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West Tampa Urban Design Charrette presented by AIA Tampa Bay Architectural Heritage Committee and Emerging Tampa Bay Architects Slide 2 what is a CHARRETTE? The French word, "Charrette" means "cart" and is often used to describe the final, intense work effort expended by art and architecture students to meet a project deadline. This use of the term is said to originate from the cole des Beaux Arts in Paris during the 19th century, where proctors circulated a cart, or charrette, to collect final drawings while students frantically put finishing touches on their work. Slide 3 what is a CHARRETTE? Today the word charrette can refer to any collaborative session in which a group of designers drafts a solution to a design problem. Charrettes serve as a way of quickly generating a design solution while integrating the aptitudes and interests of a diverse group of people. Similar to workshop. Slide 4 what is a CHARRETTE? Bus Tour 90 minutes Lunch 60 minutes Brainstorming 80 minutes Present Ideas 80 minutes Illustrate Ideas 60 minutes Slide 5 WHO was there? AIA Tampa Bay Joe Redner Enterprises 3-D Service Inc. West Tampa Chamber Busto Plumbing JMC Properties West Tampa Community Development Corporation Ybor Museum Tampa City Council Renaissance 1901-2101 Grunke + Associates University of Florida Cigar City Magazine University of South Florida School of Architecture Design Freedom, Inc. Art & Home Tampa Bay Technical High School Sebastian Design Implementation City of Tampa Community Planning Ekistics Design Studio PoeticArchitecture Emerging Tampa Bay Architects Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity The Planning Commission Landmark Realty Homeowners Reliable Group Architects West Tampa Council Atelier AEC Old West Tampa Neighborhood Association Slide 6 where is WEST TAMPA? Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 who is WEST TAMPA? Slide 10 west tampa is diverse Slide 11 what matters in WEST TAMPA? HOW DO WE GROW? WHERE DOES HISTORY COME IN? HOW DO WE MOVE AROUND? WHERE DO WE SHOP AND WORK? WHAT IS A DESTINATION? WHAT IS MIXED USE, WHERE DOES IT GO? WHERE DO WE GO TO SCHOOL, THE LIBRARY, THE PARK? Slide 12 what are we LOOKING AT? RIVERFRONT DISTRICT This site consists of the TAMPA WATER DEPARTMENT PROPERTY and the NORTH BOULEVARD HOMES. It also houses the MLK recreation complex. The site is boarded by Just Elementary School, Blake High School, and single family residential. It is also within close proximity to the HILLSBOROUGH RIVER. The key to this site is to maintain both the water department functionality and number of low income housing residents, while allowing for a redevelopment for a higher density of uses and foster a larger variety of services within the properties. SOUTHEASTERN EDGE This site is located between CYPRESS and CASS Avenues, between FREMONT and OREGON Streets. The site is an industrial area located near the UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA campus and includes close connections to DOWNTOWN, Hyde Park and the SoHo retail area. This site is open to a wide variety of uses and possibilities. RESIDENTIAL FABRIC This site is located between ARMENIA and ROME Avenue, between PALMETTO and PINE Street. This site includes the CENTRO ESPANOL DE WEST TAMPA, PENDAS Y ALVAREZ CIGAR FACTORY and REY PARK. The key to this site is to study the buffering and mixing of uses from a commercial corridor to a neighborhood park to a traditional single family streetscape, and the importance of preserving the cigar factories as focal pieces within the city. HOWARD/ARMENIA CORRIDOR This site begins at I-275 and travels north to COLUMBUS Ave. It is centered along both HOWARD and ARMENIA Avenues. This pair of ONE WAY STREETS today serves as the main thorough fare of the region. The key to this site is to maintain the large traffic flow along both streets while creating a destination within the corridor and foster a more boulevard-like feel to the corridor. CONNECTIONS AND GATEWAYS (MAIN STREET) No neighborhood is complete without connections between its key elements. This group is set to explore the connections within the region as a way to create a COHESIVE NEIGHBORHOOD with a DISTINCT IDENTITY and feeling of community. Sites to include, but not limited to, connections across 275, connecting to downtown and other neighborhoods, connecting inner city parks, connecting housing to workplaces or recreation, and the redevelopment of MAIN STREET AS A COMMERCIAL CORE. Slide 13 what are we LOOKING AT? Slide 14 RIVERFRONT DISTRICT Slide 15 Create boulevards/main streets as thoroughfares. Create joint use agreements with the schools. Add to existing commercial sites along the river (Ricks). Consolidate the playfields. Better use of the parking lots in the Tampa Water property. Continue the river walk across the bridge. Make programmed public spaces. Integrate the public housing with the neighborhood with a mixture of sizes and typologies. Make public uses on the river about the water. Use Main Street as a commercial corridor and buffer. Create a shopping district that will be a regional draw. Extend the trolley system from Ybor through Downtown and into West Tampa. Create a water taxi system to downtown. Integrate the schools and neighborhood. Build large new recreation/community center. (Adult + Youth = Intergenerational) Activate the riverfront with people. Move schools off of the river. Build more boat docks. Create a series of pocket parks leading from the residential areas to the river. Build public pool(s). Slide 16 PHASED REDEVELOPMENT OF THE PUBLIC HOUSING WITH NO DISPLACEMENT OF RESIDENTS Slide 17 SMALL PUBLIC SPACES +ATTRACTORS = ACTIVITY Slide 18 Public Land Ownership City of Tampa 33.34 acres Tampa Housing Authority 32.47 acres School Board of Hillsborough County 26.57 acres Hillsborough County 5.97 acres Department of Transportation 5.89 acres Slide 19 Slide 20 Slide 21 SOUTHEASTERN EDGE Slide 22 DENSITY AND DISTRICTS Use historic plat lines for residential density Live/work studios above + retail/commercial below Maintain low density (industry/business) Growth in landscape, entertainment, and restaurants Mixed use (retail/office/living) like Hyde Park Pedestrian friendly (landscape buffers) HISTORIC STRUCTURES Use any restorable structures (Secretary of Interior Guidelines) Keep historic fabric Keep Laundry Building (Restore glass, etc.) (New use=gym or retail) Outside of National Historic District, but would like to preserve veneer warehouses and those with unique styles Maintain function of warehouses to keep jobs Save graffiti and murals as an identifying point of reference for neighborhoods from the streets (both pedestrian and vehicular scale) Tear down non-viable warehouses to make room for residential with parks/green space MIXED USE + RETAIL Maintain existing industrial fabric Utilize alleys to access public parking Use high density residential or low-impact professional for transition zones Slide 23 STREETSCAPE Establish corners with point of reference Maintain brick fabric (i.e. building veneers, streets, and pavers) Large/tall trees on median to create a grand boulevard feel and slow down traffic Trolley system to provide strong connection to downtown Include local routes (i.e. to near-by residential areas) Foster outdoor commerce (cafes, corner gardens, landscape, benches, water features) Maintain alleys as pedestrian access points and garden alley ways Create an industrial overlay district Narrow the streets EMPLOYMENT Small mom n pop businesses, few large corporations Market, fresh food market, learning center, int. caf, jazz/music lounge, custom furniture, cigar shop Social/Entertainment functions that can utilize warehouse space (theater /small playhouse, gymnasium/sports venues, caf, galleries) Diversity to maintain the neighborhood Assist businesses that support each other Employment center with training facilities Co-op development in retail Hostels Florida enterprise Daycare and schools Slide 24 RAIL CONNECTION FOR COMMUTER TRANSIT Slide 25 FULL GLAZING TO OPEN UP THE STREETSCAPE TO PEDESTRIANS Slide 26 Slide 27 Slide 28 Slide 29 Slide 30 Slide 31 RESIDENTIAL FABRIC Slide 32 Economic mixture Young New York City with room for development Cant tell the difference between economic status based on residence Change the infrastructure? Can the City handle that? Density-rapid growth in West Tampa Are we going to build a city? Density, but balance! (Some residents dont want density) Affordable! Safety! There is opposition to making West Tampa an historic district. Keep historic look with out designation. Preserve community sites and public buildings. Community Buildings keep national historic designation. Increase and extend bus services. Curbs, pavements, walkable communities. Make Main Street accessible on both sides for retail. Meet the income needs of the neighborhood. Drug stores. Retail: Supply regular/everyday needs. Convenience for retail: economic and transportation. Create (retail) jobs for residents. Companies moving to West Tampa: Move to Main Street Build corporate office buildings parallel to I-275 and Main. Build tall. Riverfront development should be concerned with the residents. Parks and recreation on the riverfront. Good! Preserve the riverfront and make it more community based. All streets need to connect to the river front. Slide 33 INTEGRATE NEW DEVELOPMENT / DENSITY WITH HISTORIC BUILDINGS AND FABRIC Slide 34 REVIEW OF OVERLAY DISTRICT STANDARDS TO ENSURE DEVELOPMENT COMPATIBLE WITH SURROUNDINGS Slide 35 HOWARD-ARMENIA CORRIDOR Slide 36 DENSITY AND DISTRICTS Maintain Historic Structures 3-4 Story Buildings on Main, Howard and Armenia Park District Along Interstate SOHO Parking Structure (Problem) 3-5 Story Urban Infill on Vacant Lots (2.0-3.0 FAR) Rey Park Green District 2-way traffic on Howard and Armenia Main & Howard Business District (Main to Albany) Encourage use of green building as an incentive to density Realign lot districts/special zon