Where Do Dolphins Live?

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Dolphins are distributed worldwide, either in warm waters or Polar Regions. Information, pictures and videos about dolphins: http://www.dolphins-world.com/

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  • 1.www.dolphins-world.comWhere Do Dolphins Live?

2. Dolphins are distributed worldwide, either in warm waters or Polar Regions. www.dolphins-world.com 3. Bottlenose dolphins are the most studied cetaceans in the wild because they live near coasts and there are many in captivity due to their ability to adapt well to aquariums. This species is found everywhere exceptPolarRegions. www.dolphins-world.com 4. www.dolphins-world.comBottlenose dolphins live in tropical and temperate inshore, coastal, shelf, and oceanic waters fromSouthAfricaAustraliaMexicoThailandUnitedStatesYemenNamibiaJamaicaaciamaJaibimaNnemeYsetatSdetinUdnaliahTocixeMailartsuAacirfAhtuoS and many othersTheyin the Mediterranean and Black Seas. are also found 5. Other species live in less extended areas of the world like theDusky dolphinThe Lagenorhynchus obscurus" is found only in waters of the southern hemisphere including:New Zealand South Australia South Africa SouthAmerica www.dolphins-world.com 6. They are found in the coastal regions of these areas where there are warm to cool temperate waters.www.dolphins-world.com 7. The Chinese White Dolphin is limited to the eastern part of the world, coveringSoutheast Asia, the Indonesian Islands and northern Australia.These dolphins prefer to stayclose to the shore.www.dolphins-world.com 8. The Commerson's dolphinIs found only in two locations. www.dolphins-world.com 9. The rstIs in South America, near Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, and the Falklands Islandsand the second place is in the south Indian Ocean, near Kerguelen islands, also known as the Desolation Islands. www.dolphins-world.com 10. The Hector's dolphin is found only in New Zealand.It can't be found in the wild in another part of the world. It is found in shallow coastal waters and turbid waters close to the shore. They are typically observed in water less than 295 ft. deep.www.dolphins-world.com 11. Not all dolphins live in the ocean www.dolphins-world.com 12. The Amazon River dolphinwww.dolphins-world.comis a beautiful freshwater river dolphin. It is endemic to the Amazon and Orinoco river basins.The Amazon River dolphin or Boto, can be found in rivers, channels, lakes and below waterfalls and rapids. This species is native to Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. 13. There is a species that is able to adapt both warm and polar climates: The Killer whale. They are found in all oceans of the world, and they range from Arctic Ocean to Antarctic Ocean.It is thesecond most widely distributed mammal on the planet after humans. www.dolphins-world.com 14. Killer Whalesare found living in warm water areas such Hawaii, in temperate waters, in cold water areas such Antarctica and even sometimes in fresh water rivers.Additionally to their level of adaptation, they are really smart and versatile, being able to feed on penguins at the southern end of the earth and feed on Harbor Seals at the Northern hemisphere. www.dolphins-world.com 15. Some species by climate, of dolphins migrate food availability,mating purposes and migration of their prey.www.dolphins-world.com 16. Information Animal Diversity Web. Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan. Seaworld Info Bookswww.dolphins-world.com 17. FIND US... WWW.DOLPHINS-WORLD.COM FACEBOOK.COM/BIOEXPEDITION TWITTER.COM/BIOEXPEDITION YOUTUBE.COM/BIOEXPEDITION PINTEREST.COM/BIOEXPEDITION BIOEXPEDITION.COM/COPYRIGHT 2013