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Transcript of Welding Equipment Files... for us; we are also strictly controlling and testing each batch. Castolin...

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    Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic

    Castolin Eutectic Welding Equipment


  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


    CASTOLIN Eutectic

    History of Castolin Eutectic 4

    R&D / Technical Support 5

    Welding Consumables Production 6

    Training 7

    Local Support 8 - 9

    Professional Installation Products 10

    Technical Data

    Welding Processes Selection 11

    MMA Welding Process

    Manual Metal Arc Welding 13

    UltraMax2 inverter (liftarc) 14

    PowerMax inverter (liftarc) 14

    XuperMax2 inverter (liftarc) 15

    CastoMatec 305 (liftarc) 16

    CastoMatec Xuper 455 16

    CastoMatec Xuper 655 17

    Accessories CastoMatec 17

    TIG Welding Process

    Tungsten Inert Gas Welding 19

    CastoTIG 1501 DC 20

    CastoTIG 1701 DC 20

    CastoTIG 2201 DC and CastoTIG 3011/12 AC/DC 21

    CastoTIG 1702 AC/DC and 2202 AC/DC 22

    Electronic Wire Feeder 22

    Accessories for CastoTIG 1701/2 2201/2 23

    TIG torches selection 23 - 24

    Plasma Cutting Process

    Plasma Arc Cutting 25

    AirJet 65 26

    AirJet 105 26

    Welcome contents

    MIG/MAG Welding Process

    Metal Inert Gas/Metal Active Gas Welding 27

    XuperMIG 2500 28

    Accessories XuperMIG 2500 28

    CastoMIG 160C 29

    Accessories for CastoMIG 160C and 250C 29

    CastoMIG 250 C and 350 C / 350DS 29

    CastoMIG 400C / 400DS and 500C / 500DS 31

    2 rolls system 32

    4 rolls system / 2 rolls system 32

    Accessories for CastoMIG 350C and DS 33

    Accessories for CastoMIG 400/500 C and DS 33

    Total Arc2 3000 (compact) (liftarc) 34

    Total Arc2 4000 (separate wire feeder)(liftarc) 35

    Total Arc2 5000 (separate wire feeder)(liftarc) 36

    Accessories for Total Arc2 3000 / 4000 and 5000 36

    Torches for MIG/MAG welding 37

    MIG/MAG torches selection 37

    PTA Process

    Plasma Transferred Arc Process 39

    Multi Plasma Module 40

    EuTronic GAP 2001 DC basic 40

    EuTronic GAP 2001 DC touch screen 41

    EuTronic GAP 3001 DC 41

    EuTronic GAP 3002 AC/DC 42

    EuTronic GAP Automated Unit 42

    Accessories for GAP 43-44

    GAP torches 45

    Special Products

    IDweld 2501 46

    GoodAire 1202 46

    TeroMatec Wire Feeder 400 46

    Addresses of Castolin Eutectic Companies in Europe 50

    EutecTrode CastoTig Three phaseEnDOtec CastoMag Single phase

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  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


    1906 Foundation of Castolin in Lausanne, Switzerland by Jean-Pierre Wasserman. His stroke of genius : to discover a way of welding cast iron at low temperature. In the following years, this innovation was further developed for all industrial metals including aluminium alloys.

    1940 Foundation of Eutectic Welding Alloys Corpo- ration in New York .

    1952 Foundation of Castolin France.

    1959 Foundation of Eutectic Japan Ltd.

    1962 Foundation of Eutectic India Ltd.

    1960’s International consolidation under Castolin Eutectic.

    1970’s Creation of training centers for Maintenance & Repair technologies.

    1978 Establishment of World Head Quarters in St- Sulpice, Switzerland.

    2000 Merger with Messer Cutting & Welding and creation of the MEC Group - Messer Eutectic Castolin.

    2005 Part of the Messer World.

    2006 100 years.

    Castolin Eutectic history of castolin eutectic

  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


    Castolin Eutectic employs many engineers and technicians solely focused on solving the technical problems of our customers. The main Castolin Eutectic research and development centre for welding products is in Dublin. This R&D centre is one of the most advanced welding technology laboratory in Europe.

    This facility is equipped for in-depth studies of all types of industrial welding applications and problem solving solutions. Castolin Eutectic not only has G65, ICP or XRF units, automated Micro- Hardness machine, but also employs well trained and customer oriented technical team.

    Our team has examined over 3500 metallurgical samples in the last 15 years, identifying the root causes of problems as well as recommending the required solutions.

    As a Castolin Eutectic customer, you will receive the absolute best care and service to ensure the quality and efficiency of your production operations.

    Ceil is certified to ISO 9001 : 2000 and has a TÜV approval for several electrodes and flux cored wires.

    Castolin Eutectic r&d / technical support

  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


    Castolin Eutectic welding consumables production

    Although, many companies have outsourced their production or are simply reselling electrodes and wires, Castolin Eutectic is dedicated to keeping the production in-house and in Europe. We are producing our welding consumables with new high-technology production equipment.

    By developing and producing our own products, we are able to control the quality of every step in the production process. Anyway this is not enough for us; we are also strictly controlling and testing each batch. Castolin Eutectic uses only high quality raw materials, with high-technology equipment controlled by experts of the welding consumables production.

    By having a wide range of products made in-house, Castolin Eutectic is able to offer excellent service, technical support and also to adapt the products to the needs of its customers.

    As our production plant is located in Europe, we are able to deliver the products to any address in Europe within 24 hours if needed.

  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


    Castolin Eutectic training

    At Castolin Eutectic, we offer a wide range of welding, brazing, and thermal spray training courses. These courses can be designed according to the needs of each customer. There are training sessions for managers, engineers and technicians.

    Each course is composed of both theoretical as well as practical training. Castolin Eutectic can offer these courses in almost every European country. The courses are carried out in our own in-house training facilities, with qualified instructors or with our trainers at your location.

    For more information about training, please contact your local Castolin Eutectic company. Contact information can be found in our Website : www.castolin.com.

  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


    Castolin Eutectic has a presence in almost all European countries. With over 350 sales engineers travelling around Europe everyday, we are able to provide unbeatable service to our customers. We can literally be at 90 % of customers in Europe within 2 hours, this allows us to give unsurpassed service and support.

    We supply all technical documentation and material safety data sheets in local languages. Our salesmen all live in their territories and speak local dialects and understand local cultures. We manage warehouses and keep stocks adapted to local requirements in every European country (including the new countries).

    Our 350 sales engineers are supported by over 50 process and application experts. These experts are multi-lingual and communicate daily with our 4 production centers and research laboratories.

    Castolin Eutectic local support

    TeroLink Castolin Eutectic employs over 2000 people worldwide. Our engineers are solving maintenance, repair and joining problems everyday. In order to transfer these solutions from one country to another, Castolin Eutectic has developed an application / solution database called TeroLink. This tool currently contains more than 8000 applications / solutions which allows us to demonstrate and offer tested and proven solutions to our customers.

  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


    Castolin Eutectic professional installation products

    Castolin Eutectic takes great care in complying with following standards and recommendations for key organisations like TÜV, DVGW, EDF, GDF and others.

    Castolin Eutectic supports thousands of distributors and resellers by offering the full range of certified installation products and training.

    For more information on how to become a distributor, or on the Castolin Eutectic products, please contact your local Castolin Eutectic company (see page 50)

  • Stronger, with Castolin Eutectic -> www.castolin.com -> www.eutectic.com


    Technical Data welding processes selection


    Produc ts Process V o

    lt a

    g e

    ( V


    C u

    rr e

    n t

    (A )

    Te ch

    n o

    lo g


    E u

    te cT

    ro d


    S te

    e l

    S ta

    in le


    st e

    e l

    A lu

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