What the Heck Is a Mommy Makeoverand Why Would a Woman Want One?!?!

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Transcript of What the Heck Is a Mommy Makeoverand Why Would a Woman Want One?!?!

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What the Heck Is a Mommy Makeoverand Why Would a Woman Want One?!?!


Cosmetic surgery isnt the first thing on a mommy-to-bes mind! Having a baby and becoming a parent is one of the most memorable, exciting and selfless times in the life of a woman. But pregnancy can take a toll on a body. After the baby is born, a womans once high and plump breasts droop down, especially after breast feeding. The baby bump becomes a sagging piece of skin that diet and exercise cannot firm and flatten; and even the legs, arms or trunk of the body can develop flaccid skinunless you get a Mommy Makeover!AMommy Makeoveris a combination of cosmetic procedures that restore your before-pregnancy appearance, typically focusing on the breasts and abdomen. A typicalmakeover may include complementary plastic surgery procedures including a tummy tuck; a breast procedure such as an augmentation, lift or reduction; and liposuction of the legs, arms or trunk.

The Mommy Makeover can also include labiaplasty. After childbirth, the labia minora (the inner lips) can sometimes tear or stretch slightly, but the tissue is elastic and generally remains intact. In some cases, the labia minora may just appear stretched. If the outer lips retract, they might make the inner lips look bigger, or expose them for the first time. Post-baby changes to your labia if any are typically minor, and theres a good chance theyll go unnoticed by you and your partner. But if they do not retract, labiaplasty is designed to "aesthetically modify" the labia so the inner lips (labia minora) do not protrude past the outer lips (labia majora). The procedure can be performed with or without clitoral hood reduction (hoodectomy). This procedure also can reduce the labia majora by removing excess fatty tissue to improve comfort and to provide a more youthful look.

When you have breast augmentation in San Antonio, Dr. Koneru will place silicone gel or saline implants behind each breast, underneath the breast tissue or the chest wall muscle. With the new IDEAL IMPLANT, you can now get saline implants that look and feel as natural as silicone implants. The new saline implants are safer because if you are in an accident and they should rupture, your body will easily absorb the saline solution without any harm to your health. If you have a tummy tuck in San Antonio, Dr. Koneru may be able to insert your implants through your tummy tuck incision so you that you will not have scars.

If a breast lift is involved with your Mommy Makeover in San Antonio, Dr. Koneru will trim excess skin and tighten supporting tissue, to help you achieve an uplifted, youthful breast contour. After surgery, your breasts will be higher on the chest and firmer to the touch. During the procedure, the best plastic surgeon in San Antonio; Dr. Koneru can also reposition or resize the nipple and areola to further enhance the appearance of your breast.Motherhood is hard enough without struggling to get used to an altered appearance. Regain your pre-pregnancy appearance with safe, effective cosmetic surgery.

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