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Our first project presentation for Digital Media. We were to present a fellow Team Member as well as a fellow Team Member would present me. It was more like a "Get to know you better" exercise that helped others see our interests, hobbies, etc. The images in this presentation were all hand drawn by me and colored in Photoshop. Tried to go for more of a humorous presentation with the memes and randomness throughout the presentation. Sorry for the fonts and text messing up, since the fonts used are not yet part of this site. Plus some of the punctuation I had to hand draw in order to match the rest of the font. Again....sorry if it looks weird

Transcript of Who Are You?

  • 1. So Who am Ipresenting anyway

2. enceperiExPhotoShopCinema 4D 3. He Makes Lo g os 4. Favorite FoodsSteakCrawfishBoiled Crabs 5. One of His FavoriteMovies 6. Should I Continue 7. What Represents Him 8. He Likes Rap 9. So What Else Does He Like To Do 10. rtsSpo 11. yXboXPla 12. Fish 13. Thats A WrapLike A Boss