When the whistle blows

When the Whistle Blows By: Fran Cannon Slayton

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When the Whistle BlowsBy: Fran Cannon Slayton

Let us now pray for uncle DickThe society gathered for the death of uncle dick..

Jimmy and his friends on Halloween, trying to revenge his brother and friends run!!!!!!


But instead it turned out to be the county sheriff

Ill get you

Do you think it will work?Jimmys dad and uncles blocked all the school entrances so Jimmy could miss school on the first day of hunting season.

Man I hope

Are you okay?No my knee really hurts .Jimmy after his knee got injured in the championship football game.

The accident that took his uncles life was caused by the loudest thing in the town: the train

Everyone pray for the loss of Jimmys dad.In the end of the story Jimmy ( on the far right) finally got to join the society.

THE ENDBy : Alex Klare and Laura Wiedemann 6th grade Guardian AngelsWhen the whistle blows by: Fran Cannon Slayton2012 book fest