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What’s your story ? kedIn Speaker Series: Nancy Duarte

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  1. 1. LinkedIn Speaker Series: Nancy Duarte
  2. 2. Nancy Duarte is an American writer, speaker, and CEO. She is well known for her best- selling book, Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences. In 2013, Nancy was awarded Microsoft's MVP Award for her work to help people excel with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  3. 3. Presentations have become language of business activity
  4. 4. Yet most presentations are boring. In Fact 95% !!!
  5. 5. What do we expect from a presentation ?
  6. 6. But what do we get ?
  7. 7. And the result is
  8. 8. Communicating and presenting IDEAS really matters.
  9. 9. Story helps communicating IDEAS in an effective way
  10. 10. An IDEA has power to change life of millions
  11. 11. An IDEA is like a life. It grows and matures with time.
  12. 12. But sometimes average IDEAS get tractions And Brilliant IDEAS die
  13. 13. It all comes down to how the ideas are presented
  14. 14. The best way to communicate IDEA is through a story
  15. 15. We physically react to story. We laugh. We clap. We connect through story.
  16. 16. Storytelling focuses on audience, message and story
  17. 17. Nancy Duarte studied stories and greatest speeches of all time and found a pattern.
  18. 18. She found that great speakers use this pattern. They move back and forth between current reality and The bright hope for future.
  19. 19. People will remember the last thing you said more than anything in the beginning or in middle. So last thing you say should be amazing
  20. 20. Nancy Duarte used this What is What could be analysis tool to transcribe different speeches.
  21. 21. Lets take two great speeches of all time.
  22. 22. Steve Jobs gave 90 minute long amazing speech on the launch of I-phone in 2007
  23. 23. We can see moves between what is and what could be and Ultimately ending high into the right where he stated the new bliss Most astounding part was that he himself marveled at his new product more than the audience laughed and clapped combined
  24. 24. Martin luther king delivered a public speech to over 250,000 civil right supporters also known as I have a dream speech
  25. 25. And the speech format looked like this Two-third of the way through the frequency gets really high at very famous I have a dream sequence
  26. 26. 4 key principals for a mind-blowing presentation
  27. 27. Create powerful messages and visuals
  28. 28. Connect and engage with your audience
  29. 29. Show people why your ideas matter to them
  30. 30. THATS IT !!
  31. 31. Every Pro was once an Amateur. Every Expert was once a Beginner So Dream Big and Start Now Thank you !! Divyanshu Pal Nagar - IIT KANPUR
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