Why you should recycle your rubbish in London

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Transcript of Why you should recycle your rubbish in London

  • Safe an d efficien t w aste dispo sal have beco m e a m ajo r co n cern o f everybo dy.

    W hy yo u sho u ld recycle yo u r ru bbish in Lo n do n

    E lectricityFertiliserGas

    Glass Recyclin gFacto ry

    C ard an d paper m ill Facto ry

    G lass C ardboard & Pap er Food

    Rubbish goes to E nergy Rec ov ery F ac ility fo C om bu stion

    Pros: F lue gas Treatm ent for c leaner A ir Steam /Heat to generate elec tric ityE lec tric ity generated for H om es & Businesses, A sh for roads.

    C ons:PoluPolu te d air

    w w w .aptrubbishc learanc e.c o.uk

    G eneral W aste go es to lan dfill o r fo r co m bu stio n

    M ix e d and Se pe rate d Re cy cling

    W hat hapen s to yo u r R u bbish?

    A dvantage s of Re cy cling W hat can be Recycled?C ardboard PaperGlassM etalsPlasticW ood

    W hat cant be recycled?

    NappiesC eram ic sF ood s c rapsSyringesC ookw arePlastic Bags

    1. C onserv e landfi ll spac e.2. C onserv es energy.3. Sav e trees4. C reate jobs5 . M akes UK ec onom y strong6. Sav e natural resourc es7 . 7. Reduc e polution8. Show c are to our future

    Giv e us a C all 0207 118 0506Infographic s presented by A PT Rubbish C learanc e