What Makes Someone Great

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What Makes Someone Great. By: Cassidy, Evan, Grace, and Olivia. Leadership Martin Luther King Jr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Winston Churchill Sports Mia Hamm Muh a mmad Ali Gates Science And Technology Wayne Gretzky - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of What Makes Someone Great

What Makes Someone Great

What Makes Someone Great By: Cassidy, Evan, Grace, and Olivia This is the people we will talk aboutLeadershipMartin Luther King Jr.Franklin Delano Roosevelt Winston Churchill SportsMia Hamm Muhammad Ali Gates Science And Technology Wayne GretzkyAlbert Einstein Rachel Carson Bill GatesArts And Humanities Walt Disney J.K. Rowling John Lennon

Their SkillsMartin Luther King Jr.-He was a leader of the Civil rights movement. Winston Churchill-He was the only British prime minister to receive the Nobel prize in Literature.Franklin Delano Roosevelt-He became the 32nd U.S president in 1933.Walt Disney-He was a great artist and the founder of Disney.John Lennon-He knew how to play the guitar and banjo and was one of the founders of the Beatles.J.K. Rowling-She is a talented author of many best selling books.Their SkillsMia Hamm-She is a very talented soccer player.Wayne Gretzky-He is a talented hockey player, who set records and his skill was unlike anything people have ever seen before.Muhammad Ali-He was a professional boxer.Albert Einstein-He was the inventor of electricity. Bill Gates-He was a Microsoft genius. Rachel Carson-She was a scientist, and a ecologist and she received her MA in zoology.

Lessons LearnedMartin Luther king Jr. Never give up, and to Franklin Delano Roosevelt keep going through the Winston Churchill tough times.

Albert Einstein Try your best every day,Rachel Carson believe in yourself, and try Bill Gates new things.

Walt Disney Be creative, follow your dreamsJohn Lennon and keep moving forward.J.K. Rowling

Wayne Gretzky Try your hardest, dreams canMia Hamm come true!Muhummad Ali