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Transcript of WelcomeWelcomeWelcomeWelcome. University of Palestine Collage of Managment Concepts of Managment...

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  • University of PalestineCollage of Managment Concepts of ManagmentPrepared by : Abed Al Kareem Rafeek AlfarraPresented To: Eiz El-Arab El-Aroor

    Arab Islamic Bank

  • OutlinesIntroduction Why Arab Islamic Bank ?Arab Islamic Bank servicesTreasury & Investment BankingThe biggest ShareholdersBoard of DirectorsManagement & DirectorsMost Important Financial Indicators (Million Dollars)Management ChallengesArab Islamic Bank BranchesThe Financial Crisis

  • Introduction The Arab Islamic bank (AIB) was established as a Palestinian publicShareholding company in Jericho Palestine on Jan 8, 1995 under commercial registration Number 563201011 . The Bank was granted the rights to start is services by the companies comptroller in Ram Allah early 1996. The Bank aims at accommodating banking and other financial services and trading activities in accordance with Islamic Shariah (Laws) and as authorized by the Palestinian Monetary Authority. The Bank operates from its head office in EL-Bireh and has 7 branches and one office operating in Palestine.

  • IntroductionVisionTo establish the Islamic banking systems as the favored choice for banking and to facilitate the implementation of an equitable economic system in order to provide a strong foundation for establishing a fair and just society for humankind .Mission Statement The Arab Islamic Bank is committed to developing and introducing innovative and pioneering Islamic banking solutions and services that meet the highest quality standards through the continuous promotion of Islamic economic principles, teamwork approach, staff training and valuing advises from all to better serve the community ..

  • IntroductionStrategic Objectives

    1 . Meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers according to the principles of the Islamic Shari a and maximize returns for depositors and shareholders 2 . Develop and provide pioneering Islamic banking solutions and services through latest technologies and communications methods in response to increasing competition and customers demands for innovation .. 3 . Develop and improve the skills of our employees and utilize best available technologies well as implement highest and professional standards .

  • Why Arab Islamic Bank ? 1 . Larges Islamic bank operating in Palestine in terms of assets, deposits and total financing and shareholders equity

    2 . Fifth largest bank among all banks operating in Palestine Group and it is the second largest national bank .

    3 . The only Palestinian Bank with a rating (Capital Intelligence B+ - 2005) .

    4 . A network of branches covering all major cities the West Bank and Gaza Strip in addition to network of ATMs ..

    5 . Significant and distinctive correspondent banking relations with Islamic banks and financial institutions

  • Arab Islamic Bank services Commercial Finance

    Retail Banking &Finance

    Consumer finance products

  • Treasury & Investment BankingAIB actively pursues and employs an international investment strategy that is designed to deliver better and consistent returns. Our Treasury and capital markets team of professionals seeks to identify and participate in well structured and diversified vehicles and international investment opportunities that centers around trade deals, Shock, and commodities.Our investors can participate in such deals to take advantage of professional and expert analysis as well as avail excellent investment opportunities .We view our investors as partners keeping with the spirit of Islamic banking and finance and as such we share the risks and returns.

  • The biggest Shareholders

  • Board of Directors

  • Management & Directors

  • Most Important Financial Indicators(Million Dollars)

    The Future Plan 2009 Includes: 1- To maintain increasing the of returns on assets and capital to reach about 2-3% and 15-20% respectively .

    2- Maintain a growth rate on the budget level of not less than 20% .

    3- Expand the area of the banks activity with special focus on the retail and retail and corporate sectors as well as the institutional and investment activity of the bank .

  • The Future Plan 2009 Includes:Most Important Financial Indicators(Million Dollars)4- Continue developing human resources and training plans in order to elevate the skill level, scientific knowledge, and the experience of our staff, utilizing the best and most up-to-date tools and methods and raise the level of professional satisfaction.

    5- Continue implementing a number a strategic projects and plans related to work procedures and restructuring, including centralizing operations and increasing the number of marketing operations and reducing costs.

  • Management Challenges

  • Arab Islamic Bank Branches

    Headquarter 92 EmployeesAL-Bireh Branch 11 EmployeesTulkarem Branch 8 EmployeesJenin Branch 10 EmployeesNablus Branch 8 EmployeesHebron Branch - 11 EmployeesGaza Branch 13 EmployeesKhanyunes Branch 10 EmployeesAmerican University Office 3 Employees

  • The Financial Crisis The Arabic Islamic Bank was not affected with the financial crisis due to the fact that Gaza strip is under closures and is separated from the outer world . The only effect is that the share has changed from 1.92 to 1.16

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