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  1. 1. Question 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. I have used a variety of different technologies while creating my magazine. Such as PowerPoint, illustrator, InDesign and Prezi.
  3. 3. photoshopI had never used Photoshop before. I had to learn and improve my skills. My skills developed of the course of creating both magazines, it enhanced especially while I made the front cover of Elite magazine. I had many goes in creating it and I established the basics. I made minor and major alterations to improve the magazines and learnt how to change the Hue, saturation and brightness to make my front cover more beneficial. Also I altered the text and gave them different colours to create a more aesthetical look.
  4. 4. indesign I enjoyed using indesign as it had similarities to Photoshop. I prefer using Photoshop compared to indesign as it has more features and it is much easier to select things on . The only reason I enjoyed using InDesign was because I found it difficult and interesting to use. The software lacked a few editing features and this made it abit complicated and also you had to keep borders around your work (something new to me). I slowly became more confident and aspiring with this new software and I was able to create my DPS for my music magazine. I incorporated techniques from Photoshop to help me make my DPS.
  5. 5. BloggerBlogger was a useful tool in tracking my progress during the year. I disliked posting every other lesson, however it had to be done to achieve a higher grade. Blogger was a tool in which you upload to . There was barely any editing going on as it had all be done before hand. Also, Blogger was where everything came together and most of my feedback from my fellow peers came from.
  6. 6. Camera I had a task to take pictures for my cover, double page spread and contents page. To do this I had to use the DSLR cameras within the studio. It was an agonising task as I was finding it hard to focus on the models and my hand kept shaking. The lighting was adjusted, to help me achieve nice resolution and a great affect. The lighting umbrellas allowed the light to face away from the models and reflected and diffused the light evenly. The Positioning of the lighting had to be specific for the right purpose. We used many lights such as the snood lights.