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  • 1. Magn
  • 2. MAGN
    OurvillageiscalledMagn. Itis a smallvillage in the South
    of Madrid . There are 3229 habitants in ourvillage .There are
    twoparks. Thereisnt a cinema in Maganbutthere are lots
    of shops, thereis a center sport and thereis a swiming pool.
    In ourvillagethereis a verybeatifulchurchiscalled Santa
    Marina. Thereis a gimnasiumcalled Vulcano. There are two
    festivals: thesmallfestival isonJuly and thebig and special
    festival isonAugust.
    People in Magan are verygenerous and friendly.
    byAylin and Alejandro Mihaita.
    Ourchurch in Magn
  • 3. MagnisnearToledo
    Toledo is a big and importantcity of Spain.
    Itisthe capital of Castilla-La Mancha
  • 4. Alcazar in Toledo
    TheAlcazarisimportantmonument of Toledo. Its a well-knownlibrary.
  • 5. Thewall in Toledo
    Thewall of Toledo its a veryimportantromanmonument in thehistory.
  • 6. Theromancircus in Toledo
    Theromancircusits a importantcircus of Toledo.Its a wellknownmonument in ourcity.Toledoits a monumental city.
  • 7. The Tajo in Toledo
    The Tajo raisinforToledo.Itsthelongriver of Spain.Itsverypretty.
  • 8. Toledo and theriver Tajo
    Theriver Tajo is a veryimportantriver in theworld.