Why your business needs a mobile presence & how to get started

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The mobile revolution is here - yet many businesses still don't have a mobile presence. See why mobile can't be ignored and learn how small businesses can start building their mobile presence quickly and easily. Covering the latest mobile promotion and engagement trends, plus insightful case studies, discover how mobile apps can increase your business' reach, expand your sales channels and build a base of loyal customers. #getmobilenow

Transcript of Why your business needs a mobile presence & how to get started

  • Why your business needs a mobile presence How to get started with mobile #GetMobileNow Hosted by Krista McLandress
  • 2 The Mobile Revolution
  • 3 Mobile Usage Mobile platforms account for 60% of total digital media time spent Source: Comscore Mobile apps accounted for more than 50% of all digital media time spent
  • 4 App Economy Over 1.2 million apps available on the Apple App Store Over 1 million apps available on Google Play
  • Mobile stats
  • 6 Mobile stats Actions taken after local searches Mobile devices for local searches 94% 51% VISITED THE STORE 48% CALLED A STORE 29% MADE A PURCHASE IN-STORE Source: Google Mobile Planet Statistics
  • 7 SMEs & mobile Over 65% of the UKs 4.9 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not currently have a mobile presence Potential lost revenues of 52.6 Billion in the next 12 months alone! Source: OnePoll
  • 8 46% lack of technical knowledge Source: OnePoll Barriers: SMEs & mobile 36% perceived high cost 35% unsure about overall benefit
  • 9 Benefits: SMEs & mobile
  • 10Source: 2010 Cone Consumer New Media Study Benefits: SMEs & mobile
  • 11 The Solution #GetMobileNow CREATE PROMOTE ENGAGE
  • 12 Create CREATE What are the goals? What does the customer want? Which features/content should be included? What will the look & feel be? Ask yourself
  • 13 Find your inspiration
  • 14 Promote PROMOTE Help your customers find your app 7 ways to promote your app: http://bit.ly/promote-your-app
  • 15 Mobile Redirect, Landing Page
  • 16 Social Share
  • 17 QR codes
  • 18 Engage ENGAGE Give your customers what they want when they want it!
  • 19 Incentives Offer incentives. Update customers in real time. Pop-up images Push notifications Special Offers & Seasonal Promotions Coupons
  • 20 Geo-target, Geo-fencing Get local. Engage your customers in real time
  • 21 Increase Loyalty Reward loyal customers for frequent visits
  • 22 The Solution and then? CREATE PROMOTE ENGAGE
  • 23 Lather, rinse, repeat Lather, rinse, repeat Analytics New content, new sections New promotion & engagement strategies
  • 24 Case Studies
  • 25 Case Study TechCrunch For more case studies: http://bit.ly/appsbuilder-case-studies
  • 26 Case Study For the glow For more case studies: http://bit.ly/appsbuilder-case-studies
  • 27 Overview Wrap up Mobile presence is the future, customers are mobile Cost & resources are no longer a barrier Create: Your goals with customer experience in mind! Promote: Make is easy to find your app Engage: Incentives, Localize, Reward Repeat!
  • 28 Contacts Contacts Tweet me #GetMobileNow @appsbuilder AppsBuilder Support Forum https://appsbuilder.zendesk.com/home Official Blog http://blog.apps-builder.com/ Q&A