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Biography & Lord of the Flies By Alina Ptushkina, Group 34-H, Naukova Zmina Lycee Kyiv 2011

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Biography & Lord of the Flies

By Alina Ptushkina, Group 34-H, Naukova Zmina Lycee

Kyiv 2011

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Sir William Gerald Golding (19 September 1911 – 19 June 1993)

British novelistBritish novelist


Playwright Playwright

Nobel Prize for Literature laureateNobel Prize for Literature laureate

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William grew up at his family home in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

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Later that year his first book, Poems, was published in London by Macmillan & Co, through the help of his Oxford friend, the anthroposophist Adam Bittleston.

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Golding married Ann Brookfield on 30 September 1939 and they had two children, Judy and David.

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• In 1985, Golding and his wife moved to Tullimaar House, Cornwall, where he died of heart failure on 19 June 1993.

• He was buried in the village churchyard at Bowerchalke, South Wiltshire (near the Hampshire and Dorset county boundaries).

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Genre - Allegorical novel

Publication date - 17 September 1954

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Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies is about a group of British schoolboys stuck on a desert island who try to govern themselves, with disastrous results.

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The only survivors are The only survivors are male children male children below age below age 1313

"Piggy“, Ralph and Jack "Piggy“, Ralph and Jack find a find a conchconch which Ralph which Ralph uses as a horn to bring all uses as a horn to bring all the survivors to one areathe survivors to one area

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RalphRalph is voted chief, losing only the votes of Jack's fellow choirboys. He has two goals: have fun, and work toward rescue by maintaining a constant fire signal

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• JackJack organizes his choir group into the group's "hunters", who are responsible for hunting for meat

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• SimonSimon finds the head of the hunters' dead pig on a stick, left as an offering to the beast. Simon envisions the pig head, swarming with scavenging flies, as the "Lord of the Flies" …

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• RalphRalph embodies good intentions in the implementation of reason. Ralph's refusal to resort to violence throughout the novel is counterpoised by Jack's inherent love of violence.

• PiggyPiggy is the intellectual with poor eyesight, a weight problem, and asthma. Piggy represents an adult figure and the rational world

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• Jack Merridew Jack Merridew Jack epitomizes the worst aspects of human nature when unrepressed or untempered by society

• RogerRoger, at first, is a simple "bigun" "bigun" who's having fun during his stay on the island. Later he becomes the executioner and torturer of Jack's tribe.

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• SimonSimon is a character who represents peace and tranquility and positivity, with some references to Jesus Christ

• The conch The conch symbolizes democracy and, like Ralph, civility and order within the group.

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• The Lord of the Flies The Lord of the Flies is literally a pig's head that has been cut off by Jack and left as an offering to the "beast“.

• The name "Lord of the Lord of the FliesFlies" is the literal English translation of BeelzebubBeelzebub, a demonic figure that is often considered synonymous with SatanSatan.