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    All New! W H A T T O B U Y & H O W T O U S E I T

    J U LY

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    The UKs most comprehensive listings86 cameras and 437 lenses listed and rated see our ten-page buyers guide inside

    Shoot in the city15 tips for better urban landscapes

    The UKs most comprehensive listings86 cameras and 437 lenses listed and rated see our ten-page buyers guide inside

    Improve your portraitsWith your Canon DSLR

    Pentax K-S2Small on size, big on featuresSmall on size, big on features


    Tamron 15-30mmThe only full-frame f/2.8 wid gl ith ISwideangle zoom with IS


    Sigma 150-600mmA superb new lens for sport and wildlife photography


    Treat em meanCompacts for when the going

    gets tough


    Filter factsHow to use these essential accessories


  • The new NX500 with a 28MP BSI APS-C CMOS sensor

    and 4Kmovie recording capabilities.


    Introducing the new NX500

    with UHD 4K video.



    Tests you can trust

    JULY 2015

    4 IncomingWe round up the latest photographic products

    10 Things to tryNeed inspiration? Look no further

    17 Essential guideHow to get the best-quality sound when shooting video

    22 PortfolioJean-Claude Castors land and cityscapes

    25 Master your cameraCanon portraits, Nikon effects and Panasonic 4K photo

    36 Three essential f ltersFrom a polariser to an ND grad why lters still matter

    42 Expert guideUsers views on the Canon EOS 700D

    47 Sigmas new 150-600mm lensA superb new lens for sports and wildlife

    50 HelpConfused about what to buy? Youll nd your answer here

    53 Treat em meanCompact cameras for when the going gets tough

    59 CompetitionWin a Rycote Softie Camera Kit and Sennheiser MKE600 mic!

    60 Shoot in the cityFinding photographic inspiration in your local town

    66 AccessoriesThe latest kit for you and your camera

    68 Canon EOS M3The camera thats set to shake up the enthusiast CSC market

    70 Pentax K-S2The mid-range DSLR thats affordable and well speci ed

    72 Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8 Wideangle? Tick. Fast aperture? Tick. IS? Tick

    75 Panasonic 30mm f/2.8 G MacroGreat image quality at a price that wont break the bank

    76 Buying adviceOur comprehensive camera and lens listings

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    98 7 essentialsYoull need a Nikon D7200 in your life after reading this

    Each camera that passes through the

    hands of What Digital Cameras technical

    team undergoes a series of rigorous tests

    in our lab, with results analysed by the

    very best industry software. This makes

    our reviews the most authoritative in the

    UK. We test for colour different sensors

    and camera image processors can interpret

    colour differently, while this can also shift

    at different ISO sensitivities. We then look

    at resolution, with our lab tests showing

    us exactly how much detail each camera

    can resolve even though cameras can

    share identical pixel counts, some perform

    better than others. Then we look at image

    noise, since different cameras can produce

    cleaner images at higher ISOs than others.

    Finally, we get out and shoot in real-world

    conditions just as you will, to nd out how

    the cameras and lenses perform.

    In this issueCOLOUR

    Subjecting each camera to our

    colour chart test reveals any

    variation and differences in colour

    between Raw and JPEG le formats.


    RESOLUTIONOur resolution chart reveals exactly

    how much detail a sensor can

    resolve and its measured in lines per

    picture height, abbreviated to l/ph.

    ISO 100

    NOISE The diorama is used to ascertain

    how image noise is handled through

    an ISO range. Some cameras

    produce cleaner results than others.

    ISO 100

    ISO 100


    p60 Shoot in the city

    p22 Portfolio

    p53 Treat em mean









    Not a company that is

    known for resting on

    its laurels, Panasonic

    has unveiled its latest

    mid-range CSC the Lumix G7.

    Out to replace the two-year-old

    Lumix G6, Panasonic appears to

    be placing the emphasis very

    much on video and like the

    Lumix GH4, the Lumix G7 is

    capable of 4K video capture,

    recording 4K video in 3840 x

    2160 at 25p (50Hz) or 24p in

    the MP4 format.

    More than just a video mode,

    the Lumix G7s 4K video

    functionality brings some

    impressive bene ts to stills

    photographers by allowing 8MP

    images to be extracted straight

    from a movie clip. To help with

    this, three 4K photo functions

    have been introduced to make

    the process even easier 4K

    burst shooting, 4K burst (start/

    stop) and 4K pre-burst.

    Key featuresThe G7s 4K burst shooting

    mode allows up to 29mins

    59secs of continuous shooting

    at 30fps, which can be used like

    a photo burst shoot mode by

    holding the shutter down. The

    4K burst (start/stop) mode

    starts consecutive shooting

    with a single press of a shutter

    button and stops with the

    second press better suited to

    shooting opportunities that

    require a longer waiting time.

    Not forgetting the 4K pre-burst

    option, this mode is clever

    enough to automatically record

    30 frames the second before

    and after the shutter is pressed.

    Aside from the 4K video

    functionality, the G7 features a

    16-megapixel Live MOS sensor

    designed to run in tandem with

    Panasonics Venus Engine image

    processor. This combination

    enables the camera to shoot

    continuously at up to 8fps (AFS)

    a 1fps improvement over its

    predecessor. However, setting

    the Lumix G7 f

    continuous (A h

    frame rate dro f .

    The G7 prov d d

    ISO range of 2

    which can be d d

    as low as ISO h


    Reduction (NR

    system is claim d

    to apply more

    effective deta l


    and to further

    improve the performance at

    high ISO, a newly added random

    lter granulates chromatic noise,

    blending it into the image to

    replicate natural shots. As with

    every Lumix G camera weve

    seen of late, the Lumix G7 is

    capable of a digital signal

    communication of up to 240fps.

    The contrast-detect AF system

    integrates Panasonics new

    Depth From Defocus (DFD)

    h l hi h alculates the

    di h subject by

    l i o images

    h d ff t sharpness

    l l i lit second,

    whil l ing the

    s di gs in the

    c position at

    th same time.

    I terms of


    speed, the

    Lumix G7 can

    lock on to

    Panasonic Lumix G7 embraces 4K

    subjects in a brisk 0.07secs.

    Turning to the rear of the

    camera, the Lumix G7 inherits

    the excellent OLED electronic

    view nder from the Lumix GH4.

    The resolution has increased to

    2,360k dots and a newly

    designed eyecup is intended to

    improve visibility. Below the EVF

    lies a 3in, 1,040k-dot free-angle

    touchscreen and theres now a

    pair of command dials on the

    top-plate as well as a new drive

    mode dial, offering direct access

    to continuous shooting, self

    timer and the 4K photo modes.

    There is built-in Wi- , while

    other noteworthy features

    include a maximum shutter

    speed of 16,000sec, a 3.5mm

    microphone port at the side and

    focus peaking. As well as a black

    nish, the G7 will be available to

    buy in a black-and-silver nish.

    First impressionsPanasonics designers have gone

    back to the drawing board to

    create the Lumix G7 and, unlike

    the Lumix G6, which had owing

    lines and rounded edges, the

    Lumix G7 is more angular in its

    appearance. The redesigned

    shape of the pentaprism

    resembles Olympuss OM-D

    models; however when its

    positioned alongside rival

    CSCs such as the OM-D E-M10

    and Fuji lm X-T10, you do value

    the G7s deeper handgrip,

    which offers more to wrap your

    hand around in order to get a

    good, solid grasp.

    The top-plate offers excellent

    manual control, thanks to the

    addition of the drive mode dial,

    and the dual command dials are

    well placed. However, they are

    rather plasticky and dont offer

    a huge amount of resistance to

    prevent them being knocked.

    The touchscreen is incredibly

    responsive and offers a great

    way to intuitively navigate

    through menus, re ne the

    position of the AF point and

    scrub through 4K movie clips

    frame by frame. The clever 4K

    pre-burst option worked well

    for capturing spur of the

    moment action before theres

    time to re the shutter, but

    the way in which the camera

    continuously records in this

    mode means it quickly drains

    the battery, so it should be used


    M I C H A E L T O P H A M

    Panasonic Lumix Panasonic Lumix

    subjects in a brisk 0.07secs.

    camera, the Lumix G7 inherits

    the excellent O