Who Killed MyProd?

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Olivier Denoo - Copyright © 2011 ps_testware WKMP - 1 Who Killed MyProd?

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  1. 1. Who Killed MyProd? Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -1
  2. 2. PrologueOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -2
  3. 3. Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -3
  4. 4. The Call It was 2 AM when the phone rang and flushed away the cool numbness of well matured pure malt...it was Vanessa, from the Feds Inspector, we have a 207 in the IT district, Cash tower, 357 Mike Rossoft Lane, she said in her cool soft voice. Yeah and I have a Volvo in the garage...so what? No, a 207! Dead body, I mean! You know (sigh)...the victim is named MyProd. It was found on its working place by the security guys an hour ago. Oh OK, gimme a second and Ill be there Wow! Thats pretty quick! Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -4
  5. 5. Yeah! I bet it was...Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -5
  6. 6. The crime scene We had all the ingredients to make a good movie there: A fantastic set A fair bunch of experts Corpses and dead bodies A perfect lethal weapon And a flock of greedy white collars crying on their dead future Only the culprit was missing...but that was MY job to find outOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -6
  7. 7. First Conclusions Hi Chief. We had all the fingerprints scanned, but it lead to nowhere Something special about the method? Not really. It looks like the victim was killed by an indecent number of trials and errors Mmh! Poor practices! Business as usual. Some other traces? None worth to be mentioned. Im afraid it wont work this way OK then, lets play it rough...time to round up the usual suspectsOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -7
  8. 8. The Usual Suspects DEV DeveloperPRD ProductionOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareBUS BusinessMGT ManagementWKMP -TST Tester8
  9. 9. The Usual Suspects 2/2 So we got the usual guys and... with the absence of any other evidence, one of them at least MUST have been the guilty one I was looking for. It was now time to get into the aquarium and smell the sour scents or fear and remorse. Maybe I could finish this one without breaking a jaw or two the hinges of my hand would thank them.Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -9
  10. 10. 1st ExaminationOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -10
  11. 11. TST - The Tester What is your opinion on this case? We tested it professionally but...it suddenly crashed! Professionally? How can you tell, youre not even certified Certified! MGT doesnt invest, were disposable, 2nd class citizen How about those hidden bugs then? MGT pushed hard to issue because BUS needed to ship. Darn business! Never there when you need it. And as if it were not enough, DEV delivered crap...so, undoubtedly, it was due to fail Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -11
  12. 12. TST - The Tester So you killed MyProd to take your revenge and release your frustration? Hell no! Ive been doing many bad things in my life, making reports look better, cover people and all that...but NOT this. No way that I would dive for that man! I want my lawyer NOW.Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -12
  13. 13. 2nd ExaminationOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -13
  14. 14. DEV - The Developer Some say you delivered crap. Whats your point about this? Yeah Man! Crap there is! It doesnt look cool...but I must say its true So youre the murderer? You must be joking, right? We did our best to deliver on time, within budget and quality...but you know; Murphy, the triangle of Hell and so on... Murphy, The Triangle of Hell? What is it? A local sect? Cmon guy! Bucks, contents and time... fate, constraints...does it ring a bell now? Oh yes! That one! Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -14
  15. 15. DEV - The Developer Jeez! What a jerk! Maybe I am...but Im not the one in trouble for now, so, whos guilty then? Gimme a break! Ive got no clue man! Not me for sure. Why dont you ask BUS or TST Why should I? Because BUS, those white collars were urging to ship it so fast. Big money involved it seemed. And TST? Well, whos supposed to be our back up in case we cant make it nice and clean? Whos the last line of defense? TST of course! Capice? Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -15
  16. 16. 3rd ExaminationOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -16
  17. 17. BUS - The Business Your obstination to ship it fast is why MyProd died isnt it? Nonsense! If DEV was able to deliver quality and features have you got any idea how many features we had to drop so as to be able to ship within reasonable time? ... And if PRD had the necessary resources... What has PRD got to do with this? They couldnt restore it when it got wild, or balance or who knows what...it took them hours and by the time they could react her EEG was dead flat...unless weve been hacked. Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -17
  18. 18. BUS - The Business We found no evidence of hacking. Lets stick to the point. How about TST? Who? TST? Whos that? Ive never seen those testers! Well, they said they asked you to validate and double check Oh, yes! I remember now. We considered it was none of our business...and were quite busy I must sayOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -18
  19. 19. 4th ExaminationOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -19
  20. 20. PRD - The Production So you let MyProd die without assistance? How dare you? MyProd is our creation, our baby, our reason to live. So how comes it took you that long to react? Ask MGT. Its their fault if we lack the necessary budget to get the means and resources were asking for. But no! Youre just a service, supporting ...no added value...dilly dilly lavender blue Mmh!Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -20
  21. 21. PRD - The Production ...and DEV not delivering processes, not following procedures and TST not caring of monitoring and exploitability, and...it all fell down like dominos You seem to be pretty stubborn on these processes Ive been told Lies! You Lie! What are you hiding to me now? OK! OK! Better be now anyway...The working atmosphere is -lets say - tensed. They dont understand us. They hate stability and just want everything to change...like this! (snap!) As if it would be of no consequence. And this is why you enforce your rules? NO! We do it because WE are RIGHT. Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -21
  22. 22. 5th ExaminationOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -22
  23. 23. MGT - The Manager So, how does it feel to have blood on your hands? Are you talking to me? cause I see nobody else in this room, and Im very proud of what Ive done for this company Yeah right! And for your bonus too. Erh! Well...who told you about this one? Call this the price of devotion, OK? And what is the price of ones soul? Hey! Its not this bad, is it? We cut off some investments in PRD and costs in TST, we asked for a quick delivery... thats all! Nothing really wrong there. They said they would do their best anyway. Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -23
  24. 24. MGT - The Manager By not even being allowed to regression test the last version? Only a part of it. Weve been creative and we optimized the delivery by combining two versions, each individually tested. Good job done I would rather say. But these versions were not integrated... Time is money. Have you got any idea how BUS was pushing? Wanna go and lead a team in - God knows what developing countries? BUS can change their mind every minute and always ask for more, you just cant say NO. That is the only rule to obey. So they are the murderers? I dont know. The real cheaters are PRD in my opinion. They said they were ready and safe. (SIGH) What a mess! Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -24
  25. 25. The ThinkingOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -25
  26. 26. OK So What? Now I was suffering from an excruciating headache the kind of friend that would only be killed by a couple of drinks... or two! While the peaty fire of whisky was heating my blood, I started to structure the information I got and drew some sketches mindmaps, those geeks would say so as to give my thoughts a usable framework Oh! I was forgeting something...for sure. But what?Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -26
  27. 27. ACCUSINGWhat were the Links? TesterBusinessProductionManagement Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareDeveloper WKMP -27
  28. 28. What Can Be Held Against Them? Urged too much to ship Lack of availability for specifications or tests Often changed his mindBusinessManagementNot enough preparation Resistance to changes Too focused on processes Feeling misunderstoodProduction Cut off costs/investments Carried on with pressure Unrealistic objectives Fear of off-shoringDeveloperTesterPoor quality Lack of functionality No documentation No processes delivered Relied too much on further testingLack of experience No technical production tests Poor communication Not assertive enough let goOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -28
  29. 29. Hard Think Time It was now time to activate my little brain cells and solve this tricky puzzle It is logical...or it must be...well ...once again Maybe theyre all guilty and we can put them all to jail? This reminds me some case in a train, but why? Maybe it is due to an external cause that we havent found yet? Or, maybe I should stop pretending being someone else...and let real professional make their own opinion and solve this case for me.Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -29
  30. 30. EpilogueOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -30
  31. 31. Now, its your timeOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -31
  32. 32. Do You Need a Hint? Now, you maybe are facing a difficult choice?Me Come talk to / Drop me a mail and answer a couple of simple questions so as to discover whatCULPRIT YOURreally is.YOUR solutionis just a footstep from herejust follow the guideThis way please! (and dont say youve not been warned)Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -32
  33. 33. Thank you The Usual Suspects Hercule Poirot Inspector Clouseau Sam Spade Magnum Colombo Dr Cal LightmanYou special thanks for your attention La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader quil nexiste pas ! Charles Baudelaire"Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental"THE END! Olivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -33
  34. 34. In case youd still like to Contact Me Olivier Denoo [email protected] Avenue de la Crativit 59650 Villeneuve dAscq Tel +33 3 20 04 97 39 + 33 6 10 90 14 71 infofr @ pstestware.com www.pstestware.comOlivier Denoo - Copyright 2011 ps_testwareWKMP -34