Whitworth Art Gallery Secondary Programme Autumn 2010

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Secondary Learning Programme at The Whitworth Art Gallery.

Transcript of Whitworth Art Gallery Secondary Programme Autumn 2010

  • Secondary Learning @ the Whitworth


  • Contents

    Page 3 Contact Us Page 4-5 Bespoke Practical Workshops Page 6-7 Workshop: Drawing from Source Materials Page 8-9 Workshop: Experimental Printmaking Page 10-11 Workshop: Pattern and Process in Texiles Page 12-13 FREE Exhibition Tours: Knowledge Series Page 14-15 Portfolio Development Days Page 16-17 Self Guided Visits Page 18-19 Educators Evenings Page 20 Supporting Resources


  • Contact us telephone: 0161 275 8455

    e-mail: denise.bowler@manchester.ac.uk

    website: www.whitworth.manchester.ac.uk

    address: The Whitworth Art Gallery The University of Manchester Oxford Road Manchester M15 6ER


  • Discuss your ideas with creative practitioners prior to your visit


  • Bespoke Practical Workshops

    Select from one of the 3 workshops working with experienced creative practitioners:

    Drawing from Source Materials Experimental Printmaking Pattern and Process in Textiles

    Cost: 90 half day, 180 full day

    Maximum 20 students per workshop

    Workshops work well when they are tailored to fit into your curriculum or to develop new skills.


  • If the Whitworth was a shop it would be like a market; very eclectic, open to everyone and enjoyable to go to!


  • Workshop: Drawing from Source Materials Look at ideas, methods and approaches to works made by

    artists in our collections and exhibitions.

    Focus on developing mark-making techniques including automatic drawing, exploration of line, working at different speeds and the use of positive and negative space.

    Develop sketchbooks using visual language, annotation and creative responses to selected works


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  • Workshop: Experimental Printmaking Research the collections and transform your drawings into prints.

    Choose from: Multi-colour and intaglio printing Dry point engraving Perspex printing Mono-printing

    Pupils found that being out of the classroom and being immersed in a professional location was

    inspiring, motivational and reflective. 9

  • Elizabeth Couzens Scott makes extraordinary textiles and delivers made-to-measure textile sessions


  • Workshop: Pattern and Process in Textiles Research pattern, design and traditional and contemporary techniques and processes.

    Choose from: Mark-making with stitch Experimenting with layers and textures Using the collections for research and contextual references


  • Chen Qiulin, The Garden 2007 12

  • FREE Exhibition Tours: Knowledge Series The Knowledge Series are tours provided by University Art History undergraduates.

    The tours are developed in partnership with Learning and the Curatorial Team. The specialist undergraduates can offer unique, tailored insights into the exhibitions which are quirky and informative for secondary school students.

    Please see the website for available dates.



  • Olafur Eliasson, The Forked Forest Path 1998 14

  • Portfolio Development Days Key Stage 4 FREE

    An opportunity for your students to work with a professional artist and arts undergraduates.

    Share ideas and gain inspiration from undergraduate students from across the North West

    Develop new skills and techniques Explore progression to further and

    higher education focusing on different approaches to learning.

    Gain a critical overview of their work from practising artists working in the creative industries

    Choose from:

    The Land Between Us Thursday 18 November 2010 Thursday 25 November 2010 Thursday 9 December 2010 Thursday 13 January 2010

    Mary Kelly: A Retrospective Wednesday 9 March 2011 Wednesday 16 March 2011 Wednesday 30 March 2011 Wednesday 6 April 2011


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  • Self-Guided Visits

    We want you to have the best possible visit.

    We can provide:

    Information on current and forthcoming exhibitions Advice on planning a visit Introductory Tours Resources


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  • Educators Evenings

    Educators Evenings are now part of the exhibition previews. Please sign up for these events as places will be limited. Join our e-mail contact list to be updated about forthcoming exhibitions.

    Contact Denise Bowler to book a place on 0161 275 8455 or via e-mail denise.bowler@manchester.ac.uk.

    These are opportunities to get an insiders guide to our exhibitions.


  • Supporting Resources

    The Land Between Us Educators Resource

    Useful blogs http://learningmanchester.wordpress.com/ http://textileswhitworth.wordpress.com/ http://thelandbetweenus.wordpress.com/ http://whitworthprintsanddrawings.wordpress.com http://whitworthinthemix.wordpress.com/

    Please e-mail denise.bowler@manchester.ac.uk if you have suggestions or enquiries.