What About Me

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What About Me? (This is just to express my feelings because of that rumor...) Taeyeon thought that they were going to be more than friends, but looks like that's not how their story is going to end. "You called me your wife, but why do you have a boyfriend?" "Are you crazy? We're best friends and that's all we'll ever be."
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Transcript of What About Me

  • What About Me?

    (This is just to express my feelings because of that rumor...) Taeyeon thought thatthey were going to be more than friends, but looks like that's not how their story isgoing to end.

    "You called me your wife, but why do you have a boyfriend?"

    "Are you crazy? We're best friends and that's all we'll ever be."

  • The Letter

    ***note: Listen to Taeyeon's 'Missing You Like Crazy' when you read this chapter.



    Remember when we used to whisper into each other's ears for no reason? I missthose times... Also when you would creep into my room because you were afraid tosleep alone, I would wake up feeling a pair of arms around my waist and when Iturn around, I would see your tear stained cheeks and pouty lips because you werecrying. I kissed those tears away while you were asleep. We called each other'wife' and I really meant it. For some reason, it felt right to me to say that...to callyou that..."My wife," We were always stuck together that the other girls felt likethey were invisible. Indeed, sometimes I feel like there's only you and me. I tried tostop this from happening but I found myself yearning for more. Little by little, timeafter time, I fell for you...

    No matter what troubles you had, you would just come clean with me because wepromised to be honest to one another. Whenever you missed your mother, youwould ask me to hold you till you fall asleep. However, on that day, you confessedsomething to me.

    "I think I'm falling for Nichkhun oppa,"

    You giggled, your eyes sparkled and you had a different smile on your face. Asmile that I can never put on your face. I feel regretful, I can't be the man of your

  • dreams. Heck, I'm not even a man. I can never be the Daniel Henney you've alwaysdreamt of but everyone knows that he can.

    I thought that after you fell for him, you would quickly get over him but I waswrong. All of a sudden, you stopped coming into my room late at night. I don't feelyour arms around me anymore when I wake up in the morning. You stoppedcalling me your wife. Whenever I pass your room, I hear you laughing even thoughyou're alone and it's because you're on the phone with him. You have a newcompanion now, you don't need me here.

    One day, you came to me and asked me why I have been moody these few days. Ijust smiled and told you that I was fine. That was when you told me everythingabout you and him, how you both became closer.

    "I think I'm really in love with Nichkhun oppa,"

    I congratulated you and told you I was proud but I was hoping that my tears won'tbetray me really soon. I was broken inside. You hugged me and thanked me forgiving you my blessing. Just when I thought we would be the same as we were inthe past, I guess I was delusional. You still didn't look for me.

    I heard you crying one night, I wanted to open your door and comfort you but Iheard you say.

    "Thanks for being there for me when no one's here for me,"

    I slammed my door, hard. I didn't give a damn whether you heard it or not. PoorSunny who was falling asleep nearly got a heart attack. The other girls came intomy room and asked me what happened. I counted, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...there were

  • only seven of them who surrounded me. Feeling even more angered, I refused torespond.

    For days I didn't respond to them but during our activities, I just did. I tried not tobe obvious around you because I didn't want you to notice, I didn't want you to ask.I just didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to talk to you. I guess the rest of thegirls caught on because they comforted me the next night and gave me chocolatemilk to make me smile but we became silent after we heard you laughing out loud.They just smiled sympathetically at me.

    You started wearing new accessories and that necklace we bought for eachother...where did it go? I noticed that Mr Buck shared the same accessories as you.I didn't know how much longer I could hold this anger, this feeling.

    What was I to you? Who was I to you? Was I just a toy? Or was I your best friendwho you claimed to be your wife? Who am I, Miyoung-ah?

    I was there for you all this while. Was I invisible or something? I was ready to givemy all for you but, this is how it is.

    To be honest, I'm happy for you. I'm happy that you found someone. Just like thatcertain quote, "Someone's beginning is always someone else's end," Whensomething bad happens to you and your Thai prince's relationship, don't comecrying to me. Let's just pretend that we were never best friends, just members.

    Thank you for being a part of me, Miyoung.

    Yours truly,

  • Kim Taeyeon

    Tiffany folded the crumpled piece of paper she found on Taeyeon's desk.

    It's Over

    Tiffany folded the crumpled piece of paper she found on Taeyeon's desk.

    Tiffany sat on the couch and waited for Taeyeon to come home. She didn't knowwhat to feel. Should she be mad that her best friend is not supporting herrelationship or sorry that her best friend is in love with her. She tried to puttogether what to say to Taeyeon. Just then, the leader returned home with the restof the girls. The lively atmosphere began to die down.

    "Kim Taeyeon," Tiffany called. The girls turned to look at Tiffany and then theylooked at Taeyeon.

    "What?" Taeyeon answered ignorantly.

  • "What? That's all you can say?" Tiffany rolled her eyes. The girls have never seenher act like that.

    "Then what do you expect me to say when all you said was my name?" Taeyeonanswered.

    "Why don't you just tell it to my face?" Tiffany snapped.

    "What the hell are you talking about?" Taeyeon was starting to get mad.

    "I found this," Tiffany threw the crumpled piece of paper to Taeyeon. Taeyeonknew very well what was written in that paper.

    "Why were you looking through my stuff, I need privacy too, Mrs Buck!" Taeyeonyelled.

    "You left your door open and this piece of crap was in the middle of your room, ofcourse I decided to pick it up and throw it away." Tiffany replied with the sametone.

    "Crap huh? That just proves what you actually see me as." Taeyeon smirked.Tiffany groaned out loud.

    "What do you have against Khun oppa?" Tiffany yelled.

    "Nothing," Taeyeon said in a softer tone.



    "You are unbelievable," Tiffany sighed in disappointed.

  • "Me?! YOU are the one that's unbelievable. All of the things written are about howI feel and yet all you think about is that guy?" Taeyeon shook her head in disbelief.

    "OF COURSE, it's cause I love him." Tiffany replied angrily.

    "So, this is how it is. YOU were the one who called ME your wife and you justleave me hanging waiting for something that will never come true?" Taeyeon saidwith tears forming in her eyes.

    "You're crazy, insane. We're only best friends, nothing more and that's all we'llever be."

    "That's all you're going to say after you gave me hope?" Taeyeon asked.

    "What else do you expect me to say? I love you too?" Tiffany rolled her eyes.

    The girls who were witnessing the fight were at loss for words. Who in the worldhas taken over the body of the kind hearted Hwang Miyoung?

    Taeyeon felt like her heart was going to explode. "You..."

    "Beat it, Taeyeon. We're never going to be together. I have Khun oppa now."Tiffany said.

    "After all you've done...after all we've been through...after what you've put methrough..."

    "Kim Taeyeon, PLEASE, stop living in your fantasy life. If I knew you were goingto fall for me, I would have never treated you like how I did. I thought that youcould be the bestest friend I've ever had but..." Tiffany paused when she sawTaeyeon's tears flowing. "no, you're just a friend to me. Nothing more, Taeyeon.

  • I'm sorry. " Tiffany then walked off quickly into her room. Taeyeon was left cryingin the living room with 7 girls who didn't know how to approach the leader. Just asthe girls were about to comfort Taeyeon, she yelled in frustration.



    Tiffany sobbed quietly, alone in her room.


  • Only Taeyeon

    Tiffany sobbed quietly, alone in her room.

    Tiffany reached for her phone and dialed Nichkhun's number. "Yeoboseyo?"

    "Babe, I'm kind of busy right now." Nichkhun sighed. Tiffany heard Taecyeon'svoice at the back.

    "Is that my Fany~?" Tiffany smiled a little.

    "I really wanted to talk to you," Tiffany sobbed.

    "I can't, I'm sorry. I have to go now, love you." Nichkhun hung up. Tiffany poutedand started sobbing more.

    "Taetae would have known how I feel right when I said hello," Tiffany thought."Stop it, babo." she whispered to herself.

    Taeyeon was everything Tiffany need in a friend. Honest, reliable, entertaining,caring, loving, always thinking about others. Nobody knew how she actually feltabout Taeyeon.

    During their trainee days, Taeyeon always took care of Tiffany well. Somehow,Taeyeon made Tiffany feel special. Tiffany had always admired Taeyeon but shewas too afraid to tell anyone, afraid of how they might react. So, from a closedistance, she just kept her secret crush to herself. Taeyeon was perfect in her eyesbut she felt like a fool because she knew deep down, Taeyeon will never feel the

  • same. Trying hard to push away her uncomfortable, painful crush for Taeyeon, shechose somebody who had manners, caring, reliable, good looking, the guy whoasked her out, Nichkhun.

    She didn't have a crush on Nichkhun. She never did until she decided to giveNichkhun a chance. Nichkhun treated her well and that's when she decided thatNichkhun could be the one. Trying hard to forget her little crush, unknowingly,Tiffany didn't just push away the feelings but also the person. She would getsensitive if she gets close to Taeyeon. She was afraid that those old feelings wouldcome back. Nichkhun was a good guy, she didn't want to hurt him.

    That was the reason why Tiffany tried to be as mean as possible, she didn't want tobe that soft Tiffany who fell easily for Taeyeon. She didn't want to be in love withTaeyeon. However, every inch of her heart tingled and ached at the same timewhen she read that letter. She was sorry because she hurt Taeyeon and delighted atthe same time because Taeyeon loves her but she was confused. When she sawTaeyeon's tears, she couldn't stand it. She can't bear to hurt her any longer.

    "Nichkhun's touch doesn't feel the same neither," Tiffany hugged herself andleaned against the headboard of the bed. "she knows what to say to make me feelbetter."

    Tiffany then texted Nichkhun.

    Text me when you're free, it's important.

    She then fell asleep.

  • "I can feel that she doesn't really have a thing for me," Nichkhun sighed.

    When The Situation Worsens

    "I can feel that she doesn't really have a thing for me," Nichkhun sighed.

    Nichkhun knew that his relationship with Tiffany was one sided. He knew thatTiffany didn't want to hurt him by rejecting him, she's a good person. He knew thatTiffany was sincere, but somehow, it doesn't feel right to be together. He doesn'town her heart. He knows who owns it. No matter how much love he would giveher, the amount of love returned would never be the same. At first, he didn't wantto accept the truth but he finally learned to. He knew how much Tiffany washurting, trying to forget about the other person that was why she tried to give herall in their relationship but he didn't want her to lie to herself any longer.

    Whenever both their groups had activities together, he would observe the girls'relationship with each other. Sure, all of them were close to each other, alwaysfooling around and playing with one another. However, Tiffany and Taeyeon

  • seemed to be more affectionate. He saw Yoona lean her head on Sunny's shoulders,it looked like ordinary friends doing that but Tiffany put her head on the crook ofTaeyeon's neck and Taeyeon would whisper to her instead of talk like the othersdo. Tiffany would then put her arms around Taeyeon's waist. It looked oddlyadorable to him.

    One night, Nichkhun received a text message from Taeyeon.

    "Oppa, you'd better take good care of my wife."

    From then on, Nichkhun knew how Taeyeon felt about Tiffany. He felt bad forcoming between them but why did Tiffany accept him instead? That was when hemade the decision. He dialed Tiffany's number.

    "You finally called," Tiffany said on the other line, trying to sound calm.

    "Listen, I think we're not going to work..." Nichkhun sighed. "No, I know."

    Tiffany was a bit surprised. "What..? What are you saying?"

    "No...I just," Tiffany then cut him off.

    "If it's cause I don't treat you well, I will treat you better." Tiffany said.

    "It's not the way you treat me, you're a really nice person." Nichkhun said honestly.

    "Then, what's the problem?" Tiffany frowned in confusion.

  • "Our relationship, it never felt sincere. I know you're trying your best but I knowsomewhere deep down in your heart...you don't feel the same way for me as youfeel for someone else." Nichkhun held his tears. He was ready to let his girl go,

    "What? No, there's is no 'someone else' oppa." Tiffany tried to convince him.

    "Tiffany, stop lying to yourself. I know it Tiffany." Nichkhun said. "Stop pushingthat feeling away, because when you try to push your feelings away, you're goingto hurt everyone especially Taeyeon."

    "Taeyeon? What does she have to do with us?" Tiffany asked.

    "Tiffany, I know, you feel something for her." Nichkhun sighed. "I swear, don'tpush it away, everyone's going to get hurt if you do."

    "Why are you doing this? I don't..."

    "I don't want to repeat myself, please. I'm willing to let you go."

    "But..." Tiffany's heart felt warm.

    "It's okay, I'll be fine." Nichkhun smiled. "She can love you more than I can."

    "Khun oppa..." Tiffany choked. "thank you. You're the best."

    "No problem, friends?" Nichkhun asked.

    "Friends," Tiffany giggled.

    "See you around," Nichkhun grinned. "bye. Go make things right."

    "I will, goodnight." Tiffany smiled.

  • All she wanted to do now was run into Taeyeon's room and give her a hug. Tiffanygot up and opened her door until she remembered.

    "When something bad happens to you and your Thai prince's relationship, don'tcome crying to me. Let's just pretend that we were never best friends, justmembers."


    INSENSITIVE -insert vulgarity-!"

    Taeyeon is really angry right now. No matter how much she wanted to comfortTaeyeon right now, she knew that she couldn't. So, she waited for days to pass.

    The next day, the day after, the day after that day, everyday that passed, Taeyeondidn't look at or talk to Tiffany. Tiffany tried to approach her but she would avoidher. That night, the girls decided to watch a movie in the dorm. They werewatching a romance movie that night.

    "Awww, he's in love with his best friend~." Sunny squealed.

    "Best friend relationships are the cutest," Jessica said.

    "No, they're the worst. Best friends should never date. It will never work." Taeyeonsaid it loudly on purpose. Tiffany's felt something pinch her heart. She got up andleft the living room, crying in her bedroom, alone. That wasn't the first night shecried.

    "I think you really offended her," Sooyoung said quietly.

  • "Who cares," Taeyeon said. Taeyeon was pretty sensitive these days. The girlscouldn't say a thing about Tiffany.

    "Come on, you girls are best friends. Just because of a little fight you're not goingto be friends forever?" Jessica asked. Taeyeon just kept her lips sealed. "Don't youthink she's hurting just as much as you are?" Jessica asked.

    "Oh please, she doesn't know how I feel." Taeyeon raised her voice.

    "You're being selfish Taeyeon!" Jessica snapped.

    "Me? She was the one who told me off when she found out about how I feel."Taeyeon yelled back.

    "Yah! Stop yelling!" Yuri shouted.

    "Stay out of this," Taeyeon said.

    "We all agree that you're being childish about this, can't you see that Fany is tryingto make things better?" Yuri said.

    "So all of you are turning your backs against me now, huh?" Taeyeon scoffed.

    "No, you're turning your back against us." Sunny said calmly. Taeyeon stared ather. "She was the one who started this, that's true but you don't have to continueit."

    "Girls, that's enough. Let the girl do what she wants." Sooyoung said, trying tocalm the intense atmosphere.

  • "If we let them do what they want..." Hyoyeon who had been quiet said. "our groupwill be ruined."

    "That's nonsense, Hyoyeon." Taeyeon shook her head.

    "That's what you guys are making it like, sooner or later all of us are going to turn

    against each other if you guys keep on fighting." Hyoyeon said.

    "Hyun, let's go to bed." Yoona pulled the stunned maknae, tired of hearing all herolder sisters fighting. Yoona slammed the door.

    "I can't believe you girls," Taeyeon said. "you girls witnessed what happened thatnight."

    "Stop being stuck in the past, Kim Taeyeon!" Jessica yelled in frustration. "Getover it!"

    "Sica's right, in fact, all of us should stop this." Sunny said.

    "Where is she now when we're shouting at each other? NOT HERE. Probablytalking to her Thai prince!" Taeyeon emphasized her last sentence so that Tiffanywould hear.

    "You are such..." Yuri shook her head in disbelief and left the living room.Hyoyeon left after that.

    "You're sleeping with us tonight, Sunny." Sooyoung pulled the short girl and theangry ice princess towards their room. "Goodnight, Taeyeon."

  • In the room, Tiffany cried even harder as she heard the girls arguing with oneanother.

    "This is all my fault..." she cried. "Mommy, I need you."

    The next morning, Nichkhun called Taeyeon.

    Should I Forgive You?

    The next morning, Nichkhun called Taeyeon.

    Feeling a little pissed, Taeyeon answered the call. What could this Thai princewant from her?

    "Hello..." Taeyeon answered.

  • "Taeyeon ah, I wanted to talk to you about Tiffany." Nichkhun said politely.

    "If you're gonna ask me to treat her better or whatever don't-" just as Taeyeon wasabout to raise her voice, Nichkhun cut her off.

    "I broke up with her," Nichkhun said. Taeyeon remained silent. "are you there?"

    "Why did you..?" Taeyeon asked softly.

    "Well...you're one of the reasons to be honest." Nichkhun said frankly.

    "What? Why me? Is it because we fought and you want us to stop fighting? Hasshe been complaining to you?" Taeyeon asked.

    "She loves you, Taeyeon." Nichkhun said. Taeyeon remained silent for the secondtime. "She really does." Nichkhun sighed. "It may seem to you like she's really intoour relationship but truthfully, she's not. She never was."

    Nichkhun told Taeyeon about how Tiffany would try her best to be a goodgirlfriend.

    "She'd be talking to me but her mind is distant, so is her heart. She's been hiding itfrom you Kim Taeyeon." Nichkhun tried to convince.

    "If she does love me, why did she have to hurt me."

    "I really don't know about that, maybe she's afraid. You should find that out byyourself. Give her a chance. I can tell that she really wants to make things right butyou're making things hard for her." Nichkhun said. "That's why I let her go, shenever wanted to be mine."

  • "I don't know what to say...I'm sorry oppa." Taeyeon held onto her tears.

    "It's okay, just make her happy for me. I know that you're the only person who canbring that smile back." Nichkhun smiled to himself.

    "Thank you, for everything." Taeyeon felt thankful that Nichkhun decided to helpthem even if it breaks his heart.

    Later that evening, Taeyeon sat alone in her shared room when Sunny walked in.

    "Hey," Sunny said.

    "Hey..." Taeyeon forced a smile.

    "I see that your feeling better," Sunny grinned.

    "Yeah, I am..." Taeyeon looked at Sunny and nodded.

    "So, are you having dinner with us? Or are you going to eat in the room again."Sunny asked ending her statement with a giggle. Taeyeon sighed.

    "I feel horrible, I got angry at the girls for nothing. I feel sooo...god, I am sostupid!" Taeyeon slammed herself onto her bed.

    "Relax, Tae. We're all sisters, no matter what troubles we face with each other,we'll always get back together. You should have learned that by now." Sunny said.

    "I know, it's just the guilt feeling." Taeyeon groaned.

    "It's okay, we've forgiven you for being a total..."

  • "Don't even think about saying that word," Taeyeon glared at the bunny. Sunnygiggled innocently. "Nichkhun oppa called me this morning."

    "Really?" Sunny said in surprise. "What did he say?"

    "He told me about how Tiffany felt," Taeyeon smiled a little bit. "and that theybroke up."

    "Woah, really? Do you know what this means?" Sunny said. Taeyeon shook herhead.


    "YOU HAVE TO GO GET YOUR GIRL~!" Sunny exclaimed.

    "I will make her talk to me first," Taeyeon smirked. "I have a plan. Help me willyou?"

    "I got your back, leader~!" Sunny smiled and went out of the room.

    "Sunny ah, why were you screaming?" Tiffany who was in the living room asked.

    "Shit, my cover's blown!" Sunny mentally gave herself a punch. "Well, I waswatching a drama..."

    "Oh...okay." Tiffany turned her attention back to the television.

    "Listen, Fany ah." Sunny said. "You should try slow talking with Taeyeon."

  • "That stubborn girl? No way. No matter how times I try to talk she would avoidme." Tiffany sighed.

    "I think she's calmed down a little bit," Sunny said. "I think she's ready to talk toyou. You know her really well, you know she's hard headed and she needs sometime to soften up and everyone knows very well that she can't stay away from youfor too long." Sunny giggled.

    "That's true..." Tiffany blushed.

    "Well, you shouldn't give up." Sunny said.

    During dinner, the girls sat around the table without the leader. Just then, Taeyeoncame out of her room and walked to the dining table. The girls stopped talking fora moment.

    "Hey...girls..." Taeyeon showed a small smile.

    "Now that's our leader~." Sooyoung said loudly. The girls laughed. Tiffany feltawkward, so did Taeyeon. Taeyeon saw the empty seat beside Tiffany. Her usualseat. Their couple seat. Nobody is allowed to sit on either side. Deciding that shecould and should no longer run away, she sat beside Tiffany. As she sat down,their arms brushed against each others. Neither wanted to look at each other afterfeeling the heat on their cheeks.

    On purpose, the girls put Tiffany's favorite dishes on Taeyeon's side of the table.Poor Tiffany looked at the chicken dish sadly. Taeyeon glanced at Tiffany andfrom the corner of her eyes, she could see that Tiffany was looking at the chicken

  • dish. Taeyeon smirked. Taeyeon turned to Tiffany. Tiffany looked at her. Taeyeonthen looked at the dish.

    "All you had to do was ask," Taeyeon said emotionlessly and reached out for thedish.

    "Thanks, Taetae..." Tiffany's eyes widened. "Sorry, bad habit..." Tiffany said.Taeyeon just shrugged it off.

    "It's fine," but on the inside, she was screaming. The rest of the girls gave eachother a look. Halfway eating their dinner, Taeyeon put her cutlery down. "Girls,I'm really sorry for being a total ... these past few days."

    "Glad, you realized." Jessica smirked.

    "I was just, you know..." Taeyeon said.

    "Heart broken?" Hyoyeon asked. The rest of the girls purposely wanted the two tofeel awkward.

    "Uh...yeah..." Taeyeon looked at her bowl.

    "I hope you've healed," Yoona said.

    "I don't want to be in love, it seems dangerous." Seohyun pouted.

    "Nah, maknae, being in love is wonderful." Sooyoung said. "As long as you fall forthe right person." Sooyoung winked at Sunny.

    "Ewww," Sunny gagged. Sooyoung frowned playfully.

  • "Don't worry girls, I don't think love works well for me. I have washed my handsoff love."

    "But, Taeyeon ah... doesn't it hurt?" Yuri asked.

    "I'm fine, as long as the other party is fine." Taeyeon smiled. Tiffany felt like adozen bricks fell on her.

    "I predict that you two have talked things out," Sunny said. The two kept quiet."oh..." one by one, the girls left the table leaving Taeyeon and Tiffany together.Taeyeon got up and went to the kitchen.

    "Taeyeon..." Tiffany came from behind and stood beside the leader who waswashing her plate. "can we talk?"

    "Hm," Taeyeon nodded.

    "I'm sorry," Tiffany felt her tears welling up. "I don't know what else to say besidesI'm sorry..." she sniffed.

    "Then don't bother saying anything," Taeyeon remained cold.


    "Why should I forgive you?" Taeyeon turned off the tap and turned to face herfully. Tiffany was at loss for words. "See, there's no reason." Taeyeon smirked.

    "Because I love you..." Tiffany's tears rolled down her eyes.

  • Because I Love You

    "Because I love you..." Tiffany's tears rolled down her eyes.

    "What..?" Taeyeon pretended.

    "I love you, Taetae, I always have." Tiffany sobbed.

    "Why did you have to hurt me?" Taeyeon frowned.

    "I was lying to myself, I was trying not to hurt Khun oppa either. I was so stupid."Tiffany began crying more.

    "That doesn't prove anything, that doesn't compare how much hurt you put methrough." Taeyeon looked at her seriously.

    "I know and I know that you will hate me, I deserve that...I..." Taeyeon walked upto her and put her arms around Tiffany's waist. Taeyeon pulled her into a hug.

    "Stop crying, I know and understand everything. I was just trying to make youspeak the truth for yourself." Taeyeon whispered.

    "Huh..." Tiffany pulled away. Taeyeon grinned cheekily. "You babo! Babo! Babo!Babo!" Tiffany hit Taeyeon playfully. "This is embarassing and hurtful." Tiffanypouted. Taeyeon wiped her tears.

    "Sorry...baby." Taeyeon smiled widely.


  • "I'm your babo, you're my cry baby." Taeyeon giggled and intertwined theirfingers.

    "What made you want to forgive me?" Tiffany asked.

    "Well...I have to thank Khun oppa." Taeyeon said.

    "Wow, we owe him..." Tiffany sniffed.

    "But then most of all, I wanted to forgive you because I love you..." Taeyeonlooked into her eyes. Tiffany burried her face into the crook of Taeyeon's neck.

    "I love you so much, Taetae."

    "I'm glad you realized that you do," Taeyeon chuckled.

    "So...am I your wife again?"

    "That depends..."

    "What? Why?" Tiffany pouted.

    "I haven't asked you formally." Taeyeon smirked.

    "Why must you be the dominant one?"

    "Because I'm the leader,"

    "You're just a kid," Tiffany frowned.

    "You're immature,"

    "And you're being selfish,"

  • "And you're being too sensitive,"

    "You did NOT just say that," Tiffany gasped.

    "Oh, yes I did. I am a very honest girlfriend."

    "Too honest, you hurt my feelings again."

    "I did not, you're just too sensitive." Taeyeon grinned cheekily.

    "Gahhh!" Tiffany stomped off to her room. Taeyeon just laughed at how cute hergirlfriend was.

    "My girlfriend..." Taeyeon sighed happily. "Darling~ wait for me~!" Taeyeon rantowards Tiffany's room. As she walked in, she saw Tiffany sulking while sitting onher bed. "Baby..." she closed the door behind her.

    "Hmph!" Tiffany turned away. Taeyeon shook her head and smiled. Theirrelationship was going to be one heck of an adventure.

    "You're not going to look at me huh?" Taeyeon asked. Tiffany shook her head.Taeyeon then slowly sat closely behind her, a little too close and then, she startedkissing Tiffany's shoulder softly. Tiffany let out a soft moan.

    "Yah, Taetae...stop it." Tiffany pushed her lover's head away.

    "You really want me to stop?" Taeyeon smirked as she whispered into Tiffany'sears. She then continued kissing Tiffany's shoulder making her way up to Tiffany'sneck, nibbling once or twice. Tiffany turned around and captured Taeyeon's lipswith hers, kissing them softly. The hungry pervert was not satisfied so she beganlicking Tiffany's lips, signaling to her lover that she wanted entrance. Soon, they

  • were in a battle for dominance. Rolling their tongues together in a heated make outsession, Tiffany lost her breath and pulled away.

    "You know, you haven't asked me properly..." Tiffany gave Taeyeon a peck on herlips.

    "Why now..?" Taeyeon kissed her jaw.

    "You are really really horny..." Tiffany giggled and pushed Taeyeon away.

    "You don't know how long I've tried to control this temptation, especially when thegirl you love has a juicy butt." Taeyeon put her forehead against Tiffany's and gaveher butt a squeeze. Tiffany squealed.

    "Kim Taeyeon~~~, not today. We just got together." Tiffany caressed her cheeks.

    "I know but..." Taeyeon sighed.

    "I understand you very well..." Tiffany put her arms around Taeyeon's neck. "let'stake it to a higher level when the girls aren't around..." Tiffany winked.

    "I like the way you think...well...we are flying off to Japan in a few days, will itwork there?" Taeyeon grinned cheekily.

    "Well, we'll find out soon. For now, we shall go to bed." Tiffany laid her headdown. Taeyeon laid on top of her. "Yah~ babo, get off." Taeyeon rested her headagainst Tiffany's chest.


  • "No, not there you byuntae." Tiffany rolled them over. "If you behave..." shewhispered. "I might give you the best first time ever."

    "Goonight baby," Taeyeon kissed her lips.

    "Hahaha," Tiffany laughed and laid on her side of the bed, hugging Taeyeon,pulling her closer.

    "I missed this," Taeyeon whispered.

    "Yeah," Tiffany nodded. "I do too..." she then showed Taeyeon her beautiful eyesmile.

    "I love you, baby." Taeyeon whispered softly. Tiffany smiled even wider.

    "I love you too, Taetae."

    They kissed each other goodnight and fell asleep.

    Seven girls stood outside the bedroom, laughing softly.

  • Taeyeon's Doubts

    Seven girls stood outside the bedroom, laughing softly.

    "You know, it's about time these two get together." Sooyoung said to the girls.

    "Shush, I'm listening." Sunny hushed the giant who was talking.

    "You hang around with Taenggoo too much, you have become a major byuntae."Sooyoung said.

    "No one influenced me, I'm a natural." Sunny giggled. The girls' eyes widened.

    "Come on girls, let's leave the lovebirds alone. They've been through so much, theyneed some privacy." Jessica suggested. The girls agreed and went to theirrespective rooms.

    The next morning, Taeyeon woke up extra early to prepare breakfast for hergirlfriend. Taeyeon was all hyped inside. She took out some eggs and bacon fromthe fridge and heated up the pan on the stove. While the food was being cooked,she set up the table quickly, balancing cooking and setting. Being the thoughtfulleader, Taeyeon made breakfast for the rest of the girls. After breakfast was ready,one by one, the girls woke up but Tiffany was still asleep. Taeyeon decided to waitfor Tiffany to wake up to have their first breakfast as a couple.

  • While waiting for her lover to wake up, Taeyeon grabbed her laptop from the deskand sat beside the sleeping girl leaning her back against the headboard of the bed.Taeyeon tried to search them on Google. She was amused by the things she found.They had so many supporters. She found some old videos of them doing littlethings that made them look so in love even though they weren't a couple at thattime. Taeyeon smiled to herself. As she was browsing through one site, she saw afanpage named Khunfany.

    "Urgh...I shall not check this out." Taeyeon said to herself.

    5 minutes later

    Taeyeon is browsing on Soshified but still has that Khunfany fanpage at the backof her mind. "No, Kim Taeyeon, no. This will just hurt you." she tried to influenceherself.

    The next five minutes...

    "Oh what the heck, she's my girl now." Taeyeon whispered and visited thefanpage.


    "I saw Tiffany covering her face and going to a cafe,"

    "Khun oppa was alone in that cafe!!!"

    "Oh my god, where they planning to meet each other?"

  • "Tiffany unnie sat with Nichkhun oppa! They were joking around with eachother! They looked so cute!"

    "I would have taken photos but I respect their privacy."

    "I SUPPORT KHUNFANY! They are way more compatible than Taeny willever be~, Taeyeonie is mine!"

    Taeyeon closed her browser. "Fany met Khun oppa? When?" Taeyeon frowned.Taeyeon felt angry all of a sudden. Just then, Tiffany's eyes fluttered open.

    "Taetae? Good morning." Tiffany smiled as she rubbed her eyes.

    "Morning..." Taeyeon replied. Tiffany sat up and kissed Taeyeon on the cheeks.Tiffany noticed that Taeyeon wasn't her usual self. If she was feeling fine, shewould have been groping Tiffany's buttocks by now.

    "Are you okay?" Tiffany asked, concerned.

    "Yeah, I'm fine." Taeyeon tried to show her a reassuring smile but Tiffany couldsee through her eyes.

    "Tae...I've known you for a very very long time..." Tiffany said. Taeyeonshrugged. "You wouldn't even tell your girlfriend what's bothering you..?" Tiffanysaid in disappointment. Taeyeon looked at her without saying anything. "Fine."Tiffany frowned and got up.

    "Fany...Fany...wait..." Taeyeon held onto Tiffany's hands and sat her down on herlap. "I'm fine, maybe I'm just tired. I'm fine." Taeyeon explained. Tiffany wasn't

  • convinced but she let it go not wanting them to fight. "I love you okay?" Taeyeonlooked into her eyes.

    "I love you too," Tiffany gave Taeyeon a peck on her lips. Taeyeon slid her handunder Tiffany's shirt and caressed her back. Tiffany cupped Taeyeon's cheeks anddeepened their kiss. Tiffany darted her tongue into Taeyeon's mouth and caught herby surprise. Taeyeon didn't know that Tiffany was this intimate. Taeyeon suckedon Tiffany's tongue and a moan elicited from the younger girl. Rolling theirtongues together, they fight for dominance. Taeyeon slid her hands down towardsTiffany's butt and slid her hands into the back area of Tiffany's shorts and rubbedher butt.

    "Oh...Taetae," Tiffany moaned and mumbled against Taeyeon's lips. Tiffany begankissing the corner of Taeyeon's lips and moved towards her neck. Tiffany suckedon the milky skin causing her girlfriend to moan loudly.

    "I...ah...never knew...mmm...someone could make me, ohhh..." Taeyeon moanedeven louder as Tiffany rubbed her abdomen, turning her on. Tiffany licked the skinthat she marked and moved over to another side of Taeyeon's neck. "make mefeel...urgh...this good..." Taeyeon groaned in pleasure. Tiffany roughly kissed heron the mouth again and rubbed the clothed womanhood of Taeyeon. "You naughtygirl," Taeyeon said after the pulled away, Tiffany just showed her a smirk. Tiffanygot off Taeyeon and sat on her side of the bed. "Baby, why did you stop?" Taeyeongroaned. Tiffany smiled and pull the blanket over her body as she leaned her headagainst the headboard of the bed. "What are you doing..?" Taeyeon asked

    Tiffany began rubbing her clit under the covers and moaned softly. Taeyeonwatched her girlfriend play with herself. Tiffany started to moan louder. Taeyeon

  • couldn't hold it any longer and pull the blanket off Tiffany and straddled her. "Youlike what you see, Taetae?" Tiffany whispered. Taeyeon pinned her on the bedbringing Tiffany's hands over her head. Tiffany licked Taeyeon's chin and movedupwards to her lips. Taeyeon opened her mouth a little and let Tiffany lick herlips.

    "You sexy, little...kitty." Taeyeon gritted her teeth and said. Taeyeon attacked hergirlfriend's chest, slowly moving her lips towards Tiffany's cleavage. Taeyeonwanted to hear her name from the younger girls mouth.

    "Oh...Kim Taeyeon..." Tiffany moaned. Taeyeon bucked her hips into Tiffany'smaking them both moan loudly. Taeyeon rubbed Tiffany's inner thigh inchingcloser towards her womanhood. Tiffany unbuttoned her shorts and Taeyeon pulledit down halfway. Taeyeon teased her and kissed her abdomen lightly, licking itwhen she felt like it. "Mmm...lower babe, lower..." Taeyeon's lips hover overTiffany's womanhood. Taeyeon gave it a peck, making Tiffany feel wetter than shealready was. Taeyeon saw a wet patch on her girlfriend's underwear and smirked.

    "I made you this wet?" Taeyeon chuckled.

    "Yes, and you should end what you started." Tiffany said. Taeyeon grips Tiffany'spanties with her teeth, teasing her slowly, pulling it down. "Kim Taeyeon, stopteasing me!" Tiffany snapped. Taeyeon laughed and sat up. Tiffany gasped."Taetae!"

    "I wanted to continue with the upper part first, I've been dying to play with it afterseeing it a million times when we had to change in front of each other." Taeyeonsaid.

  • "Nawww, Tae...you should just continue what you were doing!" Tiffanycomplained. "Urgh!" she leaned her head back onto the pillow. Tiffany closed hereyes feeling frustrated. Taeyeon sneakily kissed her inner thigh softly. Tiffanylifted her head to see Taeyeon looking back into her eyes.

    "I'd never leave my baby hanging," Taeyeon smiled and pulled off Tiffany'spanties. "Oh god, what a beauty." Taeyeon stared at the younger girl's womanhood.

    "Tae~, stop staring~." Tiffany closed her legs together. Taeyeon laugh.

    "I'm sorry, baby." Taeyeon put Tiffany's legs apart again. "Looks so yummy..."Taeyeon grinned at Tiffany. Just when Taeyeon was about to put her fingers onTiffany's clit, they heard a knock on the door.

    "TAEYEON AH, FANY AH, WE HAVE TO GO IN A FEW." Sooyoung yelled.Tiffany groaned.

    "DAMN IT," Taeyeon yelled. "I'm sorry baby..." Taeyeon apologized to Tiffany.

    "It's not your fault, babe." Tiffany sat up and caressed Taeyeon's cheek.

    "Come on, we have to eat and shower." Taeyeon sighed.

    "Let's eat together, and shower together..." Tiffany smirked.

    "I like the way you think," Taeyeon grinned and kissed Tiffany on the lips.

    The girls were having a break from practicing their new choreography for theircomeback. Taeyeon sat on the floor leaning against the wall and watched Tiffany

  • joking around with the younger ones. Taeyeon smiled. Suddenly, her thoughtsdrifted to the Khunfany fanpage. Taeyeon became cold again. She took out herphone and checked the fanpage. She began reading the comments section.

    "I can imagine them both getting married and having adorable babies~!"

    "Tiffany certainly can't have kids if she dated Taeyeon, which she won't,kekeke."

    "I swear, if they break up, I will stop being a fan of SNSD."

    Taeyeon exited the fanpage and frowned. "Those fans are right, we can't makeadorable babies." "Tiffany would want to have kids of her own but I can't give herthat...what am I gonna do with my life..? Kim Taeyeon, you're supposed to makeher happy." Taeyeon thought. Taeyeon was deep in thoughts when Tiffany satbeside her.

    "Hey, babe." Tiffany kissed her cheeks.

    "Hey..." Taeyeon answered.

    "You are moody again," Tiffany frowned.

    "No...I am not." Taeyeon pouted. Tiffany ruffled her hair.

    "Yes you are, do I have to cheer you up that way again?" Tiffany smirked.Taeyeon blushed.

  • "It's nothing baby, don't worry." Taeyeon showed her a small smile and pecked herlips lightly.

    Sooyoung wrapped her arms around Sunny's waist. "Ahhh, ahhh~! Sooyoungah~!" Sunny pretended to moan.

    "Ooh~ ahh~" Jessica moaned from the other side of the room. The rest of the girlslaughed. Taeyeon and Tiffany blushed.

    "Now we don't have to watch it online girls, we have a live one." Sooyoung joked.Tiffany's face turn red.

    "Yah, yah, yah. Let's get back to practice." Taeyeon ordered. "Come on, baby."Taeyeon smiled at Tiffany.

    Tae Loves Stephi, Stephi Loves Tae



    Taeyeon looked at Tiffany who was in the kitchen baking with Yuri and Sunny.

    "Taetae, come and join us!" Tiffany yelled from the kitchen.

  • "I'll pass," Taeyeon glued her eyes back on her phone. "She's acting like nothing isgoing on...is she really lying to me? Come on you fool, trust your girl."

    Yuri and Sunny noticed how distracted Taeyeon looks and how she's been actingthese few days.

    "Fany ah, haven't you noticed?" Sunny brought up the topic.

    "Hm?" Tiffany responded as she licks the spoon of the frosting. "Notice what?"

    "Taeng," Yuri said softly. Tiffany looks over at Taeyeon who was playing herphone on the couch.

    "What's wrong with Taetae?" Tiffany asked them, confused.

    "She's been looking distracted these days like, there's something bothering her.You should talk to her." Yuri explained. Putting down the spoon covered withfrosting, Tiffany looked at the batter as she thinks. "What's wrong?" Yuri asked.Tiffany didn't respond.

    "Fany..? Yah..." Sunny tried to gain her attention but Tiffany started to tear up.

    "Is it me?" Tiffany asked with her eyes moist looking at the two. Sunny and Yurididn't know how to react.

    "It couldn't be, Fany ah. We're just saying that she doesn't look herself..." Sunnyrubs her back.

  • "You know...these past few days...she hasn't been attentive to me like, we wouldact all couple-ish then she will just say goodnight to me..." Tiffany wiped a tear.

    "That's why we think you should go and talk to her...ask her what's wrong...sheneeds you..." Yuri said.

    "I guess I will soon..." Tiffany sighed.

    "Okay now, stop crying, we don't want the cupcakes to be salty because of yourtears." Sunny laughed. Tiffany wiped her tears and smiled.

    The girls continued baking while Taeyeon was still being comfortable on thecouch.

    "I should talk to her about this...but I don't want to...but I should..." Taeyeon thendecided to visit the page she seems to be visiting frequently. "No, no, no...I don'twant to ruin what we have." Taeyeon locked her phone and sighed. "I shouldn't befeeling like this..." Taeyeon closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

    Taeyeon woke up. "Why didn't anyone wake me up?" she sat up. Just then, sheheard moaning from her shared room. "Who the..? Fany?" Taeyeon got up quicklyand rushed to their room. She opened the door. "TIFFANY!" she couldn't believeher eyes. There he was on top of her, clothes scattered on the floor. Nichkhun wasbrushing his lips against Tiffany's neck and she was moaning his name. "FANY!"Taeyeon cried out, tears escaping her eyes. Tiffany looked at her and smirked."Stop it Fany, what are you doing?!" Taeyeon walked over to Tiffany. All of a

  • sudden Nichkhun disappeared and it was just the two of them in a white emptyroom. "Fany...baby...why?"

    "Don't you see?" Tiffany said. "It was never you,"

    "What...but you said otherwise! Don't you remember? You said you love me..."Taeyeon whispered as she pulled Tiffany close to her.

    "Lovely Taeyeon...when will you wake up from this fantasy? No one likes ustogether anyone."

    "We said we'd make it work, I promised you that no one can get in our way! I loveyou too much to let you go!" Taeyeon cried.

    "But I don't love you." Taeyeon felt a pinch. "He's the one I'm in love with. Whatmakes you think that you deserve him more than I do? You're not worth my time.I've been playing with you, all..." Tiffany reaches for the necklace Taeyeon gaveher around her neck. "this..." Tiffany grasped the necklace. "time..." Tiffany pulledit off her and threw it.

    "Fany!" Taeyeon choked. "Fany, I love you. Baby please..."

    "Pathetic...begging for my love..." Tiffany pushed Taeyeon's hands away.

    Taeyeon closed her eyes. As she opened them, she saw Tiffany with Nichkhunrunning away together...from her...

    "Fany...don't...I love you..." Taeyeon cried. "Fany, I love you..."

  • "Fany ah, please...I love you..." Taeyeon continued sobbing.

    "Taetae...Taetae wake up..." Tiffany held Taeyeon's hands close to her. Tiffanykissed her forehead. "Tae..." Tiffany was on the verge of crying. Looking atTaeyeon having a bad dream about her makes her feel so wronged. What had shedone to make Taeyeon have horrible dreams and even crying while asleep?

    "Taeng, wake up..." Sunny called. The rest of the girls were in the house looking atTaeyeon.

    "Fany...don't go with him...please..." Taeyeon murmured in her sleep.

    "Him?" the girls said.

    "You must've left her in your dream..." Hyoyeon said.

    "Taetae, please wake up...I'm here."

    "Tiffany!" Taeyeon opened her eyes. She was sweating and breathing hard.Taeyeon looked around and saw worried eyes looking at her.

    "Tae...I'm here..." Taeyeon turned to her right, Tiffany was there by her side on theverge of crying.


    "No...shhh...it's alright. I'm not leaving." Tiffany showed her a reassuring smile.Taeyeon sat up and sighed. The girls sat around and gave her a hug, as a group.

    "Don't worry Taeng, Fany is never going to leave you." Sooyoung said.

    "You're the best she's ever had," Jessica smiled.

  • "No one else can compare," Yoona grinned at Tiffany who was blushing.

    "She's here, we're all here..." Yuri rubbed her back.

    "You signed a contract for working with us but god is preparing another contractfor you to stick with us for life." Sunny giggled.

    "Nichkhun oppa can't compare to you unnie," Seohyun said. Taeyeon's expressionchanged. For a moment the girls thought they had her reassured but something elseseems to be bothering her.

    "Tae..? What's wrong?" Tiffany whispered. Taeyeon looked at her and smile.

    "It's nothing..." Taeyeon got up and started walking towards their room. "I'll just beinside, I'm exhausted. You girls better get to sleep too." Taeyeon walked into theroom and closed the door.

    "Did something happen between you and Khun oppa after you and Taeng gottogether?" Hyoyeon asked.

    "I just met him once to give him his stuff and thank him for everything," Tiffanysaid.

    "Were you caught?" Sunny asked.

    "It seems like she found out that you both met," Yuri added.

    "And without telling her...she might feel insecure and cheated." Yoona pouted.

    "Aish, babo!" Tiffany said. "Thanks for being here girls...I'll talk to her." Tiffanywent to the room. "Goodnight,"

  • Taeyeon was on their bed, fast asleep. Tiffany sat on the bed and caressedTaeyeon's face. She sighed at the thought that she had disappointed her lover. Itwas never her intention to make Taeyeon feel this hurt. Tiffany kissed Taeyeon'snose, then moved towards her cheeks and then planted a soft kiss on her lips.

    "Don't you know how much I love you?" Tiffany whispered as she laid her herhead on the pillow. "I love you so much." Tiffany fell asleep right after, Taeyeonopened her eyes and looked at Tiffany. Taeyeon smiled.

    The morning after, Tiffany woke up to find that Taeyeon there. Just then Taeyeonwalked into the room.

    "Morning baby," Taeyeon said and sat on the bed.

    "We need to talk..." Tiffany said. "what's been bothering you?" Taeyeon sighed.

    "I saw those photos...what were you doing with him..." she asked.

    "I just met up to give him all the stuff he gave me," Tiffany said. "I thanked himtoo."

    "Just that?" Taeyeon asked. Tiffany nodded. "But these netizens don't think thatway. They've been saying that if we were a couple, I'd be in the way. We don't fitwell and I can't give you kids and...I don't know, it makes me feel like I don'tdeserve you, not good enough for you."

  • "Taetae, in this relationship, there's only two of us," Tiffany cupped Taeyeon'scheeks. "am I right?" Taeyeon nodded. "So why bother about what they say? Theycan hate us all they want. I don't care. As long as I have you...I don't bother aboutanyone else. You distract me from every negative thing thrown to me."

    "I'm sorry...it's not that I don't trust you baby..." Taeyeon pouted.

    "No...it's okay." Tiffany smiled. "I understand. I should've just told you anyway butit slipped from my mind."

    "I'm lucky to have you," Taeyeon smiled.

    "Me too," Tiffany grinned. "I love you, Kim Taeyeon." Tiffany kissed her lips.

    "I love you too."