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  • 1. We waste our time so you dont have to. Our time saves yours! Who we are & what we do

2. Prompted by this experience in 2008, our CEO and co-founder Emmanuel, learned that a crowd schedule was on the official website. He wished he would have known BEFORE coming, not once there, queueing. Chateau Versailles, a 2 hour wait... A sunny two-hour wait at Versailles The idea was born: gather in one place these crowd schedules 3. All comprehensive schedules in one place! Call Centers Admin Shopping Museums Restaurants... Tailored to each organisation. 4. What we offer On your trips Travel guides Online Directory of schedules On your way Mobile app ! Versailles, Eiel Tower, Louvre, etc. 5. A network in 6 countries JaimeAttendre.com WaitaMoment.co.uk NaoFicoNaFila.com.br WarteMal.de Speshun.ru BiSaniye.net 2009 2013 2013 2013 2014 2014 6. In conjunction with the organisation They give us the most precise info possible about their call centre or premises. B2B Partners Through companies that install ticketing solutions. Investigation On the phone via call center agents. On the premises We ask sales or security sta. Crowdsourcing We ask our community to tell us how their call/visit went. Four methods of data sourcing 7. Our timeline Website launched in France JaimeAttendre.com October 2009 Mobile app launched in partnership with the biggest newspaper in France (20 Minutes) October 2012 ! Launch in UK, Germany and Brazil October 2013 200 000 raised with 9 business angels October 2011 Profitability reached Spring 2013 ! Launch in Russia May 2014 ! Launch in Turkey July 2014 8. Our business model Sell our software to companies (SaaS) Updating their time schedules allowing them to regulate the flow of consumers. Reduce their costs (staing) and increase their customer satisfaction (wait reduced). Advertising ! 9. Jorey Jaeux CTO Thibault Bouveur Webmarketing A webdesigner, 9 INVESTORS Who we are Emmanuel Alquier CEO Yana Beliakova Russian In Paris Our country managers: Mustafa Taylan Ozbay Turkish In Ankara Kathrin Galonska German In Paris Kim Hanbury Brazilian and British In Paris 10. #entrepreneurial As a startup, were a small team and we like independent, hands-on people. #flexible We move fast and we take big decisions quickly. Your hours are flexible as well as our working conditions: some are with us in Paris, some abroad (after being with us for a couple of months). #fun Waiting is so boring. Our products and jobs are not: we aim to create a strong brand so that consumers develop trust/affection. Our values #international 4 countries launched, as many nationalities are working for us and many more countries soon to be added, English is the working language. #helpful Saving time. We want to help as many people as possible with our products, making a difference. #practical Everyone has real responsibilities, from day 1. 11. We waste our time so you dont have to. http://www.WaitaMoment.net/ Thanks!