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Transcript of Welcome to the Knapdale- Waikaka Presbyterian Church ... · PDF file Rev Alan and Marion Kerr...

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    Welcome to the

    Knapdale- Waikaka Presbyterian Church

    Parish Profile 2018

    ‘Helping people to know Jesus Christ in all his fullness’

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    1. Who we are. 2. Our Vision for the future. 3. Our current Services. 4. Organisational Groups within the Church. 5. Church Buildings and Finance. 6. Our Communities and Schools. 7. Appendices: Last two years Financial statements & A.G.M. reports;

    Newsletters; Code of Ethics; current list of Managers & Elders and specific terms of call.

    1. Who we are.

    1.1 Knapdale and Waikaka Presbyterian Church Statistics

    Each Sunday the Church family comes together to worship from different rural

    districts. Currently three Church Buildings, in different districts, are used for

    our combined service.

    Our church family includes families with children, single and retired or semi-

    retired with a fairly even male to female ratio. We are mainly from European

    descent and most have a current or past association with the farming industry.

    Current membership is 38 with Sunday services of 25-40 people including


    There are in total 190-200 homes under our pastoral care.


    Average Attendance

    Adults Youth Children

    2017 30 1 4 2016 32 0 4

    2015 27 2 8

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    1.2 Members Profile

    Not all members are from Presbyterian backgrounds but there is genuine

    Christian love and fellowship evident. We see ourselves as caring, supportive,

    prayerful, and hospitable and are keen to keep up our friendly, family

    atmosphere, providing fellowship through the generations.

    Knapdale Waikaka Parish individually and collectively believe:

     In the Trinity being the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We

    recognise them as having separate identities but are one God, our God.

     That each member of our congregation is a child of God and has an

    equal and unique position in our Church family.

     The importance of scripture to everyday life. We believe that scripture

    teaches and encourages us. It enables us to hear God’s voice in our


     That the Fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit are relevant to

    Christian and Church living.

     That prayer is essential for influencing our lives, our world and missions

    within New Zealand and overseas.

    1.3 History

    In 1881 a strong movement of the Holy Spirit was apparent in this Knapdale

    community. It has become known as The Revival, and was led by James Dickie

    who farmed the land opposite the former Willowbank school. Because of this

    phenomenon the residents of Knapdale raised funds and built a manse on the

    corner of Knapdale and Gerken roads, in the hopes of gaining a settled


    After the due processes had been performed permission was eventually given

    for the ‘Call’ process to begin, and it was agreed to call William Wright, an exit

    student from Knox College. Mr Wright was from farming stock and was well

    accepted by the parishioners, and was ordained and inducted in the Knapdale

    woolshed on February 21st 1883.

    Within a short time plans were being made to erect churches in the

    parish. Knapdale was opened in 1884, Otama in 1885, in June that year

    Waikaka Valley, in March 1886 North Chatton church was opened and in 1929

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    the Wendon Valley Church opened. It was a tribute to the parish that within a

    period of 15 months four churches were opened all debt free.

    During the ministry of Rev. Peter Ramsey (1889 – 1902) there were several big

    changes. In 1894 the Waikaka Valley congregation separated off to form their

    own parish, and in 1899 the Waikaka parish came into being. A manse was

    erected near the North Chatton church. Later, in 1911 the Waikaka church was

    built in the township, and the manse was shifted to the section just above the

    church. On 6th November 1963 the Knapdale and Waikaka parishes

    amalgamated resulting in today’s Knapdale/Waikaka parish.

    About this time a Christian Endeavour Society was formed and a group of

    young people regularly met for Bible study and fellowship. Mission outreach

    has been a part of our parish since its inception and down through the years

    many missionaries have been supported by the church and some members

    have also been overseas involved in active missionary service. The parish

    continues to be involved in Camp Columba activities.

    The original Knapdale parish consisted of churches at Otama and Mandeville as

    well as at Knapdale. Mandeville church closed in 2004 and in 2010 the Otama

    church underwent an extension and upgrade. Discussions are underway to

    close the Knapdale church as it is still the original building and only used on the

    months with five Sundays. The original Waikaka parish held church services at

    Waikaka, Greenvale school, North Chatton and Wendon Valley. Today

    fortnightly services are held at the Waikaka Church.

    1.4 Current Church Situation

    Knapdale Waikaka has had periods without an interim and permanent minister

    and in those times the Elders have encouraged the use of our Church family’s

    gifts and abilities. Our Church believes that each individual is an important part

    of the body of Christ and should be encouraged to grow in and use their gifts

    and abilities for the functioning of Christ’s body in Ministry. We are committed

    to our Church functioning as a body with everyone contributing. It is important

    that Elders and Church Ministry leadership continue this committment.

    These gifts and abilities include:

     Small group leading such as house groups, women’s fellowship, the


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     Sunday Service involvements such as the childrens talk, worship leading,

    playing instruments, welcoming, financial management, childrens

    ministry, foodbank collecting, teaching and ministry.

     Community involvements such as Bible in Schools, After school clubs,

    chapel services, gypsey day food packages and the holding of

    Community services.

     A strong individual and Church involvement in Mission- Camp Columba

    locally, support of individuals in Ministry within New Zealand and

    Overseas. Several members are part of a large Waidale Missionary trust.

     Other local commitments to Presbytery work and local Christian services

    such as Manna bookshop using administrative gifting.

     General Church tasks such as hospitality with morning tea after Church,

    church cleaning and lawns, flower arrangements, Manse care, church

    newsletter and pastoral visits.

    Church Members are involved working in paid employment or self employed

    or volunteering in Foodbank, Hospice shop, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, Lions,

    Bible in schools, Full gospel, Missionary groups, Waidale, Camp Columba,

    Search & Rescue, Bible Study Groups, Women's Group, Rest home/chapel

    involvement, International Christian Businessmen, Manna Bookshop, School

    leadership roles, Aglow, Christian Business group, Boys Brigade, Scouts, Home

    groups, Medical work, Nursing, Veterinary, Farming groups, Community

    welcome visits and food packages, Federated Farmers, Motocross, 4 wheel

    drive group, Prayer groups, Car maintenance, children’s work, support of youth

    and encouragement of their staff members.

    1.5 Ministry and the Recent Past

    While writing this parish profile we are being ministered to by the Rev Doug

    Stevenson, a retired Baptist Minister appointed by the Southern Presbytery to

    engage with us in Transitional Ministry. Prior to Doug the Rev Alistair Smailes

    also provided us with ‘Stated Supply’ Ministry for six months. These ministers

    have been invaluable as we have been recovering from the resignation of the

    Rev Marty Van’t Wout. We believe we have learnt and are learning from this

    time, and are ready to settle into a long-term ministry that enables us in our

    own ministries and giftings.

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    When Marty left us the Presbytery set up a Commission and one of the results

    of this has been a re-shaping of the Session. It was previously a very large

    Session and is now much smaller, and we hope more effective.

    1.6 List of Previous Ministers: -

    Rev Cliff Dunn 1964 – 74 Retired

    Rev Tom Wilson 1975 – 81 Retired

    Rev Neil McDonald 1983 – 89 1st parish. Went to parish in Australia

    Rev Owen Rogers 1991 – 99 1st parish. Called to Huntly parish

    David Duthie. Lay appointed ministry 2000 – 02

    Rev Alan and Marion Kerr 2004 – 2008. Retired

    Various interim ministers

    Rev Marty van’t Wout. December 2011 – March 2014.

    2. Our Vision for the future.

    We see the following points as important:

     Desire to see growth in our spiritual lives, as individuals and as a

    church family.

     Seeking to grow in the use of our spiritual gifts.

     A desire for effective “friendship evangelism”