Welcome to Witness! Overview of Witness Structure of Witness Components of Witness Planning and...

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Transcript of Welcome to Witness! Overview of Witness Structure of Witness Components of Witness Planning and...

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  • Welcome to Witness! Overview of Witness Structure of Witness Components of Witness Planning and Preparation Enrichments
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  • Overview of Witness A witness is someone who: KNOWS the word GROWS in faith SHOWS service To witness is to: SHARE the word EXPRESS faith LIVE service
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  • Overview of Witness Witness is based on a strong biblical foundation Witness includes Bible stories tell the salvation story Witness provides resources for age- appropriate teaching and learning Witness helps kids apply the gospel to daily lifewitnessing/evangelism
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  • Ages and Components Curriculum for age 2 through grade 8 Learners are grouped by age/grade (Ages 2-3, Pre-K/K, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, Grades 7-8) Main components Teacher Guide Learner Resource Teacher Class Kit
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  • Using Witness Two-year cycle of resources: Year Red and Year Blue Two 15-week semesters each year Semester 1: Old Testament stories, Advent and Christmas sessions Semester 2: New Testament stories, including the ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Sessions are undated
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  • Bonus Sessions! In addition to 15 Core sessions, 5 Bonus sessions per semester When should you use Bonus Sessions? During Advent or Lent (Seasonal Preparations) When more movement is needed (Field Trip) When Sunday school begins in August or runs through June When the text is read during worship When the topic fits!
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  • More Bonus Sessions Five Bonus areas for each semester 1. Teachings of Jesus (most from John) 2. Connections between the Old and New Testaments 3. Field Trip 4. Seasonal Preparations (Advent, Lent) 5. Worship (A place to pray, sing, celebrate, give)
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  • Scope and Sequence Year Red Scope and Sequence: pp. 12-13 in Planning Guide Year Blue Scope and Sequence: pp. 14-15 in Planning Guide For each session Session number Space for notes Bible story and text Faith Trait Many stories are the same between the Lower and Upper age/grade groups
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  • Components Teacher Guide Learner Resource Teacher Class Kit
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  • Components: Teacher Guide Core session sections Page 1: Session-at-a-Glance Page 2: Bible Background, Age-Level Connection Page 3: Ready for the Story Page 4: Explore the Story Page 5: Live the Story Bonus session sections Page 1: Bible Background, Ready for the Story Page 2: Explore the Story, Live the Story
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  • Components: Teacher Guide Lots of support for teachers before and during sessions Support for session preparation Bible Background for digging into the story Teacher Prayer for using as a personal devotion Question for Reflection for thinking about the storys meaning for you Learner Goals for planning how learners will know the story, grow in faith, and show service to others
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  • Components: Teacher Guide Support throughout the session Factoids for learning more about the Bible story and its context Transition Tip for planning how to move between activities More Movement for getting out the wiggles Kid Connect for making connections between you, learners, and the stories Teacher Boost for affirming you as you answer the call to teach kids and nurture their lives of faith
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  • Components: Learner Resource Leaflet for Lower Levels (Age 2Grade 4) Page 1: Activity to prepare for story Page 2: Bible story Page 3: Witness activities Page 4: Witness at Home Magazine for Upper Levels (Grades 5 8) Four pages of activities for Ready, Explore, Live the Story Brain Builders, Bible Connections, Creative Corner, Digging In
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  • Components: Teacher Class Kit Posters: Bible art, contemporary images Activity Cards: Faith Traits, storytelling, game cards Reproducible Sheets: Bonus session learner resources, session activities, Go Global!, puppets, games CD: song or comedy track for each session
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  • Finding Your Materials Make sure you have necessary materials to plan and prepare Age/grade level Teacher Guide Age/grade level Learner Resource Lower grades: take-home leaflets Upper grades: booklet Lower or Upper Teacher Class Kit (posters, activity cards, reproducible sheets, CD)
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  • Getting Ready Review the Scope and Sequence chart for the semester Check with your education planner to determine if all age/grade levels will learn the same story each week Make sure the seasonal sessions (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter) are planned on the appropriate dates Plan if and when youll use Bonus sessions
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  • Preparing your mind and heart Read the Bible Text Review the Key Verse and Big Idea Read the Bible Background and Factoids Use the Teacher Prayer Consider the Question for Reflection Review the Learner Goals
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  • Planning Your Session Review the Session at a Glance chart to identify needed materials and preparation Review each part of the session Ready for the Story: How will you prepare learners for the Bible story? Explore the Story: How will you present the Bible story to learners? Live the Story: How will help learners apply the Bible story to their own lives? Make sure you have your own copy of the Learner Resource look for when and how its used
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  • Highlights In addition to teaching the Bible story, plan how you will use Big Ideas to sum up the story in a sentence Faith Traits to build character and strengthen discipleship Witnesses in the World to support learners in exploring how they can witness to others near and far Go Global! activities (5 per semester) and accompanying Reproducible Sheet to connect kids to other places and people
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  • Use Your Teacher Class Kit! Review Teacher Class Kit contents Posters Some posters can be used during every session (Big Ideas, Faith Traits) Some posters are specific to one or two stories Cut out the Activity Cards before the session Make copies of Reproducible Sheets and Pages before the session Listen to the CD track for each session