Winter/Spring Class Catalog

Winter/Spring Class Catalog
Winter/Spring Class Catalog
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Join more than 1,200 adults and children who take private lessons and classes in dance, voice, drama, jazz and classical instrumental music at The Marcia P. Ho man Performing Arts Institute at Ruth Eckerd Hall each year.

Transcript of Winter/Spring Class Catalog

  • DANCE TRACKWith a strong emphasis on technique, the Dance Track provides a course of study that prepares the dancer for a future career or collegiate study. For class descriptions and more details, please visit our website at www.ho

    Beginner/Advanced Beginner Tap TechniqueAges: 711, Tuesdays, 6:157:15 pm; Tuition: $150.00; Instructor: Beth Caprio

    Beginner/Advanced Beginner Jazz TechniqueAges: 711, Tuesdays, 5:156:15 pm; Tuition: $150.00; Instructor: Amy Phillips

    Intermediate Theater Rhythm Tap Ages: 1118, Tuesdays, 5:156:15 pm; Tuition: $150.00; Instructor: Beth Caprio

    Advanced Tap Technique (Prerequisite: tap and jazz experience)Ages: 1218, Tuesdays, 8:159:15 pm; Tuition: $150.00; Instructor: Beth Caprio

    Jazz TechniqueAges: 1118, Tuesdays, 6:157:15 pm; Tuition: $150.00; Instructor: Amy Phillips

    Advanced Jazz Technique and Conditioning(Prerequisite: jazz and ballet experience)Ages: 1218, Tuesdays, 7:158:15 pm; Tuition: $150.00; Instructor: Amy Phillips

    Ho man Institute Rhythm & Sole Tap EnsembleAges: 1118

    Syncopated Heel ClickersTuesdays, 7:158:15 pm, Advanced Jazz 8:159:15 pm, Advanced TapThursdays, 5:307:30 pm, Ensemble Rehearsal

    Broadway Toe TappersTuesdays, 6:157:15 pm, Intermediate Jazz 7:158:15 pm, Intermediate Theater Rhythm TapThursdays, 6:308:30 pm, Ensemble RehearsalTuition: $600.00 per term; Director: Beth CaprioUnder the direction of Beth Caprio, the Ho man Institutes resident tap ensemble meets twice a week to study and rehearse for performance opportunities. Past appearances by the ensemble have included Walt Disney World, the Bay Area Idol Talent competition, and as the opening act for Maroon 5! Enrollment is by audition only. Contact the registrars to arrange an audition date and time.

    DRAMA TRACKThe Drama Track provides an age-appropriate, sequential curriculum for the development of drama skills. For class descriptions and more details, please visit our website at www.ho

    Level I: Setting the StageAges: 79, Saturdays, 11:30 am1:30 pmTuition: $175.00, script fee: $25.99, including tax; Instructor: Barry Hamilton

    Level II: Creating ConnectionsAges: 1012, Saturdays, 11:30 am1:30 pm Tuition: $175.00, script fee: $25.99, including tax; Instructor: Margaret Branscombe

    Level III: Drama in MotionAges: 1318, Saturdays, 9:0010:00 am, drama class 10:0011:00 am, performance buildingTuition: $175.00, script fee: $25.99, including tax; Instructor: Ian Beck

    Level IV: Focused StudiesAges: 1418, Saturdays, 9:0010:00 am, drama class 10:0011:00 am, performance buildingTuition: $175.00, script fee: $25.99, including tax; Instructor: Jack Holloway

    NEW!Techie in TrainingAges: 1418, Thursdays, 3:305:00 pm Fridays, Evening at the Murray events as scheduledTuition: $125.00; Instructor: Ian BeckSound, lights, props and basic stage management. Learn advanced technical and practical applications of construction, rigging, design, stage management and the operation of lighting and sound equipment.

    Discover Drama! Ages: 1012, Tuesdays, 5:156:30 pm; Tuition per term: $125.00; Instructor: Nicole HaumesserWhether you are already a ham or just starting to explore life upon the stage, this acting class is full of fun. Portraying classic comic characters and dastardly villains becomes the basis for learning the fundamentals as students develop their actors bag of tricks and enter the wonderful world of stage performance.

    DOUBLE DEAL !Take both Discover Drama! and Comic Heroes for $200.00 and save 20%!

    (May be taken separately for $125.00 each.)Comic Heroes Ages: 812, Tuesdays, 6:307:45 pm; Tuition per term: $125.00; Instructor: Ian BeckUsing two-dimensional design and their fertile imaginations, students create their own comic heroes on paper and then bring those characters to three-dimensional life. From drawing to scripting to improvised performance, students learn to bring their own personal caped crusaders from storyboard to stage.

    Broadway, Here I Come!Ages: 1013, Thursdays, 5:306:45 pm; Tuition per term:$135.00; Instructors: Bill Cusick, Jared ORoarkThis class reinforces musical theater performance techniques with a focus on the dramatic interpretation of character, vocal pitch, articulation and projection. By rehearsing and performing solos, duets and group numbers, students become more experienced and con dent. They also learn about the history of musical theater, a truly American art form.

    DOUBLE DEAL! Take both Broadway, Here I Come! and Dance for Musical Theater for $208.00 and save 20%!

    (Classes may be taken separately.)Dance for Musical TheaterAges: 1013, Thursdays, 6:458:00 pm; Tuition per term: $125.00; Instructor: Meg BooneExplore the dance styles used in the world of musical theater: ballet, tap, hip-hop, modern and jazz. A little bit of everything for the student who wants a leg up on preparing for performing or just likes variety!

    On Camera ActingAges: 810, Mondays, 5:156:45 pm; Ages: 1114, Wednesdays, 5:156:45 pmTuition per term: $135.00; Instructor: Peggy She eldEver thought about acting in lms or on TV? Whether youre new to acting or wish to take your theater training to a whole new level, our On Camera Acting class is an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, improve your auditioning process, and work with actual lm and television scripts, as well as build your con dence and self-esteem.

    Improv Sketch ComedyAges: 1318, Tuesdays, 5:307:00 pmTuition per term: $135.00; Instructor: Ricky LaubImagination and freedom are two of the young actors most valuable tools. And unlocking the toolkit is a ton of fun! Guided group exercises and theatrical games using the basic skills of improvisation teach students to think on their feet, explore their own creativity, and harness the power of humor. This class also includes sketch and scene writing.

    Adult On Camera ActingAges: 18 and up, Wednesdays, 7:009:00 pmTuition: $24.00 per class; Instructor: Peggy She eldFor those already working in the TV/ lm industry as well as serious actors seeking a deeper connection to their roles and a higher level of work, this class is designed to improve existing skills, develop new skills and techniques, and prepare students to work as professionals. *This class o ers a exible group lesson format that allows you to plan around your schedule. For more information, visit our website.

    Adult TapAges: 19 and up, Tuesdays, 7:158:15 pmTuition: $12.00 per class; Instructor: Beth CaprioFor the aspiring hoofer, this class will have you doing a soft shoe to Tea for Two and shu ing o to Bu alo in no time. Come learn all styles of tap and razzle-dazzle your friends and family. Already have some tap experience? This class is tailored to challenge any level.

    Adult ImprovisationAges: 19 and up, Tuesdays, 7:009:00 pmTuition per term: $150.00; Instructors: Nicole Haumesser, Ricky LaubRelieve stress, become lactose tolerant (just kidding), impress yourself and others, expand your vocabulary and, yes, even have fun in a safe environment while discovering your own pent-up humor that is just waiting to be released through improv!

    Adult Stage Acting Ages: 19 and up, Mondays, 7:009:00 pmSession One: January 24February 28; Session Two: March 7April 18Tuition per session: $96.00; Instructor: Mary FitzpatrickHave you ever wanted to perform in a community theater production? Heres your chance to develop basic and advanced skills for the stage. Whether youre a beginner or a seasoned performer, youll learn techniques, work on scenes with others, and have the chance to express and surprise yourself. Class size limited to 12.

    Actors WorkshopAges: 19 and up, Thursdays, 7:009:00 pmSession One: January 20March 3; Session Two: March 10April 14Tuition per session: $96.00; Instructor: Rick BronsonStrengthen your performance on stage in a stress-free and enjoyable format. These six-week classes provide a variety of practical methods and exercises with which to practice and improve your craft. The course includes script study and character development. Individualized attention is given to the audition process through monologue development and fun improvisation exercises.

    Come Sing with Us! Ages: 19 and up, Tuesdays, 6:157:15 pm, Ensemble Tuesdays, 7:309:15 pm, Clearwater ChorusSpring Term: January 4 April 10Spring Concert Date: Sunday, April 10, 2 pm (Ruth Eckerd Hall Main Stage)Please check our website for more details!

    Adventures In Opera Lecture Series presented by THE PINELLAS OPERA LEAGUEAges: 10 and up, Wednesdays, 2:003:30 pmTickets: $6.00 per lecturePlease visit www.ho for remaining lecture themes and dates.

    PREPARATORY QUESTIONS?Education O ce: (727) 712-2706Ticket O ce: (727) 791-7400Education Fax: (727) 791-7449Email:

    EXPLORATORYWinter/Spring Exploratory Dates: January 18March 26



    VOCAL TRACKFor class descriptions and more details, please visit our website at www.ho

    The Ruth Eckerd Hall Childrens ChoirLevels I & II Ages: 712, Saturdays, 9:009:45 am, musicianship class 9:4511:00 am, performance buildingTuition: $187.50, includes musicianship class and Choir ; Instructors: Kathy Bawel, Bill CusickThe Ruth Eckerd Hall Childrens Choir prides itself both in entertaining its audiences and in achieving music literacy for all its members. Students are trained in sight-reading, vocal technique, and two- and three-part harmony. Come audition to be a part of this fun and high-level performance choir!

    NEW!Ruth Eckerd Halls Bella Voce Girls ChoirLevels III, IV & V Ages: 1218, Saturdays, 1:001:30 pm, musicianship class