When to tweet 3 tools for finding your audience on social media

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Transcript of When to tweet 3 tools for finding your audience on social media

  • 1. Twitter Launches Brand Pages orEnhanced Profile Pages

2. Today, with very little advanced warning, Twitter finally launched itsnew Brand Pages, or enhanced profilepages. The irony is while theyve beenteasing the public with this update for months, 3. the fact that they chose today toannounce it came with no forewarningor fanfare. Here are the two main changes to Twitter Brand Pages. 4. So todays changes are all aboutbringing that personality forward, more photos forward, so its much easier to see the media experiences and flip through them, said Twitter CEO DickCostolo on NBCs Today Show earliertoday. 5. The 2 main updates to theTwitter Enhanced Profile Pagesare as follows: 6. Twitter header photoYou can now display yourbrand prominently and immediatelyengage with your profile visitors.To select from the pre-loaded themes orupload your custom image, visit the design tab within your Twitter settings page. Use the image cropper to makethe best selection. 7. An automatic gradient will appear onthe profile header. Image maps,animation or flash are not allowed. Theimage maintains 2:1 aspect ratio on allscreens (minimum 200px x 100px). 8. For best results, choose a profile headerthat is 1252px x 626px as it will displaybest among all different types of media devices. 9. Pinned tweet Display the most important content on your profile. Select any of your Tweetsto pin to the top of your profile timeline. Manage your pinned Tweets from the advertiser campaign dashboard. If you select more than one Tweet to pin, wewill display the most popular Tweet. 10. While Facebook and Google+ both also have header photos, Twitter is uniquebecause existing user profile images willbe superimposed over the center of the header rather than off on the bottom left, where they appear on Facebook,or to the right, where they appear with G+. 11. Therefore, it will take a little strategywhen creating your Twitter headerphotos. Mashable put together a briefvideo on how to make creative headerphotos. 12. How to Add a New TwitterHeader Photo First, visit your profile page either on Twitter.com or via your mobile app. 13. Click on your name in the upper left hand box. This will take you to your profile page. From there, choosedesign. Or you can alsovisit Twitter.com/Settings/Design Once on the design page, eitherselect a photo from your existing libraryor upload in one from your desktop. 14. To upload a header photo from amobile app, visit to the Me tab, click the settings button (gear), tap Edit profile and then Header. 15. In addition to the header images, thelayout also has bigger photothumbnails in the left rail (where six aredisplayed in two rows instead of the previous four in a line). 16. Meanwhile, the tabs on the left raillinking to users followers, favorites and users they follow which are of moreinterest to Twitters power users thanthey are to the average consumer 17. are being given less prominent realestate, since theyve been moved up somewhat and are no longer in the center of profile pages.