Who really killed Apple?

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Who really killed Apple?. Annoying Orange Stupid Hungry Human None of the above. Where did the weapon came from ?. Types of Ore. Hematite High grade “Direct Shipping Ore” Mining and processing is relatively simple Magnetite Lower iron content A natural magnet. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Who really killed Apple?

Who really killed Apple?

Who really killed Apple?Annoying OrangeStupid Hungry Human None of the aboveWhere did the weapon came from?

Traces of iron are found in the victims flesh. This led us to hypothesize that the murder weapon contained iron. To know what actually killed those poor fruits, we analyze how iron is processed. The process follows three basic steps. 2Types of OreHematiteHigh gradeDirect Shipping OreMining and processing is relatively simpleMagnetiteLower iron contentA natural magnet

Two types of ore abound. 3Mineral Processing by MagnetismWet/Dry Low Intensity Magnetic Drums (LIMS)

Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators (WHIMS)

Done to separate Magnetite

Separate Hematite

VSOne of the more meticulous refining process is magnetic separation4Schematic Mode

Alternative Metal Extraction: The DRIIron ore is reduced in solid state at 800 - 1,050 C either by reducing gas (H2 and CO) or coal.Good for the Philippines!Rich natural gas resourcesFeasible for medium to small-scale iron ore processing6Direct Reduction of Iron

Natural Gas based or Coal BasedThe mechanism follows the scheme as follows. 7Natural Gas Driven Reduction: Vertical Shaft Reactor

The ore is entered into a vertical reactor. At the same time, natural gases are converted in a separate unit into carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas, which then act on the ores through direct reduction. 8Electrometallurgy: Electric Arc Furnace

The graphite electrodes are dipped into the charge, causing electric arcs to be produced between the electrode and the bath, providing 5060% of the energy required to melt.

After melting, the refining and removal of Al, Si, Mn, P, & C is accomplished by exothermic oxidation reactions.

9Iron in the Philippines

Surigao del Norte biggest iron ore deposit in the country hosts eight (8) major mining companies in the country

Other Iron Sources Cagayan Valley

Bicol Region

Misamis Oriental



Iron Ore CompaniesEast Bay Philippines International Enterprise CorporationLuzviminda Consolidated Mineral Resources IncorporatedJIP Enterprises Prime Nexus Trading CorporationLuis Gonzalez, Jr. MiningPerfect World Metal Mining Corporation

ApplicationsAutomobilesConstruction Containers, packaging and shippingMachinery and industrial equipment

Applications asrail transportationoil and gas industrieselectrical equipmentappliances and utensils

Mr. Knife Guy KILLED the fruits!!!Sourceshttp://www.gindalbie.com.au/Our+Projects/Magnetite+vs.+Hematite/default.aspxhttp://ttms999.com/magnetic.htmhttp://www.sz-wholesaler.com/userimg/1229/1236sw1/wet-magnetic-separator-9.jpghttp://img1.tradeget.com/startracechennai/K2IP6AXM1wet_magnetic_separator.jpg