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  • 1. Who is the XANA ?

2. Who is she? Quin es? 3. 4. Who is she?Shes a weird creature of magical beauty Una extraa criatura de una mgica hermosura 5. 6. What is she like? Cmo es? 7. 8. Shell cause you evil if you try cheating on herTe causar mucho mal si la tratas de engaar 9. 10. Where does she live? Dnde vive? 11. 12. In the forest, in a cave close to fresh water En el bosque, en una cueva muy cerca del agua fresca 13. What clothes does she wear? Cmo viste? 14. She wears white dresses hiding her bare feet Viste vestidos blancos que le tapan sus pies descalzos 15. What does she like? Qu le gusta? 16. She likes dancing and playing in the bowling alley Le gusta enredar y jugar en la bolera 17. How does she spend her time? Cmo pasa el tiempo? 18. 19. She combes her hair once and again to forget a pain Su cabello peina y peina para olvidar una pena 20. What does she usually give as a present? Qu suele regalar? 21. 22. If you find her on Saint Johns night, she will give you her treasuresSi la encuuentras por San Juan, sus tesoros te dar 23. 24. Who is watching her? Quin la vigila? 25. 26. The culebre is taking care of her El culebre es su guardin, cuidndola con afn 27. 28. What tasks does she do? Qu labores hace? 29. 30. She knits, winds, spins and goes to the fountain to wash Tejer, devanar e hilar e ir a la fuente a lavar 31. 32. How can you get her to fall in love? Cmo consigues enamorarla? 33. You need to pass some tests Tienes que superar algunas pruebas 34. 35. What are her kids like? Cmo son sus hijos? 36. They are so cute, she never leaves them alone Son tan monos sus retoos, que nunca los deja solos 37. 38.

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