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  • 7/29/2019 Wicca Teachings


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    Wicca Teachings

    There is a branch of Wicca that has been growing steadily, It is a very little known branch

    called Draconic Wicca. It is the utilization of the powers of dragons. They work with these

    dragons in the same way most other Wiccans work with the Gods. In doing so, they have to

    deal with the unique personalities of each type of dragon. The dragons have no real hierarchy

    other than age, except for the case of 'The Dragon'.

    The Dragon is the combined powers of the God and the Goddess. The Dragon is invoked or

    evoked during Sabbats and in times when great magic is needed. Invoking means to call into

    you the power of the dragon that you name i.e. a fire dragon. You ask that this dragon assume

  • 7/29/2019 Wicca Teachings


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    himself/herself into your spiritual body. To evoke means to call a dragon to you, to join you in

    your magical workings.

    Dragon History

    In almost every culture, in almost every place, there are stories of dragons, most of them too

    old to know it's origin. Dragons, the gigantic, fast, strong and wise lizards as told in myths.

    Beasts so fierce that would destroy all near them. Some of them could fly, some with various

    heads, some could breath fire, all being Dragons.

    In Greek, draca means serpent meaning also with the same terms of the idea of great

    visibility, one characteristic common in dragons was born between and within fire anddarkness... no other creature had been so powerful and wise.. that's what is known to be a


    In the Babylonian myth the the first dragon was Yaldabaoth, although is also called Tiamat so

    Yaldabaoth grown up and made some more like her Nagamat, Kaliyat, Orkus, Tarasque and

    Serpens among others..., that was what Micael Green says, he translated from an old script.

    Tiamat was a Babylonian Dragon being personification of the sea mainly(salt water), and

    portrayed as the mother of all Dragons and daugther of Chaos; she appears in the creationmyth, Enuma Elish:Tiamat lived in the primordial chaos that existed before the creation of the

    world. She mingled with Apsu ( a personification of fresh water), and the first generation of

    gods was born.One of these gods, Enki or Ea killed Apsu.Tiamat wanted to avenge Apsu by

    destroying the gods. She gathered an army of monsters and 11 Dragons.The older gods were

    so terrified when they saw Tiamat, and her army, that they accepted the offer of the young

    god Marduk. He offered to kill Tiamat on the condition that his supremacy was recognized.

    Marduck killed Tiamat in battle and used her body to make the universe. He used the blood of

    Kingu, leader of Tiamat's army and her second husband, to make mankind.

    The Dragons population grew, they were so much and with so many differences among them

    that they were divided into various categories.This does not mean that some were better than

    others; It was a more efficient way to study them. In fact this division, was not the only one...

    Some divided Dragons into 5 categories based on their location and appearance (draconis

    teutonica, draconis galli, draconis albionensis, draconis bipedes, draconis cappadociae and

    draconis sinoensis), some based on the elements (draco flamma, draco glacies, draco terra

    among others), and some based on their colours.

  • 7/29/2019 Wicca Teachings


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    In some cultures (such as Chinese) is also mentioned about celestial heaven Dragons. The

    oriental Dragons, most of them from the ancient China. There are nine major types of Chinese

    dragons, attributed to the nine Dragon sons that were worshiped and made into idols.

    Supposedly this nice, were the sons of the four Dragon kings, Ao Shun, Ao Ch'in, Au Jun and

    Ao Kuang. The nine type of horned Dragon, the winged Dragon, the celestial Dragon ( which

    generates wind and rain for the benefit of mankind), the dragon of hidden treasures (whichkeeps guard over concealed wealth), the coiling Dragon ( which lives in water ), and the

    yellow Dragon ( which once emerged from water and presented the legendary Emperor Fu

    Shi with the elements of writing). These Dragons, share the same way of living. They are

    never changed from one place, staying in their own territory.

    Most of the Chinese Dragons have different lengths, some legends told about the great Chien-

    Tang, witch was a red Dragon, his back was fire and his eyes shined as the sun, this wonderful

    creature, from tail to head was more than 984 feet long. For the Chinese people, Dragons were

    described visually as a composite of parts from nine animals: The horns of a deer; The head of

    a camel; The eyes of a devil; The neck of a snake; The abdomen of a large cockle; The scales

    of a carp; The claws of an eagle' The paws of a tiger; And the ears of an ox. The Chinese

    word for Dragon is spelled out in roman characters as either Lung or Long. In China, the

    Dragon was credited with having great powers that allowed them to make rain and to control

    floods (by striking the river with its tail, causing it to open and thus divert the floodwaters)

    also Dragons are credited for transportation of humans to the celestial realms after death. In

    China, Dragons are symbols of the natural world, adaptability, and transformation. When two

    dragons are placed together but turned away, they symbolize eternity via the famous Yin-


    The Royal Court Of The Dragon was established in Egypt in 2170 B.C. under Ankhfnkhonsu,

    and more formally by Queen Sobeknefru in 1783 B.C. to provide an instituation for the

    pursuit of the work of the Dragon of Al-Khem otherwise known as Thoth or Hermes. From

    Al-Khem we have alchemy, the Great Work of the Dragon. The most famous books attributed

    to him are The Emerald Tablets and The Pymander. Part of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth

    talks about reptiles, specifically shape shifters. Reptilians were/are able to shape-shift between

    the forms of Humans and Dragons and so forth...Dragons, the oldest living creature, havebeen here through the human history. There had been many legends and manuscripts about

    these wonderful creatures.

    One of the most famous literature about Dragons is Beowulf, the medieval story of a brave

    Knight and a Fire Dragon. This story of Beowulf and the Dragon was written in old English,

    Beowulf survives in only one manuscript copied around 1000 A.D. This manuscript is now at

    the British Library, London.

  • 7/29/2019 Wicca Teachings


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    From the Christians we also got about Saint George and the Dragon. There was a town near

    the are of Cappadocia, where a Dragon lived. The town people often made sacrifices of their

    sheep to calm the Dragon; until the sheep ran out and by a lottery the princess of the town was

    chosen to be the next sacrifice for the Dragon. George took pity on the princess fate and

    slayed the Dragon. Also there are myths that the dragon which Saint George prevailed over

    was none other than Dadianus. The ancient texts which related the story of Saint George'smiracles, tortue and deaths frequently call Dadianus a serpent or Dragon. Some ancient

    writers then either over looked the fact that Dadianus was a man, or decided that his treatment

    of St. George was so infamous that only a picture of the traditional dragon would represent

    him accurately. As far as the damsel is concerned, it is believed that she represents Queen or

    Princess Alexandra. She was Dadianus's wife and was also a agan until being converted to

    Christianity by George.

    According to Christian legend, when Jehove created life, he also created the great Dragon

    Leviathan. On Doomsday, God will destroy Leviathan meaning the end of the Earth.

    Leviathan seems to refer to the Draco Constellation. There is a suggestion, that the earliest

    origin of the signs of the zodiac was God's instruction on the gospel in the heavens. If this is

    correct, then the Dragon leviathan is again the symbol of man's pride and rebelliousness

    against God. The name leviathan occurs 6 times in the Old Testament.(Psalms 74: 13-14)

    The Concept of Dragons in Celtic mythology comes directly from the Holy Crocodile,

    Messeh, from the ancient Egyptians. The Pharaohs were anointed with crocodile fat, and

    attained the strength of Meseh. The image of Meseh evolved to become a Dragon, which

    became the emblem of Kingship.( The world Messeh comes from 'Messiah' that means to

    anoint ). Also Messeh, the holy crocodile, evolved into what we know as Sobek in Egypt

    (crocodile god, son of Neith) and Suchos in Greek.

    In the Mexican culture (just to name one) we find Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Snake. One of

    the major deities of Aztecs and Toltecs (among other middle-American civilizations). The

    winged Serpent, or a Dragon that only had wings and his body covered with feathers.

    Quetzalcoatl is the creator sky-god and organized the original cosmos and participated in the

    creation and destruction on various world periods.

    Also for the Aztecs, a symbol of death and resurrection and patron of priests. For one theory

    of the fire breath of the Dragon. The brea