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WIKIS Laurie Roberts 11/11/10 Georgia Southern University

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BIO• My name is Laurie

Roberts. I am from Douglas but married and moved to the big town of Naylor, GA. My husband owns his own business and has to travel a lot. We have a daughter, Addy, who just turned 1. I am currently a stay at home mom, which is the best job ever. I am completing my master’s degree in Instructional Technology and this is part of my requirements.

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Have you ever heard of a wiki or ever created one?

• Hold up your if “YES”.

• Hold up your if “NO”.

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What is a Wiki?

• The word “wiki” came from the Hawaiian language which means “quick” or “fast”.

• A wiki allows a group of people to collaboratively develop a Web site with no knowledge of HTML or other markup languages.

• Anyone can add to or edit pages in a wiki • Anyone can create new wiki pages simply by creating

a new link with the name of the page. • It is an ongoing process of creation and collaboration

that constantly changes.

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Why should we use a wiki and how can they benefit our students by allowing us to

differentiate instruction?• Easy to use- Anybody can use them!!• Online and can be accessed from any computer• Anyone authorized can make changes• Free • Private and safe for schools to use• Easily edited• Offer greater accountability• Engaging and ensures that each learning style is reached.• Easy way to get students excited about peer review• Showcase students work• Easy way to involve parents in the learning process• Incorporate learning focus strategies- Think-Pair-Share• Get students to work with other students• Students are learning from their peers• Helps students become organized.

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How can a wiki be used in the classroom?

• Creating projects (can track participation)• Group Projects without having to set aside time to meet.• Portfolios to showcase students work• Peer Review/ editing • Collaborative writing• Book studies/ author studies/ literature circles• Wiki books• Storing websites for projects or class topics• Summarizing chapters or books• Reflections on assignments or articles• Study guides• Vocabulary List• Homework• Notes• Classroom Webpage• Hall of Fame• Mock Debate• Use it to solve problems

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How can a wiki be used by teachers for collaboration?

• Collaboration• Lesson Plans• Useful/ Helpful websites• Meetings (minutes)• Keep notes on students• Provide teacher commentary to students • Study Guides• Online courses

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Think of one way you could incorporate a wiki into your


Page 9: Wikis powerpoint

Wikis in Plain English

Page 10: Wikis powerpoint

Here are some examples of how wikis can be used

in different subjects!!!

Page 11: Wikis powerpoint

English• This wiki was created using MediaWiki. It was a group

of students that worked in small groups and completed several tasks in order to teach two chapters of the book Animal Farm to their peers.

( • This wiki was also created using MediaWiki. This was

also a small group of students that worked together to write a single scene play that included cast descriptions, stage directions, and dialog.

(• This one used PBworks. This one was created by 9th

grade students working in groups. After reading Lord of the Flies, they were to pretend they were stranded on an island and survival was the goal.

( )

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• This wiki uses pbworks and uses the wiki as a journal for each student.

( )

• This wiki uses wikispaces. This wiki is run by students and they have lots on this wiki all about writing. They even have visitors from all over the world!

( )

Page 13: Wikis powerpoint


• This wiki used MediaWiki. This wiki was one where students worked alone or in groups and they were to choose one of three questions to research and use the wiki to organize their findings. Then they had to create an image-based presentation.

( )

Page 14: Wikis powerpoint

Social Studies

• This wiki used wikispaces. The students had to research a question related to Han China and Imperial Rome. They had to share their findings on the wiki and then present orally.

( )

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• This wiki used pbworks. It was a Calculus wiki in which students collaboratively wrote a solution manual on how to solve problems.

( )

Page 17: Wikis powerpoint

Let’s talk about what we have learned about wikis

and make one of our own!!

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