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Find out why diagnosis and management of autoimmune disease can be flawed. Identify the full range of triggers of autoimmune disease. Once identified, these can give you action steps to help prevent or mitigate autoimmune disease.

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  • What Triggers Autoimmune Disease? Dr. Alexander Rinehart, DC, MS, CCN, CNS http://www.DrAlexRinehart.com
  • What is Autoimmune Disease? Environment + Diet + Lifestyle + Genes causing disruption in immune balance. Immune activators lead to immune imbalance, immune imbalance leads to auto-reactivity or friendly fire Triggers + Genetics = Probability of Autoimmune Illness
  • Why is Testing Flawed? Focuses on just 1-2 Tissue antibodies ex/ TPO and TG with thyroid testing Many antibodies have potential involvement: Antibodies to Foods/Dietary proteins Antibodies to toxic heavy metals, pesticides and more Antibodies to Stealth infections to things like Lyme, Epstein Barre Virus, Cytomegalovirus, and more. Antibodies to Commensal bacteria due to changes in gut bacteria and yeast such as H. Pylori or Candida albicans Could test negative to narrow panel (ex./TPO and TG) but be positive to other triggers such as gluten sensitivity (found in wheat, rye and barley)
  • How to Read Results from Testing Two patients with the same symptoms can have very unique antibody profiles Positive antibodies predict probability of future symptoms, but do not guarantee them The more positive array of antibodies, the higher likelihood of future problems, or development of more serious symptoms
  • Why Test for Wide Array of Antibodies? More specificity and sensitivity of testing Gives you and your doctor more direction on how to prevent symptoms, modulate current symptoms, and keep symptoms from progressing into full-blown disease Can predict potential for problems before symptoms even develop, up to 10+ years before!
  • What Labs Should I Ask My Doctor About? Cyrex Labs (http://www.cyrexlabs.com) Immunosciences Lab (http://www.immunoscienceslab.com Others available as well.
  • Read the Full Discussion: http://dralexrinehart.com/functional- testing/autoimmune-disease-antibody- testing/ http://dralexrinehart.com/health- topics/triggers-autoimmune-disease/