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  • Razoo Training for Live PC Give PC 2015September 2, 2015

  • @Razoo Razoo Giving


  • Razoo is crowdfunding for causes.Together, we can lift the world.

  • Bethany Natoli Senior Account Manager bethany@razoo.com


  • Why Crowdfunding?

    New Donor Acquisition

    Social Networking

    Community Engagement

  • Getting Started

  • Create Your Page

    A short form will grant you access to your Razoo page within 24-48 hours

    You will need a user account on Razoo to register

    Register for Live PC Give PC


  • Create Your Page

    Image/Video Gallery

    Social Sharing

    Fundraiser Summary & Story

    Donation Reports

    Matching Grants

    Admin Panel

    Thank You ExperienceAdmin


  • Create Your Page

    Tell the story of how your nonprofit meets needs in your community

    Edit and update text in the Edit tab of your page.

    Tell Your Story2

  • Highlight the value of a donors investment with suggested donation amounts

    Use descriptors that tell a donor how their contributions support your cause

    Set Your Goals3

    Create Your Page

  • Show your nonprofit at work with images and video

    Use captions to further tell your story

    Upload videos from YouTube or Vimeo

    Select an Image to be your thumbnail

    Images & Video4

    Create Your Page

  • Thank your donors twice as often as you ask them

    Upload a Thank You Video for a personal touch

    Include a message in your donors automatic receipt to create that warm fuzzy feeling of donor engagement

    Thank Donors5

    Create Your Page

  • Customize a Donation Widget for your website

    Prepare a QR code for live events

    Get a Donate Now button for your website


    Create Your Page

  • An email notification is sent when a donation is made

    Tab to view donor information and download the report

    You can filter by Giving Event to quickly segment all Live PC Give PC Donations

    Donations will be disbursed by check or EFT


    Create Your Page

  • Display a dollar-for-dollar matching grant on your page

    The match does not need to be verified through Razoo

    The matching grant icon will appear on your page at midnight of the start date and track the amount left of the grant as donations are made

    Matching Grant8

    Create Your Page

  • Whats new with LIVE PC GIVE PC 2015?

  • LIVE PC Give PC

  • Live PC Give PC

    Nonprofit Spotlight on Homepage of Event Site

    You can be included in this spotlight once you register for the event

    Be sure youve uploaded photos and a summary, otherwise this will display as blank and wont be included in the homepage


    Access to nonprofit and volunteer toolkit

    FAQs and important dates

    Communications templates

    Photos and Logos to use

    Resources Hub

  • Make sure to use #livepcgivepc across all social media channels and posts

    Last year we had 52% of nonprofits with a matching gift, lets get to 100% this year!

    Leaderboards will focus on number of unique donors

    One all nonprofit leaderboard, and 3-4 themed category based leaderboards


  • Whats new on Razoo?

  • Start accepting Donations for the Giving Day as soon as you register!

    All giving day donations will be viewable to the nonprofit through your admin panel under the Donations tab

    All donations will be processed immediately and will reflect on the Giving Day Total Counter the day of the event

    Giving Day Donations

  • Choose whether or not to display dollars raised on your organization page

    Re-set the count to display only Live PC Give PC 2015 donations

    Advanced options in Edit Panel

    Choose your display metrics

    Nonprofit Page Metrics

  • Search Experience

  • Quick Give on Search

  • Campaign Tips

  • Utilize your most engaged supporters to fundraise for you

    Profile your database to identify most engaged by interactions and social media

    Equip ambassadors with the tools and a strategy to promote

    Allow them to tell THEIR story about your organization to engage their networks

    Campaign Tips Empower Your Ambassadors

  • Campaign Tips

    Create a communication plan, draft templates Recruit others to amplify your message

    Media Sponsors Business Partners

    Use multiple channels Facebook/Twitter/Google+ E-mail, e-mail signatures, e-newsletters Word of mouth Flyers in a local business Video


  • Campaign Tips

    Send 3 main e-mails Fundraising progress Reminder of goals and prize incentives Reason to give again and share to social network

    Be on the ground Invite people in open house, happy hour Go to where the people are with iPads and on


    On the Giving Day

  • Campaign Tips

    Thank in real-time Use social media for shout outs Send follow-up e-mails

    Follow-up 2-5 days after the event Physical notes to top donors Make phone calls

    Long-term Provide ways for them to receive updates Let them know the end results

    Thank Your Donors

  • Campaign Tips

    Try something new, experiment Have an internal competition Activate Your Volunteer Base Get Your Board members involved

    Fundraise with your personality

    Connect online and offline with the actual work you do

    Be Creative

  • Campaign Tips

    Be Specific


    Fundraisers do better when they are tied to

    a specific campaign, initiative,

    or project.

    Be Savvy


    Use all of the tools at your disposal. Pages with high quality images/

    video are 2x likely to reach their goal.

    Be Encouraging


    Make your best donors and partners feel

    special. Theyre your best channel to quick growth.

    Be Connected


    Use your donor data to stay in

    touch with your network during and

    after your fundraiser.

    Be Creative


    Dont get stuck doing the same old things. New ideas (Twitter, YouTube,

    live events) can reach new donors.

    Our Top 5 Tips

  • Mandatory nonprofit meeting: October 1st, 2015 (4:00-5:30pm at the Christian Center of Park City )

    Next Training: October 6th, 2015 Prizes & Strategy Webinar with Razoo

    Giving Day: November 6th, 2015


  • Thank you!