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  1. 1. Household Repairing Beauty&Wellness Tutoring Personal Assistance Cleaning Delivery Transport Events Tours Food Therapy Entertainment New York, 2015 for Providers and Customers of local Services Online Marketplace
  2. 2. Table of Contents Summary Status / what we have achieved Next Phase Goals (12 months) Business Model Project Phases Clients / Vendors Base Growth Business Model map Advantages USPs Standard User Scenarios Structure of services (200+) Our Target: Technical Releases Our Target: Marketing Strategy Our Target: Promotion Tools Market of local services in US Our Target: Gamification Our Team Corporate Set-up Contact Information Advertising Design Platform Design Technology Stack Payment Processes 3 5 6 4 7 8 9 10 11 13 12 18 15 16 14 17 19 24 25 21 20 22 23
  3. 3. Summary Targeted economics / metrics Around 235,000 new (new clients) proled platform users Register 22,000 total new service providers 587,000 service provision transactions Reach monthly transaction fees volume of up to 749,000 USD Project Internet-Based Auction (Marketplace) Platform for services marketing, sales and provision: workhe- roes.com Description: Innovative, unique and global internet services B2Cauction platform workheroes.com of- fering unique service in the area of service market- ing, services are delivered to the customers, making customers wishes the center of service market. Aim of the workheroes.com is to ease the process of search, sourcing,valuation and acquisition of corpo- rate and household services, to revolutionize modern service market the way Amazon revolution- ized global product market. Next phase duration: 12 months Region: 1st focus: NY, 2nd focus: 5 major US metro- politan areas, platform establishment in UK and Germany Current status Technical platform developed (Release 1): workheroes.com Workheroes.com operational (beta) Frist registrations in progress First marketing steps in progress Attracted 1st round investments (2013): capital: 500,000 EUR Full scale marketing campaign fully prepared Unique products and features 200+ standardized services. We have standardized businessprocesses of 200+ most common and popular services and for each of the services we developed a simple ordering / marketing process. Each service is ordered simply through several clicks for the customer. Standardization of the ser- vices order parameters allows for Instant Offers, where the platform calculates and offers service packages to the client on behalf of the provider. Standardization allows for the simple ordering pro- cess on the mobile and touch platforms. Instant Offer. The system compares subscriptions with incoming client requests for matching parame- ters. The system will calculate the price for an offer and send it to the client. In this case, the providers physical presence is not required. The offer will be sent automatically and instantly. Hot Deal It is a ready to use standard offer Providers promo Page It is a special promo page with a short direct link for the provider
  4. 4. Business Model Services E-Marketplace-Auction We rmly believe that over time, the B2C service market will develop in the same way as the e-product market. That is why our goal is to devel- op a customer-centric platform that will change the buying habits at the e-service market in the long run: We free our clients from the work involved in ordering: The client merely states which service he or she would like and the service providers then contact the client Unied and easy processes: From ordering to reviewing in doing so we expect to win client loyalty In the long term, the platform should become a central shopping location for all sorts of services We envision our solution in the form of an e-marketplace, where compa- nies and individuals can offer their services. The buyer can search both by category and provider for the required service, as well as stating a request and receiving offers from the service providers. The service market is currently still influenced by the old paradigm, where the service providers and not the clients are put in the middle. Business Model The goal of our project is to provide a B2C online trading platform for various services on the Internet. Buyers and sellers of services are brought together in the following manner: buyers are permitted to list (put into the system) the services they want to buy sellers can view buyers requests and make specic offers to provide the requested service, or preset the instant offers buyers can view all offers made by sellers and buy a specic offer throughout the buying and delivery process buyers and sellers communicate using the platform service delivery from seller to buyer is monitored by the platform buyers can list service providers and contact them directly with a request Our project streamlines and globalizes the traditional process of service delivery, which is normally restricted to local businesses. We also change the buyers experience, who traditionally have to nd, compare and contact service providers personally. We shift the focus of attention to the buyer (customer, service consumer) by changing the direction of the whole process: the service sellers will now be able to nd, contact and make offers to interested customers. This facilitates easy and transparent service buying process for customers and enables very effective customer acquisition for service sellers. Using the platform for buying services is free of charge, but the service sellers are charged following kinds of fees: Transaction fees (3,99% + $1,99) Sales Ads Hot Deals Service Ads Related Services
  5. 5. Status / what we have achieved Technical platform developed (Release 1): workheroes.com Workheroes.com operational (beta) Frist registrations in progress First marketing steps in progress Full scale marketing campaign fully prepared Marketing materials, content, instruments, external contracts prepared Offline promotion (New York) campaign fully planned Marketing and affiliate partners secured Workheroes.com domain registered Workheroes brand name registered Workheroes gamification concept in place Platform IP rights secured German and UK market penetration prepared and planned Co-branding partners negotiations in progress (toys, accessories..) Attracted 1st round investments (2013): capital: 500 000 EUR Next technical releases (technical documentation and functional requirements) prepared
  6. 6. 2nd phase financing goals To prot through the staged capital value growth of the project company RITTER DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, INC, owning workheroes.com plat- form Fast and signicant annual capital / valuation growth To attract 3rd stage institutional investor for global expansion growth and nally an IPO Develop workheroes.com to a similar global platform to eBay and Amazon Business goals 235,000 registrations in US during 12 months of 2nd development phase (as muchas possible active and loyal users) 22,000 active providers during 12 months of 2nd development phase Focus on New York area Secondary focus on 5 biggest US metropolitan areas CAC up to $ 5 International expansion goals (UK and Germany) We plan to establish the platform presence in Germany and UK markets We will adopt / expand the technical platform to the requirements of the UK and German mar- kets We will adopt / translate the required platform and marketing content We will adopt payment system and legal struc- ture to the national UK and German require- ments If required, we will establish the national corpo- rate presence for the platformoperation at mini- mum cost Communicative goals Building and maintaining brand image Workhe- roes Formation of a viral effect Encourage members to talk in an environment of positive experiences on the platform Encourage providers to use workheroes.com to advertise their services and prole with refer- ence to the platform Promptly respond to negative reviews about the platform Deviation from the competitor Next Phase Goals (12 months) With minimum equity capital exposure, 2nd proj- ect stage should bring the workheroes.com to the stage at which it starts covering its opera- tion costs and generating prots To revolutionize modern service market the way Amazon revolutionized global product market To continue development of the workhe- roes.com, innovative and highly technological internet services auction platform offering unique service in the area of service marketing
  7. 7. Project Phases Business, Financial & Development Plans US Market Penetration Development of full project documentation package Investor sourcing for the 1st phase Full technical system development Start of operation Market establishment Investor sourcing for the 2nd round Start of operation Marketing campaign Market establishment Achievement of protability Constant client base growth Investor sourcing for the 3rd round IPO US Market Establishment EU (27) + Asian markets Penetration 3 year (projected)1 year (current)1 year3 months (completed) 3 Phase 4 Phase2 Phase1 Phase0 Phase
  8. 8. Clients / Vendors Base Growth Projections We intend to attract during the next 12 months of platform operation: Around 235,000 new (new clients) proled plat- form users Register 22,000 total new service providers 586,000 service provision transactions Reach monthly transaction fees volume of up to 748,000 USD In our business model we have included the experiences of major leading internet services sale platforms. In the chosen fee structure we tried to combine our commercial interests and sellers incentives to maximize sales volume. Sales Fees (3,99% + $1,99): These fees are charged each time a customer buys a service and are paid by service provider. Instant Offers: These fees are charged if a service seller buys lots for instant offers. The price for lots is dependent on the category. Additi