"Who killed King?"

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A 2008 Birmingham News article about the release of a book that challenged the accepted version of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. The book, written by James Earl Ray\'s brother, was released in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of King\'s assassination.

Transcript of "Who killed King?"

  • 1. LIFESTYLE E M 1 2 3 [ SECTION E ]Tuesday, April 1, 2008 School bus radio WHO KILLED KING?may help quietrowdy ridersBy DOUGLAS B. BRILLNewhouse News Service BusRadio says it can help calm rowdy stu-dents on school buses with its free radios. It sends eight hours of music, talk, publicservice announcements and ads each day tothe radios, which pick up the programmingthrough wireless signals. The company com-piles separate programming for elementary,middle school and high school audiences, pluslong segments for field trips. School districts around the country will tellyou, providing music on buses goes a long waywith behavioral issues, said Wesley Eberle, aspokesman for BusRadio, headquartered in inNeedham, Mass. It keeps the students enter-tained and the driver can focus on the road. The Bangor (Pa.) Area School Board justvoted to equip 43 district school buses with ra-dios that play the programming designed forchildren. They are to be installed within 45days. District Superintendent John Reinhartknows it isnt a sure fix. Theres no magicmedicine for behavior on the bus, he said. He said the district took the radios becausethey have Global Positioning Systems and pro-vide the ability to communicate directly with911 dispatchers. Reinhart said that wouldmake for a safer bus ride regardless of whatprogramming does for student behavior. This is a way for us to be able to grab ontoa GPS system in a very cost-effective manner,Martin Luther King Jr.James Earl RayReinhart said. Hopefully, with this new sys-tem, weve upgraded our safety and security.In new book, James Earl Rays brother claims the government didReinhart said giving a private company theopportunity to advertise to a public schoolpopulation may be criticized, although BusRa- By RAHKIA NANCE a black soldier in 1948. the next 20 years falling deeper into the dio said it has fewer ads than regular radio. Re- News staff writerAs a military police officer in Germany,government network, first used as an un-inhart said the safety upgrades outweigh the T James Earl Ray was directed to shoot the dercover operative investigating Commu- criticisms. he dust has never settled since the soldier, only identified as Washington,nists and eventually landing in and out of It costs $300 to $400 to install a GPS on a shots that killed Martin Luther King who had been arrested for beating up prisons, supposedly under the guidanceschool bus, meaning the district would pay Jr. were fired, as conspiracy theories $12,900 to $17,200 to equip its buses. With Jews. Army records showed that prior toof federal agents. continue to swirl around his assassi-BusRadio, the district will actually make a the incident, Ray had received two spinal John Larry Ray, now 75, had grown nation 40 years later. small amount of money, since districts get a taps, which John Larry suggests may have frustrated and didnt care one way orFor years, John Larry Ray has tried tothe other whether the information wascut of ad revenue. been part of a drug experiment. reveal what he says is an uncovered page That shooting, the book says, identifiedmade available. But as the 40th anniver- BusRadio was formed in 2004 and has radios in history about his older brothers rolesary of Kings murder approached, ama-on 10,000 buses in 160 school districts, reach- James Earl Ray as a programmable per-ing an audience of 1 million students daily, ac- in the assassination of Martin Luther sonality and would eventually thrust him teur historian Lyndon Barsten ap-cording to the company. (None of these dis- King Jr. He always has contended Jamesinto the center of the King assassinationproached him, not wanting him to take tricts is in Alabama). The company calls itself Earl Ray was a government patsy, theon April 8, 1968. (Ray initially confessed the fastest growing national media network in fall guy for a sophisticated government See KING Page 6E the youth music space. to shooting King, but recanted three days plot. later.) Like ChannelOne, a broadcast company that In his book Truth At Last, releasedUpon his general dis- provides video equipment to school districts today, Ray says his brother was caught in charge from thethat agree to air the companys television a web of hypnosis, brainwashing and Army in 1948,newscasts, BusRadio makes money by sellingadvertisements in its programming. government-backed mind-control pro- James Earl Ray grams that all began with the shooting of would spendComfy chicYansi Fugel bringsPaul Bryant Willie Mays fall line to Gus MayerBy CHANDA TEMPLE GUSTERNews staff writer Yansi Fugel designs clothes for the way she lives. TESTING THE Whether shes traveling the globe COMICS WATERS Yansi Fugel givesfor business, vacationing with herBeginning today on the comicsnames to severalfamily in Vermont, or preparing for pages and on the editorial pages, of her collections. 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