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1. Coming up with a name. When deciding what I should call my film I thought of a few my earlier names were; The Presiding The Knox Ripper Whitechapel, all in which I scrapped. the naming AND designing OF my title Kevin Ntueba 2. designing THE TITLE Once I had decided what to call my film I went about designing what the title should look like in terms of font. I figured since my film was referencing Jack the Ripper I should explore texts that were used to relate to him. The fonts that were commonly used to portray Jack the Ripper were Serif. I found the image (on the right) of a newspaper cutting which I liked, I decided to use the idea of a bold fold which is also commonly used in posters, 3. Final Idea for title I decided on a final idea for my Title, the font is Arial Bold. I felt that the The in the title when separated like in the title on the top right of the page, looked less appealing to the audience. I decided that the THE would be inside the R like the words THE is in the title in The Town Film Poster.