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  • 1. The Road So FarDean giggled at his sister and her husband. It did his heart good to see that someone in his family had found some kind of normal happiness. Maybe he and Miranda would do the same. Settling down and adopting a bunch of kids sounded like a great plan right about now.Are you sure youve never been to Terra Lostundo?The woman laughed uncomfortably, I just have one ofYou look so familiar.those faces, Im sure.

2. Any good attorney would know that legality is only an issue when there Cecil gritted his teeth, In some circles, that is considered illegal. Anyare laws.good attorney would- Cecil sat still. If less-than-gentlemanly words had crossed his mind, they certainly had not made their way to his expression. He simply watched with cold eyes as the cheat walked out of his life with what he assumed his mistress close behind. Unfortunately, he knew Nebula Wallace was never gone for long. 3. "We were in Florence, for an art conference, surprise surprise. To Dru'sHere it is: Macchiavellis The Prince. chagrin, we were forced to spend most of the time looking at new art. It was a big travesty to her, having to look atthe same splash and cubes we have here when we were in the home of the greatest art in history. So, the last day, the three of us skip the conferenceand go sight seeing. This was the lastplace we went: The Basilica at SantaCroce. It was Mal's idea, he really wanted to see the-" Katrina gasped.What!? I know where to find the Prince.Good afternoon, Katrina. 4. Now "Malcolm?" Katrina spat out."I was quite convinced you would find me."Katrina took a few steps forward, "You're a ghost. The spirit smiled warmly, "Not quite. I am what's called an Environment Specific Spectral Entity, an ESSE; or that's what I will be called if and when ESSEs are marketed to the public." 5. "You're a hologram," Val said markedly. "I'm much more than that, you can be quite assured." The specter almost looked offended. "ESSEs were originally designed by Tricou Industries as a way for scientists to record specific data when performing experiments. You can imagine the benefit of being able to see exactly what happened in anexperiment, step-by-step, in a fully three-dimensional environment? 6. "Sure, if something were to go wrong, say an explosion in a lab, you could replay the moment and find out that it was caused by- I don't know- a drop of sweat falling in a volatile substance. It's like the ultimate spy-cam. "We call them spectral reconstruction analyses.Val grew impatient, "What does this have to do with Malcolm Landgrabb?" 7. "My creator believed that the program could be modified to be more intuitive. Almost to the point ofrecreating a human's memories and personality. That is why Malcolm Landgrabb, III wanted thetechnology.Katrina choked up as she realized, "You're Mal's journal. "If it helps you to think of me in that way, it is my primary and most basic function. I can show you each entry as he recorded it. However, I am also able to cross-reference the entry data with Malcolm's typical emotional response over time and create queries such that I can answer specific questions based on the extensive information that Malcolm Landgrabb, IV-" 8. "Show me the journal." 9. oer Tw apt Ch The sheets were twisted and clothes tossed on the floor like confetti as morning's light crept into the Legacinas' newly used bedroom. 10. Dean wrinkled his eyes in an annoyed squint as he tried to position himself away from the impendingdawn. He tossed and turned for several minutes before accepting that he had been defeated by a galactic star millions of miles away."Whoever put the master bedroom on the East side of the house was an idiot."Maybe he wanted to enjoyinate the sunrisations." 11. Dean glanced over at this new bride, "You're up? You're dressed?"For about an hour's worth of tick-tocks. Thought I'd get some of the pictures on displaytion.""But you're dressed. Dean replied, poking out his bottom lip. 12. You sound disappointed. 13. Dean grinned, "I'm always a little disappointed when you're wearing clothes.Miranda giggled as he took her in his arms, "Oh, Jelly Dean! Youre downright licenturious!!That sounds like an invitation to me. Dean continued to tickle and kiss his sweet bride until he noticed a book lying on the floor. 14. What is that? Our wedding album, Miranda replied.That was quick. I didnt think theyd have them back for six wee- 15. Miranda giggled loudly, No, silly. From the one in Terra Lostundo. Dean gave her a look as he sat down to look at the photos. Dont worry, my Jelly Dean, your Mominator wont find it.Im keeping it up here.Miranda began to make the bed as Dean thumbed through the photos. 16. Dean felt his body fill with warmth as he recalled their wedding. Jack had spared no expense to give them the wedding of the decade. Though not everyone was with them in Bluewater, Deanwas glad that Miranda could still have the memory of her life before the move. But Dean soon realized that they werent the only ones with memories of their first wedding 17. Hey, Randa?Mmhm?Whos that?Whos what? 18. Whos THAT? Dean replied, pointing to the picture.I dont know who she is. Shes standing next to Voice, so she must be one of her friends. 19. Dean stared at the picture for a long time before he realized where hed seen her before.I just have one of those faces, I guess. 20. Miranda said something to Dean, but he never quite heard it. 21. He was already dressed and running out the door for answers. 22. Chapter Three If Cecil Roman were said to love anything, music could be it. His fingers glided across the keys of his organ in a perfect performance. He played whenever his limited schedule allowed. Work and atoddler's sleep schedule prevented any more than a few hours a week, but he used his time well andfilled the home with a rumbling triumph of emoting chords. It was a dying art which is part of the reason he pursued it so tenaciously. The other part was a mystery, though someone had once suggested that it was a way for him to express himself; which wassomething he vehemently denied as he was quite certain that his own expressions were thoroughly sufficient. 23. ~DINGDONG~ The sounding bell made a dissonant buzz against the chord and jolted Cecil upright. He stood,straightened his jacket, and walked to the door, his shoes clicking along the hard wood. 24. His visitors were regulars at the Roman household, Nebula Wallace and his, erm, companion Emerald Archer.Cecil pasted on a less disdainful expression and nodded graciously, "Ms. Archer, Mr. Wallace. Please, come in. I wasn't expecting you for another week.Nebs smiled maliciously, "Well, see, I wasn't coming till Friday, but some issues have come to myattention and we need to take care of them now." 25. "Issues?"Yeah, I noticed that the last check you wrote didn't include taxes. I thought I'd come by to fix that. You know, for legal purposes." 26. Cecil raised an eyebrow, "How intriguing that you must pay taxes on a transaction on which there is nolegal basis." 27. Nebula turned his expression coolly to the floor, "Dont get smart with me, Roman. I got all manner of people that can get me what's mine. And if they can't get it in cash," 28. "they'll get it in collateral." 29. Cecil's breath caught, "I did not say that I wouldn't pay you. I was merely stating the irony. I see no need to-" 30. "Hold on a minute. I gotta take this call. Heywhat, for a bachelor party? Get Mary Jane or Envy" 31. Nebs walked out of the house to take the phone call. Cecil noted that it would probably be the onlycourtesy the man would ever pay anyone."It's wrong, what Nebs is doing," Emerald started. "I am not unaware-" 32. "But getting you or your daughter killed ain't gonna to make it right. And you might also consider that making Nebs angry doesn't just affect you." Emerald gestured to five round bruises on her upper arm in the pattern of gripping fingertips. 33. Cecil swallowed hard, fighting back any anger that he may have felt at that moment. He didn't like the feeling of not being in control, but the alien girl was right."I will write the check immediately," he said, standing slowly, "May I offer you some tea while you waiton your husband?" 34. Nebs aint my husband. Hes my employer andwell, really, whatever else he chooses to be at any given time. Cecil flinched at the implication, causing Emerald to switch subjects quickly. No thanks onthe tea. Makes me jittery. Emerald smiled slightly, You know, Mr. Roman. Youre the only guy whoever offers me anything when Nebs and me go out like this. 35. Cecils expression softened somewhat, "Then the people on whom you are accustomed to calling are most uncivilized.Emerald chuckled mirthlessly, "That's a sure bet. HEY, EM! 36. Nebs burst back into the room, "Em, we gotta go. The club's getting packed early today and I need you to take a dance shift for Apple." 37. "What's going on with-" 38. None of your friggin business. Thats whats going on. Now get out the door or do I have to ask you again?! 39. Oh, and Roman? Ill be sending someone for the check later. 40. Cecil said nothing in response. 41. Chapter Four Katrina sat beside Val on the couch as she watched holoMal walk to his seat and begin to flash and change into a much younger version of himself. 42. The younger Malcolm paced the room anxiously before speaking. Katrina found herself almost unable to look at him. "So-uh-yeah. I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to do this 43. This is my journal? Entry Number 1. My name is Malcolm David Edward Landgrabb, IV. Yeah, it's a mouthful. I'm 28 years old and my dad just died. I'm not going to pretend we were close. We weren't. And I'm not going to pretend this fixes anything between us, because it doesn't, but it was what he wanted me to do, so I'm doing it. My last attempt at being a decent son. You're welcome, Dad