What is Discover GALILEO? What’s in Discover GALILEO? Demonstration of Discover GALILEO Coming...

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Discover GALILEO: A New Way to Search

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Transcript of What is Discover GALILEO? What’s in Discover GALILEO? Demonstration of Discover GALILEO Coming...

Discover GALILEO: A New Way to Search

Discover GALILEO:A New Way to Search

1AgendaWhat is Discover GALILEO?Whats in Discover GALILEO?Demonstration of Discover GALILEOComing Soon!A Few Resources to Access Outside of Discover GALILEO2What is Discover GALILEO?A search of GALILEOsresources and digital collections

3Discover GALILEO includes

Magazine articles,scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles,reviews, and4

Primary source documents,encyclopedia entries,book chapters, images, videos, and more

Discover GALILEO also includes

5Discover GALILEO also includes

6For more detailsDiscover GALILEO: Information Centralhttp://help.galileo.usg.edu/librarians/discover_galileo_information/

7DemonstrationLets Discover GALILEOhttp://www.galileo.usg.edu8

*Tip: It may help to use quotes for a name (e.g., Mary Musgrove) to get results with the first and last name together, but may also need to check for several forms of the name (e.g., General Sherman, William Sherman, William T. Sherman).

*Tip: If getting too many academic journals in search, limit to Trade Publications, Magazines, and/or News in Limit by Type.

*Tip: Limit results by subject to get better results. This works especially well for a person, historical event, or well-known topic.

*Tip: Note Relevance Sort at the top of the search results list can be changed to Date Descending to see articles for current events topics.


*Tip: Cite feature on the right provides pre-formatted citations for the article

*Tip: Permalink is a persistent link to the article that can be used in bibliographies, classroom websites, learning management systems, etc.


*Tip: Students can create a free MyEBSCOhost folder to keep the items they need for their research project.11

Tip: Clicking Georgia Digital Collections Only will limit to items from the Digital Library of Georgia and the Civil Rights Digital Library12TroubleshootingMay need to add *.ebsco.com as Trusted Site in Internet Explorer and change a settingSee GALILEO FAQ for instructionsOr Contact Us13Coming SoonA Discover GALILEO search boxthat you can put onyour media center or classroom website

14A Few CaveatsMultimediaBritannica articles are included in Discover GALILEO, but it may still be helpful to go to Britannica directly to see images, videos, editorially-selected websites, and featuresSIRS Discoverer includes images, maps, editorially-selected websites that dont appear in Discover GALILEOSee Images, Maps, and Flags in GALILEO High School Browse by Type or Pictures, Maps, and Flags in GALILEO Teen By Type15A Few CaveatsPrimary SourcesAnnals of American History is not in Discover GALILEOSee Primary Source Documents in High School Browse by Type or Primary Source Documents in Teen By Type

16A Few CaveatsGeorgia resourcesGeorgiaInfo is not in Discover GALILEOSee Georgia in Teen By Topic or Georgia History and Culture in High School Browse by Subject

17Contact Us to provide feedback and to report issueshttp://www.galileo.usg.edu/contact18