Why HR Spreadsheets Stink

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Why using spreadsheets to manage HR data stinks, what it's costing you, and what to do about it. You don't have to be a slave to your spreadsheets. There are better options that will actually save you time and money. $ Cha Ching! $

Transcript of Why HR Spreadsheets Stink

  • 1. One of lifes greatest mysteries: What happened to the other sock?
  • 2. Its like magic the way a sock can disappearthen reappear anywhere.
  • 3. You find stinky, balled-up socks tucked into bags or stuffed between couch cushions. Scattered everywhere, kind of like HR spreadsheets.
  • 4. But we know its not your fault.
  • 5. You probably inherited HR spreadsheets or used them as a coping mechanism.
  • 6. And kept feeding them data no matter how bad they were
  • 7. 1980 1970 1990 2000 because for decades there was no alternative.
  • 8. Like dirty socks, spreadsheets stink!
  • 9. 5 reasons why spreadsheets STINK: They waste time. Theyre inaccurate. They cant report. They lack security. Theyre not universal. 1 2 3 4 5
  • 11. Some of your employees may work in different locations.
  • 12. When does Bobs scuba-diving certificate expire? Or how about Janes Jamaican passport?
  • 13. Wheres that info? Was it saved by location or title?
  • 14. By the time you check all those spreadsheets, you could have gone scuba diving in Jamaica yourself!
  • 16. Inaccurate spreadsheets can kill your credibility!
  • 17. More than of company spreadsheets have significant errors YIKES!
  • 18. A scandal erupted involving JPMorgan Chase underestimating its synthetic credit portfolio, due to an error in an Excel spreadsheet used to model risk, which ultimately led the bank to declare $6 billion in losses and could lead to another $600 million in fines. Heather Timmons wrote in an article entitled Damn You, Excel Spreadsheets dated August 29, 2013
  • 19. Your workforce data represents your peopleand you. If its not accurate, you seem untrustworthy. $
  • 20. Not only that, missing data or undocumented employee info can sink you later.
  • 21. Watch the little things; a small leak will sink a great ship. Benjamin Franklin
  • 22. Over fifty percent of companies have had some sort of lawsuit filed against them. Now that stinks!
  • 23. You have got to be prepared for a potential audit with accurate documentation.
  • 25. Generating reports from spreadsheets can take hours... or even days!
  • 26. By that time, the information may already be outdatedand the moment of decision has passed.
  • 27. Now you need to start all over on a new report!
  • 28. Or youve missed an opportunity to make a difference.
  • 29. Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • 31. HR has to store lots of super sensitive informationlike social security numbers, addresses, and other private information.
  • 32. Thats a ton of confidential data!
  • 33. Heres a scary stat: Fifty percent of identity theft happens because employee records werent properly stored.
  • 34. And ninety percent of stolen business records are from HR!
  • 35. That sensitive stuff shouldnt be stuffed into filing cabinetsor even digital files all in one location (like at the office). What happens if theres a fire, flood, or other disaster?
  • 37. People are different. We all do things differently.
  • 38. Are you stuck using spreadsheets with formulas and tabs set up by the HR person who worked there a bazillion years ago?
  • 39. What if the decoder key to your companys bizarre tracking system exists only in the head of the last person who worked there?
  • 40. This sets you up for failure.
  • 41. And we wont even mention the time (which equals money) thats wasted with those old spreadsheets.
  • 42. So, how can you fix your spreadsheet problems? What are your options?
  • 43. Well, were glad you asked.
  • 44. HR software can solve your problems, but the software you choose needs to actually be better than spreadsheets.
  • 45. You need to make sure youre getting the right software for your companys needs.
  • 46. It should simplify your job and your life.
  • 47. It just makes sense to have all your employee data in a single, secure database.
  • 48. Stop spending valuable time searching, gathering, and compiling information thats scattered everywhere.
  • 49. Its got to be easy to usethe interface should be clean, fast, and fun!
  • 50. You need a drag-and-drop dashboard you can easily customize. So you only see the info you use most!
  • 51. Having custom reporting eliminates hours spent poring over spreadsheets.
  • 52. You should be able to easily create reports for things like employee turnover, additions and terminations, time offor employee censuson demand, with just a few clicks.
  • 53. Sometimes a reminder can save you.
  • 54. Built-in and custom email alerts should be sent to remind people about benefit eligibility, birthdays, license expirations, and training renewals.
  • 55. This can save you hours not having to manually update spreadsheets and calendars. And you wont miss critical deadlines or forget to wish Cassie a happy birthday!
  • 56. Your company needs features designed specifically for its needs.
  • 57.