Who Killed JFK?

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Who Killed JFK?. Kennedy’s Assassination. Background as President. ELECTION OF 1960: Many people questioned Kennedy’s experience- youngest president at age 43. First televised presidential debate- 70 million viewers thought that Kennedy won. Radio listeners Nixon won. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Who Killed JFK?

  • Who Killed JFK?Kennedys Assassination

  • Background as PresidentELECTION OF 1960: Many people questioned Kennedys experience- youngest president at age 43. First televised presidential debate- 70 million viewers thought that Kennedy won. Radio listeners Nixon won. Kennedy won by the slimmest of margins- won by 119,000 out of 69 million. First Catholic President

  • JFKs AccomplishmentsNEW FRONTIER- improve economy, aid the poor and speed up the space program.1961- Housing Act- Increased the federal minimum wage.1962 - JFK proposed tax break to help economy. Authorized invasion of Cuba to overthrow Communist dictator, Fidel Castro

  • Kennedy is AssassinatedNovember 22, 1963- President in Dallas, TX.Traveling in motorcade through downtown Dallas.Bullets rang out from the Texas School Book Depository.President is struck twice- once through neck, next in the back of the head.Governor Connelly is also wounded

  • JFKs AssassinationThe prime suspect was Lee Harvey Oswald, a former marine and supporter of Fidel Castro.Two days later, Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner.The Warren Commission was in charge of the assassination investigation. They determined that Oswald had acted alone.

  • JFK Conspiracy TheoriesConspiracy: an evil & unlawful plan formulated in secret; plot There are many arguments that JFKs assassination was a conspiracy.After watching these video clips, you will have to write a 2 paragraph response in which you argue your own opinions on the assassination.You must support your theory with evidence so pay attention and be ready to share the details!

  • JFK Conspiracy Theories - FACTS

    Shots were fired from Texas School Book Depository Weapon was a military rifle2.3 seconds required to operate rifle between shotsOswald never testified or gave his storyOswald was a member of the Fair play for Cuba OrganizationZapruder film is the only known video taken at the scene (released to public in 1975) Shots took place between 6-9 seconds9 bullet wounds total (4 = JFK; 5 = Connelly) Assassination records will be declassified in 2029

  • JFK Conspiracy Theories - UNKNOWN

    Autopsy never released; investigation used medical drawingsKennedys brain was never foundWas Governor Connelly shot with the same bullet as JFK?Ruby & Oswalds relationshipWas the fatal shot fired from the front or back?Was there more than one shooter?Inconsistency between witnesses and investigationThe Pristine Bullet

  • Witness AccountsJean Hill: a woman who told of seeing a Grassy Knoll shooter, of seeing Jack Ruby in Dealey Plaza, and of being intimidated by phony "Secret Service agents" in the minutes following the assassination Beverly Oliver: who claims to have seen Oswald and Ruby together in the Carousel Club, and to have photographed the assassination in Dealey Plaza (with the FBI confiscating the film). Robert Morrow: who claims to have been a CIA agent, and to have supplied weapons for the shooters in Dealey Plaza Gordon Arnold: claimed to have been on the Grassy Knoll during the shooting, to have heard a shot whiz past his left ear, and to have been confronted by a man who confiscated his camera 10 witnesses claim to have seen a grassy knoll shooterPresident Johnson: After office, claimed more than one shooter

  • JFK Conspiracy TheoriesWarren Commission: single gunmen - OswaldMagic bullet: There was more than one gun and more than one shooterOswald: ties to communism and the mobCIA: used bogus evidence, tried to abduct tapes, and faked autopsy photosU.S. Government: wanted more profit from Vietnam and knew VP Johnson would do itJack Ruby: ties to the mob, worked with Oswald and said he knew too much

  • Who Killed JFK?Based on all the information and video clips, your homework tonight is analyze Kennedys assassination.Must be 2 paragraphs longIn YOUR opinion, who killed JFK?Use evidence to back up your opinion.There is no right or wrong answer remember, no one knows exactly what happened.