WHAT¢â‚¬â„¢S INSIDE ... Pres William announced July birthdays...

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    Announcement of An- nual Community Grants

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    Club Calendar and Weekly Numbers

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    Mores Picnic Pics, Club Info, Thanks to Our Advertisers


    July 8—PKD Founda- tion. Speaker: Kimberly Ahrens. Introduction by Dale Leslie.

    UPCOMING PROGRAMS… July 15—Street Art: Chalk Edition. Speaker: David Zinn. Introduction by Deb Jones.

    July 22—State of the City of Ann Arbor. Speaker: Mayor Chris- topher Taylor. Introduc- tion by President Wil- liam Hampton.



    July 8—Barden- Perlberg; Talcott

    July 10—Hampton

    July 11—Harper; Wil- liams, J.

    July 13—Goss

    Volume 10, Issue 38


    Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra Evan LeRoy introduced Bill Hayes, Music Director and Con- ductor, and Verna Hayes, Presi- dent and Administrator, of the Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra. Ver- na and Bill are members of the Ypsilanti Kiwanis Club and have

    adopted a motto for the Ypsilanti Youth Or- chestra—“It’s All for the Children”—that is similar to the Kiwanis motto—“Serving the Children of the World.”

    Founded in 1999, the Ypsilanti Youth Or- chestra offers music education and perfor- mance opportunities to students aged 3-18 years. The Orchestra serves youth of di- verse backgrounds and socioeconomic sta- tus, is tuition free for students and families and provides more than two hundred Ypsilanti area children with access to music education. Currently, the organization consists of not only a full orchestra but also nine pre-orchestra student groups, a string quartet and a jazz ensemble.

    Verna told us of Jubal, who is said to be a descendant of Cain and father of all who make music. This most definitely includes Bill, Verna declared. Verna described a University of Michigan student group that helps coach and mentor Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra students and that is providing some funding that is available to it through UM grants. Concerts in recent years have been held at the Ypsilanti Community Middle School, but the youth orchestra has lost its home and is looking for a new venue suitable for its performances.


    July 1, 2019

    Evan LeRoy

    Verna and Bill Hayes

    Past Presidents Picnic at Springer Residence on June 27, 2019 (L-R) Bob Carr, Clarence Dukes, Dale Leslie, Larry French, George Gilligan, Jerry Brown, Kathy Barden Perlberg, Fred Sanchez, Max

    Ziegler, Peter Schork, Doug Ziesemer, Lynne Lande, Gordon Beeman, Kathie Wilder, Dave Bell, Bob Gray, Cliff Sheldon, Harry Cross, Bob Barden, Jr.

  • Officers and Directors

    President: William V. Hampton

    President-Elect: Dan Dever

    Treasurer: Greg Meisner

    Secretary: Kathie Wilder

    Immediate Past- President: Alan Burg

    Board Members: Gordon Beeman Marianne D’Angelo Margaret Krasnoff Peter Schork Mary Stewart Ellen Webb

      Newsletter:

    Editor Gordon Beeman

    Photos Bob Gray


    John Kidle 

    Do you have news for the newsletter, or are you in- terested in advertising? Please contact the Pub- lisher.

    GUESTS AT OUR CLUB… We were delighted to host Esther Hampton, spouse and guest of Pres William, Ingrid Sheldon, spouse and guest of Cliff Sheldon, and Arno Buhrer, spouse and guest of Pat Buhrer. Jyoti Gupta was hosted as guest of Deb Jones while Kathy Hellner and Mama- dou were guests of Harry Hawkins.

    HOSPITALITY… Just after ringing the bell to call our luncheon meeting to order and as the first order of business, Pres William welcomed back Ray Argyle, who had been out of town for a short period following the death of his wife, Diane, on June 7. Later, Pres William reported that Nick Dever’s son, Brian, was involved in an ultra-light airplane accident with surgery to be performed later in the afternoon. Brian suffered extensive injuries to one leg and foot.

    ANNOUNCEMENTS…  Pres William announced July birthdays and extended belated birthday wishes to

    Mamadou, whose birthday was June 27. A rousing chorus of Happy Birthday followed.

     Speaking of birthdays, Max Ziegler came forward to inform us that the Washtenaw Dairy is celebrating its 85th birthday this month. The Dairy is under new ownership, which—thanks to our dear friend, the late Jim Smith—is contractually obligated under its purchase agreement to provide Washtenaw Dairy donuts to our club for the next 25 years. A card was circulated to permit all of us to extend warm wishes to the Dairy for continued success featuring the largest ice cream cone in town and for many more years of outstanding community service.

     There was no interclub report.

     Pres Elect Dan Dever reminded us that he has sent a Constant Contact email to all club members, requesting that each of us click the “here” button within the email to be directed to a questionnaire regarding committee assignments for the next fiscal year and regarding Thrift Sale work assignment options. Copies of the questionnaire were also placed on the luncheon tables for our convenience. Each of us should return our completed questionnaire to our Administrative Assistant, Mary Schwartz, by July 15.


     Pres Elect Dan continued by reminding Peter Schork that he had been gifted a stat- ue of a hippopotamus from Thrift Sale in- ventory several months ago and that it is now time that Peter pass this on to a new Kiwanis recipient in the spirit of “Christmas in July.” Without missing a beat, Dan asked George Gilligan to join him at the podium for the gift of a new treasure from the Thrift Sale inventory. Observing that George en- joys fly fishing in Montana, Dan presented George with a large, stuffed rainbow trout, expressing the hope that George would be

    satisfied with this as a substitute for the real thing, permitting George to stay with us in Michigan this year. George graciously accepted the colorful stuffed fish but was silent about cancelling any upcoming fishing trip.


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    All Sale See the schedule emailed by the Volunteer Coordinator.

    Vouchers Vouchers on 7/4: We will be closed on July 4th—no vouchers. Ellen Webb needs additional people for July 11.

    Invocation Garry Evans

    Meeting Greet- ers

    Sue Dailey, Mary Stewart, Al Gallup (A)

    Hospitality Claire Dahl

    Newsletter Ann Mattson

    Cashier Sharon Keyes

    “Serving the Children of the World…our motto, our mission”


     Wishing to extend special thanks to a special person, Pres William laid the founda- tion by telling us of the wonderful scholar- ship support, leadership training and special aid provided to the children of the world by the Kiwanis International Children’s Fund. Pres William then announced the name of Bob Johnson, as the recipient to be hon- ored by the Children’s Fund for his gener- ous support. When Bob was called forward to receive a special card and pin from Pres William on behalf of the Children’s Fund in recognition of Bob’s support, it was discov- ered that Bob had already left, although Don Kossick told us that Bob left behind his quarter to cover the usual club fine. Pres

    William called Don forward, asking Don Kossick to see that Bob Johnson received the recognition card and pin from the Children’s Fund.


    Garry Donner was glad that “Christmas in July” had been mentioned earlier, and this caused Garry to reflect on Salvation Army bell ringing. Garry felt that should have al- ready been mentioned, and, since everyone forgot about the Salvation Army, Garry proposed that everyone be fined a quarter. Despite the protest of Kathy Barden- Perlberg, Pres William ruled that the motion passed unanimously.


     Dale Leslie is proud that his son is to be a professor at Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and is surprised at the number of Kiwanians who have been to Fort Collins, including Fred Sanchez, who told Dale that he has been to Wyoming and that is close enough to count.

     Ray Argyle contributed $53 happy dollars in celebration of 53 wonderful years with his fantastic wife, Diane, who died in early June. Ray expressed his thanks to eve- ryone at Kiwanis for their heartfelt support.

     Kathy Barden-Perlberg appreciated last week’s Past Presidents’ Picnic held at the Springer residence on North Lake. Kathy is thankful that Sallie Springer continues to open her home, with the support of the whole Springer clan, to host the Past Presidents’ Picnic even after Sheridan’s death in April 2018. Sheridan’s birthday would have been June 30.

     George Gilligan, observing that Bob Johnson contributed happy dollars on his 50th wedding anniversary and that Chris Winkler did the same on his 51st wed- ding anniversary, threw happy dollars in the pot to celebrate his 61st wedding anni- versary with his lovely wife, Mary.

     Jim Dries was happy and contributed to recognize help from Evan LeRoy.

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