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  • 1. Welcome To .... True Vine Church The Church That Is Word Fed And Spirit Led
  • 2. Visionary Leaders Rev. Charles H. Bell, Senior Assoc. Pastor Rev. (Lady) Emma M. Alexander Pastor Rev. Dr. Trevor D. Alexander Senior Pastor & Regional Overseer
  • 3. Overseer & Pastor Alexander
  • 4. Proclaiming The Kingdom God To The Nations Through The Fathers IMAGE The Sons LOVE The Spirits GUIDANCE
  • 5. True Vine Church
    • EQUIPPING Gods People for the
    • work of the Ministry
    • And
    • To BUILD UP the Body of Christ
  • 6. Our Apostolic Vision T rue V ine C hurch is committed to improving and enriching the lives of the individuals, families, communities and nations, by working for and with a diversified group of people to make our society even richer because we have touched and impacted the lives of others
  • 7. Our Apostolic Mission T rue V ine C hurch is dedicated and determined to outstretch our hands in friendship and in love by making a positive difference in the lives of adults, youth, children, and seniors, in a congregation, in a group, or in a one-to-one relationship, with caring dedicated staff to assist them in achieving their highest potential of growth, competence, and confidence, utilizing the following: In reach/Out-reach Programs Community Involvement/Development/Enrichment Family Restoration & Enrichment Children, Youth, and Singles Ministries Singles Enrichment Educational Development/Enhancement Communal/Civic and Global Accountability
  • 8. Our Apostolic Motto The Church That Is Word Fed And Spirit Led
  • 9. Our Apostolic Business Philosophy
    • With cheerful and devoted service, we meet the needs of Gods people, creatively and honestly, without compromising the Word of God that we believe to be our guide. We are committed to excellence because we strongly believe that Gods people are People Of Excellence .
  • 10. Our Apostolic Theme Verse I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener . John 15:1 NET Bible Traslation
  • 11. Our Logo
  • 12. Our Logo
    • The logo for True Vine Church reflects our commitment and trust in God. Our logo is biblically and theologically based. Our logo colors are white, crimson , gold , and green
    • White: For Sanctification, and Purification through the Word of God.
    • Crimson : For the blood of Christ. The blood that gives us our Divine Covering.
    • Gold : Untarnished faith, through the Divine Presence of God.
    • Green : Is the symbol of life. The presence of God brings forth life.
  • 13. Our Logo
    • Four point shield: The top three points represents the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    • The fourth point of the shield is at the bottom, which serves as a balance to remind us that we can not get higher than the Trinity.
    • The shield: Is to enable us, to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked, : (Eph 6:16). The name of our church, True Vine appears on the banner on the shield.
  • 14. Our Logo
    • The cross: Represents Jesus reconciling us back to God because he bridged the gap.
    • The vine: Is a constant reminder of whom we are and of whom we serve. The vine is wrapped over and around the cross, which is symbolic of our Lord Jesus body being on the cross for our sins.
    • The Bible: Gives us our foundation for which we stand. The Bible is open to John 15:1, which is where the name of the church is taken.
  • 15. Our 8 Apostolic Core Values
    • Lead a Spiritually Surrendered Life
    • Gal. 2:20; I Timothy 4:7
    • 2. Maintain an Infectious, Optimistic & Enthusiastic Attitude
    • Deut. 20:8; I Thess. 5:11
    • 3. Be a Teachable Team Player
    • II Tim. 3:16,17; Prov. 1:28-33
    • 4. Approach Work/Ministry with Passion and Intensity
    • Col. 3: 23,24; Phil. 1:6; 3:10
  • 16. Our 8 Apostolic Core Values 5. Honor and Value Ministry and Prayer Partners Deut. 20:8; 1Thess. 5:11 6. Hold Each Others Arms Up Exodus 17:11,12 7. Stay on Your Knees l Thess.5:17;1 Peter 5:6,7 8. Defenders of the Church Jude 1:3
  • 17. Our Apostolic Strategy
    • Planning is not an event, but a process
    • If you stop planning, you stop improving
    • Build all the bridges, connections, contacts you can find out whats going on in our world.
  • 18. Who Are We?
    • Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our website. I want you to know that we here at True Vine are excited about what God is doing in our church. It is my hope that our ministry will be a valuable tool in bringing you ever closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • WE BELIEVE it is time for the Church to recapture the dynamic of the first century Church while being relevant in the twenty-first century. We BELIEVE that we must stay connected to Jesus and minister to the lost, the hurt, the wounded, the discouraged, the disconnected, and the dying world we live in. For this reason we are dedicated to empowering the present and future generations to fulfill their God-given destiny.
  • 19. Who Are We?
    • Jeremiah 29:11 , For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (NIV). I know you may be asking yourself, what kind of church is this? Well, we are
    • Charismatic in practice : We teach that all gifts of the Spirit are relevant to todays church ( I Cor. 12-14; Rom. 12:3-8, Eph. 4:11-16 ).
    • Pentecostal in favor : We teach and believe in the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Church is empowered through the Holy Spirit to be agents of God ( Acts 1:8).
  • 20. Who Are We?
    • Loving in fellowship : We teach that one of the proof of our discipleship is the love we have for each other ( Jn. 13:34-35 ).
    • Evangelistic in Emphasis : We teach and take Jesus last command to go and make disciples of all nations very seriously ( Mt. 28:19-20 ).
    • Bold in faith : We teach and believe that through the help of the Lord, we can do the impossible, believe in the promises of God, and expect miracles in the name of Jesus ( Lk. 1:37, 18:27 ).
  • 21. Who Are We?
    • Trinitarian in belief : We believe that there is only One God, who has revealed Himself in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.)
    • Now you know a little about who we are. We thank you for the honor and privilege to contribute to your spiritual growth in the Lord. Know that we are in agreement for all your needs being met today.
    • In the service of the King,
    • Overseer Trevor. D. Alexander +
  • 22. True Vine Church is Empowering You To Fulfill Your Lifes Purpose Through Intimacy With Christ Identity In Christ Authority From Christ Maturity Through Christ
  • 23. We will Redeeming The Lost ( Evangelism ) Restoring The Redeemed ( Fellowship ) Equipping The Restored ( Discipleship ) Empowering The Equipped ( Service ) Revive The Depleted ( Worship )
  • 24. Our Apostolic Church Process Raise up mature spiritual sons and daughters who will become fruitful spiritual parents of the next generation.
  • 25. Our Church Government
    • Church Affiliation
    • Kingdom Council of Interdependent Christian Churches and Ministries
    • KCICCM
  • 26. Council Leadership Leaders Bishop David M. Copeland, D.min Presiding Prelate Bishop Darlington Johnson, D.min 1 ST Presiding Assistant to the Bishop Bishop T. Ant