Where We Live (1988-1989)

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  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    whereweI ve

  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Where We LiveArkansas Wri te r s in the Schools 1989

  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Wri te r s in the Schools i s a p r o j e c t o f the Arkansas Arts Counci l ,the Nat iona l Endowment fo r the Arts , and th e Univer s i ty o fArkansas , Faye t t ev i l l e , s t a f f ed by members o f the U nive r s i t y ' sPrograms in Crea t ive Writ ing and Tra n s l a t i o n .Co - d i r e c t o r s : Dixon Boyles and Nancy FrancoeurP ro j e c t Coord ina to r : James Whitehead

    Our thanks to a l l th e s tude n t s , t e a c h e r s , and a d m i n i s t r a t o r s whoworked with us dur ing the year , as wel l as to the fo l lowing:Ms. Sharon Pyka o f Research Account ing; Dr. Keneth Kinnamon,Chairman of the Department o f Engl i sh , and h is s t a f f ; Dr. DonOus te rhou t , D i re c t o r o f Research and Sponsored Programs, and h isa s s i s t a n t , Dr. John Stokes .

  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Jack Bedel lChr i s BoeseDixon BoylesDarrend BrownMark BurghCindy ChapmanLee DurkeeEl i zabe th FordAndy FoxNancy FrancoeurKathy GessnerJu l i a GuernseyBuffa HanseSara KingRichard Matthews

    Vis i t i ng Wri te r s

    Margaret McMullanIan Morr i sPat O'ConnorDale Ph i l l i p sJ ' l a i n e RobnoltJudy RuizCindy Sander l inNancy SaundersAnna SmithYoung SmithBob SchoenbergSal ly Jo SorensenRobbie WallaceDavid WestChun- j i an Xue

  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Pa r t i c i p a t i ng Schools

    Alpena HighAnderson Elementary ,Cros s e t tAnna St rong Elementary ,MariannaArkansas High, TexarkanaBery l Henry Elementary , HopeCal ico Rock ElementaryCent ra l Jun io r High,Mont ice l loDumas HighEas t Elementary , ParagouldEas t End Elementary , L i t t l eRockEdi th Brown Elementary , HopeFountain Lake Elementary ,Hot Spr ingsGarland E lementary , HopeGibbs In t e rna t iona l MagnetElementary , L i t t l e RockGreenbr i e r MiddleHast ings Elementary ,Cros s e t tHeber Spr ings HighHoly SoulsHuntsv i l l e MiddleHuntsv i l l e Upper ElementaryJimmy Brown Elementary ,S ta r Ci ty

    Lee Elementary , Spr ingda leLuci l i a Wood Elementary ,Ela ineMagnet Cove ElementaryMammoth Spr ing Middle andHighMcGeehee Elementary

    North Heigh ts Jun io r High,TexarkanaOscar Hamil ton Elementary ,ForemanParson Hi l l s Elementary ,Springda lePleasan t View High, OzarkPocahontas HighRich land E lementary , WestMemphisSearcy HighSher idan ElementarySmith Elementary ,Springda leStamps HighTyson Elementary ,Springda leWinslow ElementaryWalker Elementary ,Springda leWonderview Elementary ,Hat t i ev i l l eWynne Jun io r High

  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Where We LiveEdi ted byNancy FrancoeurandDixon Boyles

    Cover Art : Cour tney Cole , Gar land ElementaryCover by El i zabe th Ford

  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Man's TriumphExci ted ly , we got ready fo rschoo l ,A n t i c ip a t i n g ye t anotherday.As we walked o ut th e doorWe expec ted to hear

    Alpena High

    The j oy fu l barks o f our dog .But none ca11e.We d i sh e a r t e d l y proceededto th e bus s t o p .One look a t th e roadWas enough to tellunwarran ted t r u t h s .Man, with e l a b o ra t e d r i v i n gs k i l l s ,Had t r iumphed aga in .Danie l l e C o l l i e r

    Spa rk l ing IceA f rozen wi lde rnesscovered in a dazz l ingb lanke t o f s l eepThe t r ee s bend inp r o t e s t to th e overpoweringweight o f t h e i r coldc a sk e t s .And th e sky looksdown on th e l i f e l e s sworld and s i g h s .Sue Terhe rs t

    Step AsideThe whole world s t e p s as idefo r th e one who knowswhere h e ' s going.But if one does notknow where he ' s going11aybe he a i g h ts tep as ide u n t i l he dec ides .Terry Burk

    The Whispering ThunderThe wind whisperedThrough th e t r e e s .The ra in poundedThe t in roof overhead .Ligh tn ing s p l i t th eBlack sky in a f l a sh o fl i g h t .Only th e whisper o f th ethunderTold th e r ea l t ru t h aboutth e s torm.Anonymous

    The StormI t was b r i g h t and sunnyU n t i l th e thunder soundedThe dog ran to hideDown under th e porchWith h is t a i l tuckedSafe ly from th e s torm.Vick i Lynn

    Day At th e LakeG ir l s screamingGuys l augh ingSun b laz ingWaves sp lash ingClouds b u r s tRain crash ingDavid Green


  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Bir thLife i s darkIn the beginning.A ll o f a suddenYou're shot out in to thel i g h t .Then you g e t spankedAnd s t a r t to cry .Rockie Bryan t

    Cent ra l ParkThe world i s j u s t a sphe reFi l l ed with red and blackNew York i s probably th ereddes tBlood on every corne rDark co inc idesStep in to the darknessCome back without a p a r tHolly Hols tead

    Flowing Bat te ryFrom th e sp r ing emina tes thepures t waterI t feeds the landI t ba t t e r s the rocks a g a i n s teachA perpe tua l w re s t l i n g matchThe water versus th e rocksBut in the end th e wateralways wins and more rocksAre bea ten upon each o t h e r .R.C.


  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Anderson BleentaryCros s e t t

    Vampire Mother Begs Pol iceto Drive Stake Through HerHear tAt Sta t ion 67 downtownTransylvania Woman begswild ly to pol ice t ha t shei s a female vampire .Her name i s verycreepy ! Sylvania Vamtrike!She says ton igh twi l l be horr ib le ifthey don ' t drive a s t akethrough her hear t !She cae here in a longca r (b lack ) with a s ku l lf igure on the end o fthe ca r . She holdsin her hand a dia rywri t t en in German. TheFBI are coming toread it.Char l i e Hogan

    DadDad's Ste tson mixes with h iso u t f i t .His cowboy ha t and h isropers make h iscowboy a t t i t u d e .That Ste t son must make himfee l l ike he ' s inthe Old West.His bearded face makes himlook l ikean out law.As he aoves on along th eend les s t r a i lI t seems l i ke he does h isb i t and moves on.Michael McCoy

    RainAs th e ra in comes downWhile everyone i s s l eep ingShe i s up and sca red .Lindsey Milburn

    I f th e Sun Were aBaske tba l lI f th e sun were aba s ke tba l l the moon wouldbe the goal .Some o f the s t a r s would beth e score keepersAnd some would be the crowdAnd some would be th ep layers .Jus t in Green

    Our Weathery RideYeste rday we came toCros s e t t .Mother Nature wasn ' t nice .We s tayed in a foxhole ands l e p t on a c loud.The mil l was on f i r e l ikethe Fourth o f J u ly .We gobbled cloudssunny-s ide up.Tomorrow we wi l l h i t c h acomet.Tomorrow th e wind wi l lca r ry us home.Fi f t h Graders


  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    I f You Were A Ca t e rp i l l a rI f you were a c a t e rp i l l a ryou could squi rm aroundin the ca rpor t sand f ind a placeto wrap up inand sprout outl ike a bu t t e r f l y .Melanie Kimrey

    I Am A Fi r eI smel l l ike a dead b i rd ,t a s t e l i k e saoked t u rkey ,and sound l i ke s i z z l i ngs t eak .I f ee l l i ke hot grease .I look l i ke a co l o r fu ldre s s .Shane Reeves

    I Am A Rol le r Coas te rI sound l ike a roa r ingt r a i n .I look l i ke a curled-upsnake.I smel l l i ke smoke.I t a s te l i ke burningl e a the r .And I f ee l l i ke a rockymountain.Mauria Jackson

    The RainThe ra in i s thumping.I t sounds l i ke soaeoneth inking .Maybe it's you.Paul Ra t l i f f


  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    Anna Strong Bleaen ta ryMarianna

    My Aunt Is a NurseShe ' s always combingpeop le ' s long ha i rl ike s h e ' s p lay ing abe a u t i fu l long v i o l i n .La Zwita Wil l iams

    I Know What You' re DoingYou are t ak ing a t e s tand a t th e same t imeyou ' re th ink ingo f meand you s t a r t to put downa do t in the l ine butsomething s topsyou because the do t i s wrongso youput your penc i l down and askfo r a piece o f paper but thepaper i s blank.You s t a r t to see a f ace .I t i s me. Tha t ' s what lovei s .J e r ry Sandefer

    My Se l fWhen I look in the mir ro r Isee myeyes l ike a watch goingaround and around .I see my h a i r as yarn on myd o l l .I see my cheeks as a peace .I see my ea rs as a p ie withwhipped cream on it.I see my tongue as a tail o fa dinosaur .But what I r ea l ly see i s me.Les l i e Bryan

    My ByesMy eyes are l ike wheels inthe moonl ight .Michael Malone

    We Are BadWe a re bad. Wee a t food. Wel eave schoo l . Wego home. Wego to s leep . Wes t ay as leep . Wenever wake.Gary Branscomb

    PoemI t fades ina t a townl ike a p ic tu r eo f a roseyou focus onthe little boys tand ing inth e gusty roadh is eyes a re blacked outfrom the dus tin th e skyyou cap tu re hawks f ly ingin the blowing windBurley Amos


  • 7/30/2019 Where We Live (1988-1989)


    An Elephant Who I s Proud o fBeing HimI 'm proud of be ing f a t . Igot a nicknamet h a t doe s n ' t b e t t e r me. Ican ca r ry and helppeople a l o t . I can evenfill a swimmmingpool up with my t runk. Ican a l so takepeople fo r long q u i e t walksin the j ung le .But maybe fo r now I w i l lj u s t sit. Relax.Andrea Til lmanThis i s a Bout JazzThis t ime, when he s t a r t e dto play wi ththe o ther young j azzmusic ians , hef i t t ed it per fec t l y .Derrick Redden

    We Could Be FriendsWe could be f r i endsLike f r i e n d s a re supposedto be.You picking up the t e lephoneCal l ing me.Fe l i c i a G i l l e s p i e

    I f Your Name Is DrummondYou Could be RichI was walking through thetownwhen I met t h i s bus inessman.He was s topp ing everybodyup and down the s idewalkt e l l i n g themif your name i s Drummondyou couldbe r i c h .He f ina l ly got homedow