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Welcome to the San Jamar WebEx. We will be starting shortly. Agenda. Launch Program on new chemicals “Nobody Can Touch Us” Campaign. Saf-T- Ice Descaler. For Perfect Ice and Maximum Ice Machine Efficiency. Building the Bundle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the San Jamar WebExWe will be starting shortlyAgendaLaunch Program on new chemicalsNobody Can Touch Us Campaign

Saf-T-Ice DescalerFor Perfect Ice and Maximum Ice Machine Efficiency

Building the BundleWater scale is a naturally occurring problem with ice machines.Scale buildup will affect the efficiency of machine and the quality of your ice. Depending on the hardness of the water; you will see the production rate drop 20-35% within 6 monthsYour ice cube size will reduce over timeIce cube clarity changes as lime deposit residues show up in the cube

Our ProductSaf-T-Ice DescalerMost effective and concentrated solution (phosphoric acid)Why acid? Because that is the only thing to remove hard water, rust, scale, etc.Phosphoric is saferNickel safe so it wont damage ice machinesSuper Concentrated formulaA dilution of 3-6 oz. per gallon. One pint will do 4 gallons of product.Convenient 6 pack of pintsHighest quality

Increase your ice handling bundleWe have the complete program. Bundled with our other Saf-T Ice ProductsTotes, Scoops, etc. One stop shopping.

5Leveraging our leadership in Ice HandlingWe have a large market share of ice totesWe sell into approximately 1400 different accounts with these totes.We also sell 12,000+ ice scoops per year.If we can sell 1 case for the scoops per year we would sell 36,000 pints of product year 1.And these products will be used and reordered.Adding to the BundleOpportunity Untapped MarketLow awarenessCan become an easy sale as part of any regular maintenance program with operatorsFiltersDescalerSanitizing solutionEducate Tell them why they need it and how it helps.Recommended at least every 6 months to maintain peak efficiency

Market OverviewLime & Scale removers were $30M in 2008 in food service segment.Who are our Competitors?Lots of descaler out there.but none of them have the complete ice system like we do.Phosphoric acid best solution, we have the highest qualityList Prices per pint will range from a $12-$19.We are in the range at $17.75 ListIn addition, with dilution at 4oz per gallon our price per gallon is $4.43. When using list price.Easy to sell 6 pack of pints bottle

Value to Distributors

Low awareness, easy add-on productDiscuss the value of maintaining ice quality and production rates and the cost of not.Play up the strength of our product. We have the best formula out there.Point out the strength in bundling all ice products togetherif you like our ice totesyoull love our ice descaler

Program and PricingMarketing support materialsSaf-T-Ice Descaler VideoSaf-T-Ice Descaler InterviewSell SheetDemo of ProductPromotion to launch and supportProduct PricingList $17.75

Sell Sheet

Z051013ESaf-T DrainThickened Bacterial Drain TreatmentSpecially formulated for Bars, Restaurants and InstitutionsBasic PositioningBar and Soda Drains accumulate sugars, residue, organic mater, buildup, yeast, syrupsThis buildup can create bad and unpleasant odorsThe buildup can cause costly backupsThe drains can attract fruit and drain fliesPosition in conjunction with our Bar SuppliesKleen Plug system sell for protecting beer tapsOther products: bar boards, versa mats, speed rails, etc.Our SolutionSaf-T DrainHighest quality natural bacteria formula 16 billion bacteria per bottleThickened formula to easily coat the drainlong lasting contact timePleasant Mint FragranceSafe to use on all type of pipes

So why sell it?OpportunityForgotten AreaCustomers spend a lot of time treating traditional drains..but neglect the soda and beer linesGreat Niche business.customers understand the need, but a lot of them dont address the problem.Works as a drain maintainer and deodorizerWont harm plumbing or fixtures

Guaranteed Re-Order Business4 oz. for 5 days then 8 oz. per week.Cant overuse. Product goes right down the drain.

Leveraging our strength in bar suppliesWe sold approximately 30,000 Kleen Plugs in 2012Our target is every customer who bought Kleen PlugsIf we could sell 1 quart for every 3 Kleen Plugs, we could sell 10,000 quarts of product per year.Product BenefitsUser BenefitsEnd UserHelps remove odors in drainsHelps drains remain free flowingHelps eliminate organic matter and breeding groundHelps us with our safe/sanitary story and ties in with everything else we do.Rep/DistributorIncrease in sales by bundling all bar productsIncrease in sales by having a reorder product in place.

Market OverviewWho are our competitors?There are other companies that have drain products and bacterial products.List product pricing will fall in the $3-$20 per quart range..we are in the range at $10.15 per quart list Lots of variables (# of bacteria in products, lots of fillers, not all gels, watered down formulas)

Market Overview ContinuedHow do we address the competition?Play up the strength of our product. We have the best formula out there. 600 billion bacteria count from accredited lab. Ours is thickened. So it clings to the walls of the drain.Point out the strength in bundling all bar products togetherif you like our Kleen plugs, cutting boardsyoull love our Saf-T Drain product.Talk to the fact that we are experts and industry leaders in the bar, restaurant and sanitation business.

PricingMarketing support materialsSell SheetDemo of ProductPromotion to launch and supportProduct PricingList $10.15

Sell Sheet

Z050313EBluNaturaleNatural Grit Cleanser..Cleans without scratchingBasic PositioningThere are lots of applications in food service and jan/san that demand a grit cleanser. Kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures, behind the bar, stainless steel, etc.There are lots of improper cleaners used in these areas.Bad odorsPoor performing doesnt workFormula settles out non-stable formulasToo rough of a gritdamaging surfaces

Our ProductBluNaturale Industrial Grit CleanserCleans without scratching.jewelers rougeIndustrial grit is more powerful and safer to use than Soft Scrub.Super concentrated lemon fragranceCleans and polishes without scratchingNatural Fit for our lineupProduct that can be used in both food service and Jan/SanPerfect in back of the bar, kitchen and restrooms

Market OverviewScouring Cleaners were $38M in 2010 in janitorial segment.Who are our Competitors?Lots of scouring cleansers out there.but ours is a little different with all natural, lemon, blue color.List prices per quart will range from a $2-$15.We are competitive at $8.50/quart list.

Objections/AnswersObjection This is covered in Ecolab contracts we cant compete.Answer - At best Ecolab market share of this particular product is 30%...........most of the liquid cleansers are either bought from warehouse stores(Costco type) or private label suppliers.This is especially true in non-chain restaurants..and there are a lot of those out there.Objections/AnswersHow does this compare to Softscrub?Softscrub tends to solidify when on the shelf for extended periods of time. When this happens the bottle is normally disgarded .which is a huge waste factor. BluNaturale has a builtin dispersion formula that prevents solidification of the ingredients on the bottom of the bottle.A lot of end users dont like scent of Soft Scrub. BluNaturale has a pleasant lemon scent.Value to the DistributorPlay up the strength of our product. We have the best formula out there.We have a unique product with jewelers rouge, blue color and all-natural lemon fragrance.Industrial product vs. retail versions like soft scrub.Product that wont separate out like Soft Scrub will.

Program & PricingMarketing support materialsSell SheetDemo quart of product to each repPromotion to launch and supportProduct PricingList $8.50

Sell Sheet

Z051213EPromotional SupportEffective August 1 September 30th25% off .Saf-T-Ice Descaler (S19800) List $17.75 ea/ 6 per caseSaf-T-Drain (BDR1000) List $10.15 ea, 6 per case 10 case minimum15% off Ice Totes, Versa-Mats and Kleen Plugs with any 10 case order of Saf-T-Ice or Safe-T-DrainPrepaid freight on all orders

Promotional SupportEffective August 1 September 30thBluNaturale Natural Grit CleanserBuy 3 cases get 1 freeChem1000, 12 per case, list price $7.30 eaPrepaid freight on all orders

Touchless Brochure


Rep Webex Sample KitsAll Kits are shipping by 7/24/13

T7500TBK Compact Simplicity1 eaZ080812E New Touchless Brochure25 eaSI9800 Saf-T-Ice Descaler6 eaBDR1000 Saf-T-Drain Treatment6 eaCHEM1000 BluNaturale12 eaZ051013E Saf-T-Ice Descaler Sell Sheet 18 eaZ050313E Saf-T-Drain Sell Sheet 18 eaZ051213E Blunatural Sell Sheet18 eaDemo KitsSaf-T-Ice Descaler 1 Test Tube , 1 Pipet (eye dropper) and 1 bag Coral GravelSaf-T-Drain Treatment 1 Test Tube ISSA sales MeetingDate: November 18thTime: Monday AMPlace: Las Vegas Hotel (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton)