.

  • Oil lamp symbolizes:

    LifeVictory of light against darkness Individuals lifePrayPreservation of memory

  • WISHESLarge scale installation

  • PREPARATIONCooperation of all four High Schools participating COMENIUS A branch of Olive A Gift of Life project.

    In small notes (white sheet of paper 1015 cm), every student writes - in their mother tongue- a phrase with their WISHES for a better future.

    TIMEMay 2013, during partners visit in CorfuREALIZATION SPACEThe front yard surrounding the area of the Corfu Museum of Asian Art

  • In WISHES installation, every student is represented by an oil-lamp and his own note.

    The space in front of Corfu Museum of Asian Art fills with oil lamps.

    A selection of studentsWISHES in English will be projected on the Corfu Museum of Asian Art Faade..