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Transcript of Wheel of the Sangha - Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple Betsuin. There are a lion and two dragons on...

  • Seattle Betsuin Newsletter Wheel of the Sangha Volume 36 Issue 7 July 2017 p. 1

    Wheel of the Sangha Volume 36 Issue 7 July 2017

    Amida’s Zoo by Rimban Katsuya Kusunoki My family had a lot of animals when I was child. At one time, we had

    three dogs, ten chickens, cats, gold fish, carp (Koi), squirrels, hamsters, and more. I remember our family also had a rabbit and a crow. It was like a small zoo. After my father woke up, the first thing he would do was to conduct morn- ing service at the Hondo (main hall of the temple). After that, he fed the animals and cleaned “Kusunoki’s Zoo”. Their feces, hair, and feathers were all over the yard. It was hard work to clean and wash them away every morning. Sometimes I helped him with the clean up. One good memory was that once in a while, our family was able to get some fresh eggs. I used to put the raw fresh egg onto hot rice and add a little bit of soy sauce. I mixed them and ate it. I really loved the dish “Tamago Gohan”! In my memory, every morning, my father would ring the bell then chant a sutra in the Hondo and the dogs and chickens would be yelling and calling to get breakfast. It was very lively each morning.

    There are, in fact, many animal ornaments in the Buddha’s Altar (Onaijin). Let me introduce you the animal ornaments that I found in the Seattle Betsuin. There are a lion and two dragons on the incense burner that people use to offer incense (Oshoko) at a service. There are two cranes and a turtle on the candle stand. There is also a dragon on a flower vase. There are birds on the tables in the Altar area. I also found some elephants, fish, and shrimp in the Onaijin. I have heard that some temples’ Onaijin also have a tiger, a cat, an oc- topus, a squirrel, a heron, a turban shell, a frog, a monkey, and an ogre. I learned that the Onaijin is the embodiment of the Amida Buddh’s Pure Land. I thought that the Pure Land is quiet but it might be lively a realm!

    According to the Amida Sutra, there are six kinds of birds in the Pure Land. Let me introduce them briefly.

    • White swans have elegant white bodies and are well known as a symbol of long life.

    • Peacocks have very beautiful long tail feathers and eat poisonous animals.

    • Parrots have a feather crown on their heads, a short tail, and a thick curved bill. They are said to be able to speak the human language.

    • Sarikas are a mythical bird resembling a bush warbler. They also are able to speak the human language.

    • Kalavinkas another mythical bird has a woman’s face and

    What’s Inside Message from Rimban


    Rev Elaine Donlin

    Book Study


    Membership Dharma Exchange

    SBBWA, Camp Fire

    Sangha Night-In


    Welcome Ayano

    and Yuiya

    Women in Buddhism

    Conference Continued on p. 4...

  • Seattle Betsuin Newsletter Wheel of the Sangha Volume 36 Issue 7 July 2017 p. 2

    The Seattle Betsuin Gratefully Acknowledges the Following Donations April - June 2017

    Funeral / Memorial / Nokotsudo: Given by:

    Minoru Fujii – To Endowment In Memory of $ 10,000.00 Aiko Fujii

    Elsie Tokita – In Memory of $ 1,500.00 Shokichi Tokita

    Lillian Toyoko Uyeno – In Memory of $ 1,500.00 Shokichi Tokita

    Makoto Nagano – Funeral Service $ 1,200.00 Estate of Makoto Nagano

    Tamako Niwa Kano – Nokotsudo $ 1,000.00 Estate of Tamako Niwa Kano

    Haruko Shimizu – 3 rd

    Year Memorial $ 500.00 Roy & Kazumi Shimizu

    Hiroko Kitano – 1 st Year Memorial $ 400.00 Diane Kitano

    Shigeru Moritani – 1 st Year & Inurnment Services $ 350.00 Estate of Shigeru Moritani

    Akio Nishizaki – 3 rd

    Year Memorial $ 300.00 Mabel Nishizaki

    Wesley Kosai – 1 st Year Memorial $ 300.00 June Kosai

    George Masaharu Shimada – Memorial Service $ 300.00 Gerry & Betty Shimada

    Michiko Morikubo – In Memory or $ 300.00 Yukio & Karen Morikubo

    Masayoshi “Mike” Kubo – 3 rd

    Year Memorial $ 200.00 Masako Kubo

    Linda Okuma – 7 th Year Memorial $ 200.00 Tony Okuma

    Shigeo Kano – 7 th Year Memorial $ 100.00 Satoko Kano

    Nokotsudo $ 100.00 Grace Tazuma

    Nokotsudo $ 100.00 Kinue Kuwahara

    In Memory of: Given by:

    Janet Setsu Anthony Sheri Moore

    Minoru Fujii Mae Deguchi; Kenny & Yoshie Dodobara; Sue Fujino; Peggy Hanada; Mary Hikida; Hideyoshi & Norigiku Horikawa; Mary K. Katayama; Ritsuko Kawahara; William & Beth Kawahara; Takako Kogita; Masako Kubo; Kinue Kuwahara; George & Irene Mano; Edward Muneta; Yoshio & Judith Nakamura; Junko Nakano; Howard & Kiyoko Nakani- shi; Curtis & Charlene Nakayama; Mabel Nishizaki; Pauline Sakuma; Roy & Kazumi Shimizu; Sato & Darlene Shimizu; Frances Shintaku; Carey & Tammy Suto; Masaru & Anna Tahara; Masao & Frances Tamekuni; Martha Taniguchi; Miyoko Tazuma; Sam & Masako Uchida; Frank & Sadie Yamasaki; Ted Yasuda; Don & Fuyo Yoshida

    Tom Hasegawa Sanaye Kawamura; Julie Mayeda; Pauline Sakuma; Arlene Yamada

    Yoriko Hasegawa Julie Mayeda

    Yoshiye Iwamura Frank & Sadie Yamasaki

    Hiroko Kitano Goro Ito; Yukihiro Ito; Takehito Ito

    Rose Masuda Takiko Miyauchi

    Bob Namba George Aoyama

    Terrie Natsuhara Don & Karen Akira; Roy & Kazumi Shimizu

    Haruko Shimizu Nancy Shimizu & Paul Suguro

    Shizuko Nose Takiko Miyauchi

    Linda Okuma Tina Koyama & Greg Mullin Continued on page 5 …..

  • Seattle Betsuin Newsletter Wheel of the Sangha Volume 36 Issue 7 July 2017 p. 3

    ON BEHALF OF THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE… We would like to “thank” the following regular members, for contributing their minimum annual Sustaining Membership dues (the basic dues toward the Temple maintenance/operations). These are the most recent paid members for the fiscal year of 2017.

    Michael & Carol Aoki-Kramer, Lance & Lisa Barr, Patricia Bobrow, Lisa Butler, Harrison Chinn, Sandra Cross, Diane Deaver, Jean Deguchi, Mae Deguchi, Jimmy Eng & Alicia Taniguchi, Mary Furuta, Gor- don Habu & Mae Yamasaki, Jack & Fumi Habu, Mark & Haru Hirota, Ken & Pam Horn, Jamie Huh, Yaeko Ito, Larry & June Iwafuchi, Ann Kashiwa, William & Beth Kawahara, Jeff & Tina Ko, Takako Kog- ita, Masako Kubo, Chieko Kubota, Peter Kusakabe, George & Irene Mano, Hugh Matsubayashi, Yukio & Karen Morikubo, Ted Nakamura, Craig & Dana Nakashima, Eric & Betty Nakashima, Tsukasa & Kei- ko Namekata, Barry & Marlene Okada, Gregory and Ann Oxrieder, Sunkie Oye, Sachiko Ozeki, Troy Parke & Mayumi Terada, Dave Scattergood & Joyce Tsuji, Dennis Shibata, Ken Shigaya, Mary Shi- gaya, Gayle Sakuma-Sordetto, Masao & Frances Tamekuni, Kevin Tanemura, Kats & Terrie Tanino, Mark & Erin Taylor, Grace Tazuma, Ronald & Suzuko Terada, Machiko Wada, Jim & Rona Warrick, Shi- zue Yahata, Jeff & Susie Yamane, Sadie Yamasaki, Fuyo Yoshida

    We'd like to ‘welcome’ Harrison Chin, Diane Deaver as new members of our Sangha.

    *AS A REMINDER: The minimum for basic dues towards the Temple maintenance/operations, is $250 for those over 70 years of age and $300 for those under 70 years old. Payments are due by September 30, 2017, for this fiscal year. If you have any questions about your membership status, contact the Betsuin of- fice: 206-329-0800 or office@seattlebetsuin.com. (compiled by HL, PS, JN, & SO)


    In the Jodo Shinshu tradition, family memorial services are held on designated anniversaries to express grati- tude and recall cherished memories of our loved ones. If you have a family member who passed away in the following years, you are encouraged to conduct a family memorial service in 2017:

    Year of Death

    2016 1st year memorial

    2015 3rd year memorial

    2011 7th year memorial

    2005 13th year memorial

    2001 17th year memorial

    1993 25th year memorial

    1985 33rd year memorial

    1968 50th year memorial

    Please call the Temple office at (206) 329-0800 to schedule a service. - JN

    July 2017 Buddhist Book Study Group The next meeting of the Buddhist Study Group will take place on July 1. The book for this month is Jane Imamura’s Kaikyo. The meeting will take place in the Memorial Hall from 9:30-11:30am. There will be a brown bag lunch afterwards. There is no cost to attend. - Leonora Clarke

    Contact Marie Kosai-Luke

    to sign-up online

    July 13, 14 Bon Odori set-up

    July 15, 16 Seattle Bon Odori

    Sat.: 4-10pm; Sun.: 3-8pm

    Betsuin Office: 206.329-0800


    Please Help!

    Volunteer for

    Bon Odori! Leonora

  • Seattle Betsuin Newsletter Wheel of the Sangha Volume 36 Issue 7 July 2017 p. 4

    Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Women’s Association submitted by Machiko Wada We hope you are well and enjoying the warm weather. Bon Odori: BWA is assigned to Yakisoba and craft boot