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I created this as my own marketing PowerPoint presentation.

Transcript of Why We Should Hire Corey King

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2. Why should we hire
Corey King?
3. His skills?
Putting together robust learning sessions
Determining best media options to present new material
Professional trainer, communicator & facilitator
Coreys Tokyo students enjoyed learning the Sales Pipeline tool.
4. His dedication to the training profession?
This is the career he has chosen.
Training & Instructional Design are not jobs to him.They are his passion.
He is an avid student of the Training & Instructional Design industry.
5. His ability to rise to any challenge?
Corey is passionate about producing and delivering the best training materials he possibly can.
The Divide and Conquer theory has always worked for him. No problem is so big that it cant be overcome.
6. His personality?
Enthusiastic about life
Has a Can Do attitude
Likes to see everyone succeed
Very creative - thinks outside the box
Always looking for ways to help people
Works well in a team and single-handedly
Excellent ability to see things from the end-users perspective
7. What occupational duties has he performed?
8. What types of staff has he trained?
9. Current career & personal development
Completed Microsoft certification
Researching recent training trends
Internet Studies:
Adult learning theory
Advanced instructional design techniques
Completing various online courses daily to enhance perspective as an end user & also to see which tools provide the best learning
10. What are his hobbies?
Reading for learning or leisure
International travel
Weekend Warrior/ Keeping Fit
Cinema and music enthusiast
European History Buff
11. Thank you for viewing my presentation.
Atlanta, GA