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Room 5 St Mary’s Primary Wed 19 th September Olympics Whanau Evening

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Room 5 Whanau evening slideshow, Also check out the video of reflections and the song video. What a great evening what amazing students. Tinopai room 5.

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Room 5St Mary’s Primary

Wed 19th September

Olympics Whanau Evening

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• Please come on a journey with us as we show how learning is built and how we challenge ourselves to become better learners.

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We do not yet have any knowledge about a topic.

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Olympics and Paralympics

1. What are the Olympic games?2. What are the Paralympic games?3. Do the Olympics have a logo?4. When are the held?5. Who came up with the idea of the

Paralympics?6. Where were the first Olympics held?

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We now know one thing about the topic.

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We now know three or more things about a topic.

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Olympics/ Paralympics

• Olympics The Olympics is every four years in a

different country. The Olympics is the biggest sport event in the world, it has 36 sports and it is only for the best athletes in the world. When you are at the Olympics you are there for a gold medal but some athletes are not good enough and sometimes leave the Olympics with nothing. The Olympics began in Athens, Greece and in the early days only men could compete and women were not allowed to compete.

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Example Two

We will now follow the five steps of SOLO using the example of Values of Olympism.

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Values of Olympism

1. What is the values of Olympism?2. Why is there values of Olympism?3. What happens if you do not follow

the values of Olympism?4. Why have values of Olympism?

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• I know there is a value called Joy of Effort

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Values of Olympism

• Values of OlympismThere are 5 values of Olympism they are;

joy of effort, respect for others, balance between body sprit and mind, fair play, pursuit of excellence.

All athletes should be fair in the Olympics and even if they lose they should still congratulate their opponents. Also it means doing your best and not giving up even if your chances look bad.

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REALATIONALWe know many things about a topic, we are able to link these ideas together to

gain new knowledge and to explore concepts.

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Part/whole statement

If one part of the Olympic values was not included the Olympics would not be special or fun anymore.

For example Joy of Effort;If competitors did not enjoy what they

were doing they could become greedy and people will stop enjoying competing and watching the games.

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EXTENDED ABSTRACTWe know many things about a topic, we are able to link these ideas together to

gain new knowledge and to explore concepts.

We can think about these ideas in other contexts and create new meanings,

predict, generalise using what we know, supporting information and what we


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Extended Abstract

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Cheating at the Olympics

Our second example to SOLO in action focuses on Cheating at Olympics.Come on our journey………

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Pre structuralCheating at the Olympics

1. Why would you cheat?2. How do you cheat?3. Do you get punished?4. Can you keep your medal?5. Are all drugs cheating?6. How the get caught?7. How many athletes have been


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A the 2012 Belarusian shot-putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk cheated in the shot put.

•has been stripped of her Olympic gold medal after failing a doping test for the anabolic agent metenolone.

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Cheating at the Olympics

Lots of people cheat at the Olympics using drugs and pills. They think they can get away with it but the thing they do not know is that they get checked before and after their event. Lots of people cheat so they can win a gold medal here is one of the people that have cheated at the Olympics: The Belarus athlete tested positive for anabolic agent metenolone during in-competition testing on August 5 and 6 and has been disqualified from the final results; her gold medal was taken off her and it will be given to Valerie Adams.

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Cheating at the Olympics

People cheat at the Olympics so that they can win medals for their country. They might think that cheating is a good thing and no one will find out that they cheated. Most people cheat by taking drugs. The Belarus athlete tested positive for anabolic agent metenolone during in-competition testing on August 5 and 6 and has been disqualified from the final result. Side effects make them better at sports/events.

For example; Nadzeya Ostapchuk took drugs so that she could beat Valarie Adams in the women’s shot put event. The side effects made her man like and more stronger to throw the shot put ball further. She has been caught and had to return her Gold medal which now goes to Valerie Adams from New Zealand.

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Extended Abstract

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The consequences of cheating are if you are taking drugs to cheat you might be allergic to the drugs that you are taking and you might have an allergic reaction to them so you cant

compete anyway let alone getting a medal. The other consequences are that the people in the drug testing department will find out that you were taking drugs. The other consequence is that drugs can make you look different. You will also get banned from the sport you are

playing for a period of time. Like the Belarusian shotputter. Cheating goes against Olympic values and it reflects badly on a country.

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Consequences of cheating cont.

World wide cheating is not socially acceptable. At school sometimes students cheat in class tests but this is not good because when they are older they will not know anything. We are taught to do our best and to strive for excellence, we must do this with hard work and persistence.

Cheating is not right and we should follow the Gospel values and be good Christian rolemodels.

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Other Examples of our SOLO work

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Compare and Contrast Multistructural- Relational

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Compare/Contrast Statement

London and Rotorua has many similarities and differences even though they are on different sides of the world.

The environment of Rotorua is that of lakes, geysers and mud pools whereas in London they have big parks and waterways.

The buildings in London are ones like Buckingham palace and Big Ben, Rotorua has the museum and the Clock Tower.

Both cities have English as their main language, they share the same Queen. Both have tourist attractions and schools.

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When games were not held and why?

Relational The 1916 games were cancelled because of

World War 1. The 1940 and 1944 Olympics were cancelled due to World War 2 . On September the 5th 1972 at the Germany Olympics in the town of Munich; 8 Palestinian terriorists broke into the Olympic village and took 9 Israel athletes, coaches and official hostages. Two hostages who resisted were killed during the Olympic village attack. They decided to continue with the games, although the world was in shock.

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Video Reflections:

Show Video….

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It takes courage to be an amazing student in room 5. Please enjoy our short powerpoint we made for assembly on courage.

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Do you know we have a class blog. - Louise will now show you it.Please visit it often to catch up on notices etc…

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