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Edgar Hoover and the rious crimes of the 20th cen- Author says hesagencys deplorable track re- tury. cord with blacks in 1960sWhat little money he ex- not seeking profitalso leave some hesitant to ac-pects to make, John Larry Ray cept the official story, Turnersaid, hell use to buy head- From Page 1Esaid.stones for deceased family his untold story to the grave. To reopen that chapter of members and buy burial in-I wont gain nothing out of history would take substantial surance for himself. it, Ray said of the book,pressure or evidence, which The only people interested speaking by phone from hisRays book probably doesntin it might be the historical home in Quincy, Ill. The wa- have, the professors said. buffs, Ray said. Im not in- ters all the way under theIt would be very, very diffi-terested in history. I alsoJohn Larry Ray, youngercult for the government to ac- bridge in my case and in brother of James Earl Ray.found out nobody wants to James Earls case. Theresknowledge any kind ofknow the truth anyway. nothing I can get back.involvement, Smith said. ItTheres too much going on inciting John F. Kennedy, Rob- would be very damaging toRay doesnt believe his bookert F. Kennedy and Princess the world to worry about what will do much to recast thethe nations sense of itself. It happened 40 years ago.Diana as other examples. would be an enormous indict- story of Kings assassination But conspiracy theories Barsten, the co-author, said history writers usuallyment of America at that time he hopes the book willhave little bearing on the his-and a terrible blow to Ameri- dont change that much, hetorical presentation of Kingsprompt an honest investiga- says but he wants to expose cas psyche.tion into covert and clandes-life and legacy, said Robert C. Because Kings family has the masterminds of KingsSmith, a political science pro- tine operations since World assassination.focused attention to Kings life War II.fessor at San Francisco Stateand not his death. Most mediaThe feds, not James Earl University. For the most partTheres an official history Ray, killed Dr. King, he said. attention comes in January,and theres what most peoplehistorians reject conspiracy,around the time of the federalScholars say the book has he said, but there has been a believe, Barsten said. Sev- little bearing on history, butholiday. enty-five percent of peopledivide between black andHis legacy is really around could ignite another round ofwhite historians. That schism believe there was a sophisti- discussion about the murder what he accomplished and cated plot to kill Martin Lu-is rooted in general racial dif- what he stood for, Turner of the civil rights leader.ferences in perception of gov-ther King Jr. Ninety-five per-Conspiracy theories oftensaid. I dont think that howernment.cent of people believe there he died and whether or not it surface and linger when I think theres unwilling-was a sophisticated plot to kill was a conspiracy or single prominent people die, said ness on the part of whites to John F. Kennedy. You will shooter looms large in his le- Patricia Turner, a professor ofaccept the very, very danger- rarely see that in history gacy. African American and African ous notion that the govern- books. Theres a tendency to Studies at the University of ment might have killed one of promote a history thats dif- California, Davis. the nations most prominentKey players are gone ferent from what people be-Theres a human tendency citizens, he said. GivenRay gains no true satisfac- lieve. to believe that there couldnt black peoples impressions oftion from publishing the book,Its too late for justice, possibly be a simple straight- the government and their he said, because he knowsBarsten said. 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