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  • 1. RHIZOME WHITE TURMERIC (Curcuma zeodaria) Veronica Dian S (12.70.0018) Angela Irena (12.70.0034) William Wibowo (12.70.0052) Lorentia Santoso (12.70.0078) Shella Novia (12.70.0096) Ivana Aprilia P (12.70.0145) Buddy Kristianto (12.70.00175)

2. Comparative morphological and anatomical profile of four species of Curcuma 3. SCIENTIFIC CLASSIFICATION Kingdom : Plantae Sub-Kingdom : Tracheobionta Superdivision : Spermatophyta Division : Magnoliophyta Class : Liliopsida Sub-Class : Zingiberidae Order : Zingiberales Family : Zingiberaceae Genus : Curcuma Species : Curcuma zeodaria 4. It may seems like ginger, its similar to ginger from outside and turmeric inside It has less intense aroma that is similar to turmeric or mango (distinctive flavor and aroma) It is native to Indian subcontinent and some parts of South East Asia Its used as medicine and for culinary purpose 5. CURCUMINOIDS TERPENOIDS Zederone, Curzerenone, Curzeone, Furanodiene, Furanodienone, Germacrone, Curcumenol, and Zedoaronediol ESSENTIAL OIL (Zeodary Oil) Zederone & Curzerenone 6. Zeodary helpful in stomach disorders Zedoary as anti inflammatory Zedoary as antioxidant White turmeric for respiratory disorders Zedoary for cancer cure Zedoary benefits for women Zedoary and treatment of diabetes Zedoary for Urinary tract disorders Skin benefits of Zedoary Other traditional uses of Zedoary 7. Stimulates secretion of enzymes in digestive system and improves digestion. Decoction made by boiling this root in water is drunk before eating to improve digestive system It works as carminative by aiding digestion and reducing flatulence. It is useful in treating loss of appetite and indigestion 8. Zedoary offers anti inflammatory effect and reduces swelling and pain. It is used traditionally to relive strains and spasms Hot past of white turmeric powder is applied to area of strain and inflammation and covered. It is left overnight to relive swelling and pain. 9. Antioxidant potential (contains phytonutrients) in nature. It helps remove free radicals in body which are harmful. It protects various organs of body including heart, skin, liver, kidney and brain from damage due to oxidative stress. 10. It is effective in treating respirating disorders like cold, cough, asthma and others Combined with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties it reduces inflammation inrespiratory tract and protects from infections 11. Zedoary contains curcuminoids which are believed to have anticancer properties Studies suggest that zedoary extract or zedoary essential oil can prevent growth of cancer cells 12. Good in regulating menstrual cycle in women It is useful in reliving from abdominal cramps (common in pre-menstruation period) It tones up the reproductive system in women 13. Anti-hyperglicemic properties Research has found that zedoary contains chemicals like curcumin which are anti-diabetic benefits. Zedoary decoction has been used in treatment of urinary tract disorders. It offers phytochemcials which are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory in nature 14. As an antioxidant it helps protect skin from oxidative stress of pollutant and other substances. It works as antiseptic over skin wounds. It is used to moisturize skin It is also useful in reducing skin inflammation and treatment of skin diseases 15. Treating fever and regulating body temperature. Zeodary oil applied to body can keep mosquitoes away. Tuber juice is used in treating intestinal worms in children. 16. IN COOKING POWDER FORM PASTE FORM JUICE/SMOOTHIE TEA COMBINATION MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS PICKLES SALADS INSTANT DRINK 17. Cause stomach upset Can lead to stimulation of the uterus, so that pregnant women and nursing mothers as much as possible to reduce the consumption of turmeric. A number of substances or compounds in turmeric mostly difficult to be absorbed by the body, so that the benefits of turmeric can not be maximized by the body. For those of you who are running the chemotherapy, should not consume turmeric because it can reduce the effects of chemotherapy 18. The beneficial effects of white turmeric are traditionally achieved through dietary consumption, even at low levels, over long periods of time. A precise understanding of effective dose, safety, and mechanism of action is required for the rational use of turmeric in the treatment of human diseases. 19. Thimmayamma B. V. S, Rau P, Radhaiah G. Use of spices and condiments in the dietaries of urban and rural families. J Indian Nutr Diet. 1983;20:15362. Govindarajan V. S. Turmeric-chemistry, technology, and quality. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 1980;12:199301. Giang, P. M., Hong, V. N., & Son, P. T. (1998). Sesquiterpenoids from the rhizomes of Curcuma zedoaria (Berg.) Roscoe of Vietnam. Journal of Chemistry, 36, 7073 (in Vietnamese). M. A. Kuhn and D. Wintston, Herbal Therapy and Supplements: A Scientific and Traditional Approach, Lippincott, New York, NY, USA, 2001.