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Winnie Suen. Milestones Met colleagues with similar interests and people to work with Submitted 2 papers for publication Challenges Learning how to write a grant Juggling different projects Future direction Work on carrying out QI project, look for more grants, continue to try to write. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Winnie Suen

  • Winnie SuenMilestonesMet colleagues with similar interests and people to work withSubmitted 2 papers for publication ChallengesLearning how to write a grantJuggling different projectsFuture directionWork on carrying out QI project, look for more grants, continue to try to write

  • Corinnas Plan: submit a grant & obtain funding for a project MilestonesSelected specific R03Revamped CVMeet regularly with mentorChallengesGetting started?Getting side-trackedPromotion Packet (submitted!)Trying to submit journal article (made some progress & changed target journal)Future DirectionsCreate specific aims and hypothesisOutline grantSelect a framework or model for projectWrite grant!

  • STATE OF PROJECT: CATHARINE WANG Planning new course for department

    MilestonesMet with program mentor and department chair to finalize course choice: PhD course in research methodsBegan search for similar courses within other SPH schools to serve as templates

    ChallengesNo guidance/sessions yet on course planning (scheduled in fall)Unclear direction of new PhD program in department (timing, structure) Other conflicting priorities this past spring (teaching course, taking course as part of K training, starting 2 new grants, A&P package)Grant pressures (new proposals)Considerations for maternity leaveFuture DirectionsContinue looking for existing courses to serve as templatesBegin drafting syllabus for PhD course in research methodsDetermine paperwork needed to get course approved

  • Latent TB in Nursing HomesNatasha HochbergMilestones:Formed partnershipsFound research assistantsSubmitted to IRBChallenges:Navigating IRBManaging TimeFuture directions:Start study summer 2011?

  • MilestonesIdentification of research teamProposal developmentSubmission (today!)

    ChallengesDefining scope of proposal not doing too muchestablishing a strong theme with coherent aimsDelegating Navigating some last minute bumps in the road

    Future directionsResubmission is a strong possibility addressing critiquesNext grant (no rest for the weary!)

  • Faculty Development Project UpdateProject Goal: Development and submission of an NIH R01 grant proposalMilestones: Submitted an R01 to NHLBI in February, Physical activity by accelerometry and cardiovascular health in an aging cohortChallenges: Received score, 34th percentile, awaiting reviewers commentsRe-evaluate other grant ideasFuture directions: Revision, resubmissionNicole L. Glazer

  • Lauren Nentwich EMS Point of Entry for Large Vessel Occlusive StrokeMilestonesMeetings with director of BEMSMeetings with stroke directors at other area hospitalsEstablished relationship with stroke team and interventional team at BMCChallengesAcceptance of Protocol by all area hospitalsFuture DirectionsFinalization of the protocolsFurther meetings with BEMS and area hospitals

  • Andrea MercurioOriginal project:To improve weight loss outcomes for bariatric patients post-surgeryPre-surgical CBT-based intervention to better prepare surgical patients for significant lifestyle changes.Challenges:Feasibility of conducting a study of this nature?Appropriate funding source?Less ambitious project ideas were consideredCurrent work situation:Research center funding cutTransition to a different lab focused on addiction work (June)Future Directions:Continue work on bariatric surgery patients?Funding source still uncertainFocus on grant projects related to addiction?

  • Quality Improvement Processes in Health careObjective: The objective of this project is to develop a questionnaire to assess the implementation of various quality improvement processes (QIPs) in hospitals.

  • Dr. Devaki SundararajanOral and Maxillofacial PathologyBoston University School of Dental Medicine

    Progress ReportParticipated in the Emerging Leaders workshop on March 23rd and 24thCompleted the final draft of my article Ki-67, p53, Bcl-2 and E-cadherin expression in salivary gland tumorsDesign the online Oral Pathology CE course curriculum

  • A Multi-modal Strategy for Teaching the Bedside Pulmonary Exam to Third Year Medicine Students. Melissa DiPetrilloMilestones: One data set collected for post test suggesting improved scores but not yet statistically significant. Developed self assessment bedside exam confidence evaluations, will analyze pre and post intervention (intervention=pulmonary exam, bedside teaching rounds and SOCs structured observed clinical skills). Submitted abstract for poster presentation. Challenges:Slow data collection, waiting for new group of medicine students to start up again. Limited knowledge of statistics myself to think about creative ways for data analysis.

    Future Directions: More data collection, hoping for more statistical difference looking at pre post confidence self assessment scales.

  • Ying WuBecome a Diplomat of American Academy of Oral MedicinePass the written exam of American Board of Orofacial PainFinish the draft of paper Trigger point injection therapy for chronic masticatory myofacial pain: a retrospective study of 42 patientsFuture direction: Preparation of K23 grant application

  • Use of surveillance colonoscopyMilestonesDesigned studySubmitted IRB 4/20Received dataset from analystGI fellow starting chart review ChallengesFew cases to evaluateOther datasets?Expanding inclusion criteria more charts to reviewFuture directionsCostInterventionQuality project for fellowship ACGME requirementThis project aims to benchmark current use of surveillance colonoscopy at BMC, including appropriate use and inappropriate overuse (too early an interval), and determine factors, whether at the patient-, provider-, or system-level associated with overuse. 5/26/2011 Audrey Calderwood, MD

  • Perioperative Medicine Curriculum DesignCraig Noronha, MDMilestones:Developed Outline and Description for curriculumBegan work on cases and discussions as part of curriculum Initiated work with other educators to publish and promote work in different venues

    Challenges:Developing an assessment tool to study efficacy of curriculum developmentUtilization of curriculum given changes in structure of rotation and residency

    Future Directions:Publication of curriculum on internal and external BMC websitesPresentations of curriculum at conferences

  • DiscoveryWhat has made thementoring program special so far?What story would you tell someone if they asked you about the ECFDP experience?What has worked in terms of the content and format of the program?

  • DreamWhat do we bring forward from what has worked into the next few months? What would you like to have happen in our fall meetings?

  • DesignThinking about what you just wrote, what can we do to continue to cultivate the best experience possible to meet your needs?What resources do we have or might we need to design what wewant?

  • DeliveryHow will you know it is working?