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Weslandia Vocabulary Words. Fifth Grade Unit 4 Week 2. blunders. fleeing. Words to Know. civilization. inspired. complex. rustling. envy. strategy. blunders. blunders civilization complex envy fleeing inspired rustling strategy. foolish mistakes. strategy. blunders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Weslandia Vocabulary Words

  • WeslandiaVocabulary WordsFifth GradeUnit 4 Week 2

  • Words to Knowblunderscivilizationcomplexenvyfleeinginspiredrustlingstrategy

  • foolish mistakesblundersblunderscivilizationcomplexenvyfleeinginspiredrustlingstrategy

  • A plan to make something happenstrategyblunderscivilizationcomplexenvyfleeinginspiredrustlingstrategy

  • A group of people or a nation and how they livecivilizationblunderscivilizationcomplexenvyfleeinginspiredrustlingstrategy

  • the soft sound of things gently brushing togetherrustlingblunderscivilizationcomplexenvyfleeinginspiredrustlingstrategy

  • made up of many parts; hard to understandcomplexblunderscivilizationcomplexenvyfleeinginspiredrustlingstrategy

  • filled with an excited feeling to do something caused by learning something newinspiredblunderscivilizationcomplexenvyfleeinginspiredrustlingstrategy

  • feeling of unhappiness because another person has what you wantenvyblunderscivilizationcomplexenvyfleeinginspiredrustlingstrategy

  • running away


  • The model train was hard to put together because it was very complex.

    made up of a many of partssimple

  • The teacher inspired her students to keep reading!

    toldmade them want to

  • He had an excellent strategy for cleaning his bedroom.


  • The little girl was green with envy over the chocolate candy bar.

    a stomach achejealousy

  • The ancient civilization was known for their amazing art work.

    cavemenpeople or nation

  • She made a blunder on her test when she forgot to put her name on it!

    correction foolish mistake

  • I heard a rustling coming from the bushes!

    soft sound of leaves brushing togetherloud crunching noise

  • The robber was caught fleeing from the crime scene.

    running awayspending money

  • Youve got it!